Let’s remove your freckles honey, you would be so much cuter!

Meet Sophie Watson.

Quite a lovely, 14 year old girl isn’t she?

(She would be lovelier without those freckles though, don’t ya think? But at least her tattooed eyeliner, eyebrows and lip liner makes her otherwise shallow features stand out).

“I am happy. I just look a lot better, Sophie says.

“I like it now that it is always there and I don’t need to bother with it every morning.”

Her mother, a demented beauty therapist (that’s a new one), said she gave permission for the make-up treatment, according to BBC News.

“I think she is old enough to be making these decisions with support from me. It wasn’t something we looked into lightly. When you say she has had her make-up tattooed on it sounds really shocking. But actually it is done very subtly,” she said. “It’s done to enhance her features, it’s not done to change her, to make her look like somebody else. It’s not done to change the way she looks.”

Really? And removing her freckles is going to do what exactly?

Child charity the NSPCC criticised the move and said girls should not be treated as “sex objects”.

The media is crying foul on this because “the danger is that a growing climate of sexualization encourages a view of girls as sex objects,” according to a spokeswoman for the Children’s Charity NSPCC said.

I get this, but first and foremost this is an issue of self esteem.

Girls are being made to feel they should “enhance” themselves physically at younger, and younger ages. What’s next — breast implants before their breast even start growing??! Toddlers strutting around in high heels?

“All children should be valued for their abilities and talent. They should be free to grow up as children. Sadly, we have reached a point where many children get distressed because they think they don’t look good. For some vulnerable children, this can even lead to mental health problems.”

Ya think?!

If you have a mother, like this obviously deranged one, avoid her advice at all costs. SHE is the one with low self esteem, and she is trying to make up for it through you. Don’t allow your mother’s issues become YOUR issues –whether is about weight, looks, height, style, whatever.

A healthy, loving mom should encourage you to dress how you want to dress, explore what you want to explore, and talk to you point blank about societies sick obsession with beauty.

If she doesn’t, that’s what I am here for.

Don’t believe the hype.



PS The BBC news article refers to Sophie’s two “illegal” body tattoos. For the record, I support this aspect of self expression. Sure, 14 is young, but I believe that forms of personal self expression such as this is one of the best ways to grow self esteem…you should try it — NOW.

How are you expressing yourself today?

Do you take risks with your clothes — wearing styles that are outside the norm, painting a streak in your hair, or plastering pins on your backpack that speak your mind? What about talking about things that are not “cool,” like reading, orchestra, or drama club? BE YOU BABY!

PSS Today, I have a henna tattoo on my wrist to go with my Buddha bracelet, black nail polish, and peace sign toe ring. The pin on my backpack says “I’ll have Cafe-Mocha Vodka-Marijuana Latte to go, please.”

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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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11 Responses to Let’s remove your freckles honey, you would be so much cuter!

  1. My mother herself has very low self-esteem because of her weight (even though she has a so-called normal weight). All my life, she has projected her diet mentality on to me. The earliest memory I have of this is when I was five years old, I told my mother once that I was hungry and she snapped, “No, you’re not!”

    When I was nine, and I was trying on a pair of jeans that didn’t fit, she told me to stop eating so much ice cream (even though I hardly ever ate it because I was forbidden to.) My mother often gave my sister desserts and candy in front of me while restricting my access to it.

    No matter what I did, I was always fat (again, despite having a “normal” appearance) to her and she was always commenting on it. She would deride me for being clumsy and not into sports.

    But mothers never do that to their children. Mothers and daughters fight. I must be lying.

    So this story really resonates with me. I can only pray that this girl grows up and learns that the whole world isn’t as deranged as her mother is and that she doesn’t ow her anything.

    • Francesca says:

      This is great. I have just found out that my mother is deranged. Only just, after suffering from bulimia for 4 years, and if I had only found out sooner my teenage years may have been saved! It’s hard to find out that the person who has made you feel like she’s the only one who’s there for you all your life has actually been weaving you into a web and is actually not on your side at all. My mother still won’t stop talking about how amazing it is to be stick thin, how fat she is ( she’s about 120lbs at 5″8!) and how eating one meal a day is better than 3, even though I’ve had therapy for eds for years now! She’s never understood eating disorders so when she says this she doesn’t even mean it, but she would rather have me out of the house than to stop talking about her vanity. This site is my saviour :)

  2. gabi says:

    My mother destroyed my body imaged taking me to the brink of of death.

    I have three tattoos (my body rejects peircings as much as i love them, i have had them, but cannot retain them) and am getting my fourth. I got all my tattoos when i was of legal age. My peircings werent. I got my first when i was 12, my mum gave permission for my aunt to get me them done for my birthday, but from then on i lied about my age (in london you had to be 16 for ears, 18 for belly and others) and got more, but i was unable to tolerate them which sucked majorally. So i stick with the tats.

    Ive also expressed myself through my hair. Im a natural blonde, incredibly fair. Ive gone black, red, purple, red and purple, and dark henna brown. Im back to my blonde and staying that way although i am contempating going platinum.

  3. Tanya says:

    Did you see that Sophie was only on tv in the first place as part of an ongoing series called ‘Baby Beauty Queens’ about kids competing in pageants and other contests? The thing that cracked me up most about Sophie’s show is that they had family video of her when she was way younger and she had red hair as well as freckles. Her mother actually described her as having ‘long brown hair’. If it’s so obvious that they dyed her red hair, why didn’t they just admit to it?

  4. .C. says:

    “If she doesn’t, that’s what I am here for.”

    This is really cool.


  5. Nats says:

    I wont get started on my mother because I could be here all day but I do have tattoos, I have 3 and I have booked in for 12 more on my birthday this month. I also cant handle piecings, for some reason they just dont go well for me but tattoos are amazing! I love having them and will continue to get more, ill probably be one of those people that will be covered in them but I dont care. My tattoos tell a story, they show where I have been and where I am headed x

    .C……. miss you!!!

  6. Patricia says:

    UGH! This is so sad and disappointing. It’s shocking to believe that these kind of things go on. I loved your take on this story though – I’ve reposted to my blog (http://www.beutifulmagazine.com/?p=739) and linked back. What you’re doing here is amazing! I love reading your articles!

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  8. Aitch says:

    Toddlers strutting around in high heels?
    Actually– I think these are available now.. The one “Real Housewife from New Jersey” with 4 daughters got them for her toddler daughter.

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