Death from Lettuce and Diet Coke

A teenage model has been found dead only six months after her model sister, Luisel died at a fashion show of complications arising from anorexia, as reported by Times Online.


Eliana Ramos, 18, was found dead in her bedroom in Montevideo, Uraguay, by her grandmother, with whom she was staying. She is believed to have had a heart attack.

She is the sister of Luisel Ramos, dead from a heart attack. She also starved herself to fit the fashion industry standards.



I am absolutely livid, so please excuse my emotion and passion. I read this story 10 minutes ago and my heart is pounding out of my chest.

1 Modeling agents and bookers are at the center of this problem. They see the girls daily, they pressure the girls daily, they measure the girls daily, so stop acting like you are not aware of this and this is not a major influence in this problem. I know you have one modeling agent on your panel, how is he playing a part?

2 What size are your clothes that you are producing for your fashion shows? It’s this simple: To be a model, I must fit into your clothes. If my body is to large to fit, I will lose weight to make the cut. End of story.

3 Why do the fashion magazines showcase children as the women? Just stop already.

The findings of a post-mortem examination have yet to be released but local reports suggested that Ms Ramos, who was taking part in the Montevideo fashion week, suffered from “alimentary deficiency”.

Her parents, who were on holiday at the time of her death, were said to be devastated by the loss of a second daughter in six months.

Their father said afterwards that his daughter had been on a diet of lettuce and diet-cola in an attempt to lose weight. Her body mass index (BMI) was found to be below the level considered starvation by the World Health Organization.

Despite her sister’s fate Ms Ramos, nicknamed Elle by family and friends, had decided to continue her modeling career. She had signed with one of Argentina’s top agencies and the blonde, blue-eyed teenager was considered to have a promising career in Europe and the US.

She had been signed up recently by Dotto Models, the agency that represented her sister. Pancho Dotto, the owner of the agency, today dismissed claims that an eating disorder was responsible for Elian’s death.

“She was very healthy, she ate well and played sports,” said Mr Dotto. “She was never extremely thin. It is absurd to talk of alimentary deficiency, anorexia, bulimia and all that. It is clear that the deaths of the Ramos sisters are due to a genetic problem and not an eating disorder.”

At the time of her death she weighed only 6st (40kg).

Please take a moment today to say a prayer for the Ramos family. Their grief must be simply unbearable, and my heart is broken, once again for them.


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15 Responses to Death from Lettuce and Diet Coke

  1. Cookie says:

    This makes me want to cry. Thank you for this site. We young ladies are bombarded daily with so many conflicting messages about health and beauty, and we need a “mama” who understands.

  2. Wow, that is just so incredibly sad. I’m getting more and more freaked out by all these ED stories. Too many people I know are having health issues right now and it scares me to death. Everytime I feel my heart beating in my chest I get scared and wonder how healtyh I really am. (guess I should be more scared if it wasn’t beating).

    Scary stuff.

  3. Jennie says:

    That’s horrific. I can’t believe the agents are sitting by and denying it all. especially as they most likely played a part in the death of both sisters.

    when will the fashion industry step up and admit culpability? it needs to stop.

  4. hazel8500 says:

    Terribly sad, this poor family!
    Boo Pancho Dotto! The agency should be looked at for criminal responsibility. 2 models die within 6 months of each other from malnutrician while under their watch? this is not right.

  5. Gweipo says:

    It’s pervasive. Where I go to gym there is a women. She can be anything from 30 to 50. She’s probably a mother. She is so thin it is terrible. what is she saying to her daughters? why does the gym let her even work out, she spends 2 hours every single day on the cross trainer when she is so obviously sick.

  6. devildog6771 says:

    There has been much about this on cable. It is epidemic elsewhere too. Who decides what looks good, emaciated or healthy? The Industry is at fault; but, so are we because we “buy” their fashions. Many industries tell us what to wear. Ought it not be the other way around? Or, at least more of a cooperative effort. When you go to a store, everything out is a season ahead. In high volume stores like Wal-Mart, that is even more so. Ask a section manager about an item, etc, “we don’t control that.” Ever see how quickly all stores, down to your every day convenience store, can and do make almost overnight changes to cater to the illegals. I see it everyday.

    Nice website!

  7. drstaceyny says:

    I can’t even imagine losing a child, let alone two. Thanks for this piece.

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  9. Aussie_Chic says:

    I think what is happening here also is the Fashion Industry (TV Industry, Film and Music Industry) need a really big wake up call. I was with a group of women the other day, we were all sitting around chatting and the TV was on in the background. It was on the fashion channel. I was watching women look up at different times and often saw a look of revulsion on their faces. Well, of course in the end someone had to mention the obviously unhealthy state of the models and it was on for young and old.

    These women were Christian, Catholic, Muslim, from Pakistan, India, South Africa and Australia, aged from 15 years to 40 years but despite the vast difference in age, culture and personal backgrounds EVERY last one agreed that the models simply made the clothes look awful and unnattainable to the average woman.

    Like ‘Reality TV’ the fashion industry is living in a bubble. They need to step outside of the bubble to really see ‘Reality’.

  10. d says:

    Thank you for the much needed slap upside my head. I looked at her pic up there and thought, “how pretty” …not “how gross, how skinny or how sad” then I read her weight. I was shocked. What have we become, have we been programmed to think? I could not stop crying. As a parent, my heart breaks; as a woman, I am pissed off.

    Shopping for summer clothes the other day was another wake up call. I never really looked before, (reading you blog) never noticed…at the malls… I am short & small so I have to shop at stores where younger women shop, many of these stores do not carry sizes above a size 9. Who are they to tell these young girls what size they can be? I’m livid.

  11. SAMANTHA says:

    OH MY GOOD.¡

  12. Dodo says:

    I read your blog and I have to say: Thank you. for speaking the truth that so many of us know about but never talk about out lout.
    I will pray for the family and for the girls that get stuck in this ” Lie” that the media is showing us.
    God bless you and I will pray for you. You are a great inspiration and a great support for so many young girls.

  13. trastornada says:

    I’m not surprised. Buenos Aires is full of anorexic women. Every woman young and old is obsessed with dieting. My middle aged landlady was probably an American size double zero, and ate a piece of toast, a bonbon and a dinner salad daily. She had a heart attack one day, but lived. (Hello, Ana-related), and everyone was confused because she was “so healthy and thin!”

  14. Pore Cleanser says:

    i can eat raw lettuce because i love to munch them, they are really very tasty ,-,

  15. Brett Hernan says:

    This is a terrible story. It’s very sad that two girls have lost their lives to the fetish of vanity. It’s also sad that in the Western world women feel pressured to practice unhealthy types of dieting which are really just starvation and that they engage in this suffering in order to just feel worthy enough to be given the attention of the public.
    The cult of vanity that the western fashion world revolves around is based on a lie. That is; worshipping yourself and having others worship you will make you happy. Most of the time everyone is too busy admiring themselves to notice anyone else!
    It’s an even sadder ironic travesty that many people in the world are unintentionally very thin, starving to death every day and that this doesn’t add to their perceived attractiveness at all.
    In fact, it is just the opposite- the thinner they get the less attention they are given and when they die it’s hardly noticed by a majority of people.

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