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Steven Tyler’s Creepy New Video: What the hell was that??!

Ok, who saw the amazing debut of Steven Tyler’s new video on American Idol last night? There we were, my husband and I, watching our fave show with our 11 and 8 year old children, when on comes this crazy … Continue reading

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I love this girl.

Andre’a sent me this video and asked me to post it. After watching it, it is my pleasure to post it. I post this with a message of hope and prayer to all of you reading my blog. I wish … Continue reading

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Hot or Not?

*Warning: Triggering & Disturbing This image received over 1800+ diggs; one of the top pictures of all time in Digg's "General Science" category. The inspiration for the "Attractive Face Scale" experiment was derived from two scholarly sources; Hot or Not, and my … Continue reading

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More from one who knows

  We are going to keep rolling with Shelly, from the HBO documentary THIN, because I can see you are all relating quite well. This dialogue is good for Shelly and for all of you. I want to highlight the paragraph below … Continue reading

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Shelly Speaks

 UPDATED: See post from Shelly on her recovery 5 years after the documentary. —– Shelly Guillory from the HBO documentary THIN is ready to have her say. Since the death of her friend Polly Williams, she has decided to come out fighting. … Continue reading

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Father beware

I contributed to an article for the Seattle Post Intelligencer, and I’d like your perspective on the topic.   Did your father contribute to or help you with your eating disorder? It seems to me fathers, and men in general, are more … Continue reading

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