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Local Press:

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7 Responses to Press

  1. Chelsea says:

    My name is Chelsea D’oria. I have been fighting bulimia for 1 year. I no longer want to bask in my illness. Everywhere I have looked for support always turns up wrong. I have listen to ur utube videos. And, I need support in order to stop. Please help.
    P.S. email me

  2. Becky says:

    hey heather, i would really enjoy talking with you.. i need someone to convide in and to talk to.. please email me @

  3. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Kelly im 13 iv tried suicide multiple times too…trust me being a model will make youe life so much worse!!! try to think about the reason you want to be a model? cloths, make up? being super thin? you really dont want to be put into public like that. people will look at you, say mean things, and then your GONE. no one hires you and you’ll feel like shit. focous on getting better and then maybe you’ll be stroung enough when your older..dont focous on it right now.

  4. Kayla says:

    I feel for anyone who’s suffering with these illnesses. My eating disorder is the opposite of anorexia and bulemia. I eat too much when I’m extremely depressed or bored. I feel for anyone who suffers with any type of eating disorder. I admire you and your site. Keep up the work.

  5. tilly says:

    I’ve been anorexic and bulemic for 8 years. I am now 22 and although at university I find it so hard to concentrate on my work, I think about my ED all the time. I feel disgusting and the feelings never seem to subside no matter how much weight I lose. I want to be happy but I feel so awful I don’t think it can ever happen. Please help!

  6. JUST ME says:

    im not a model . im just your ordinary 14 year old . ED is a great struggle in my life, along with my rising family problems . there are days when i go on an all out eating binge but as always i’ll starve myself the next, its a vicious cycle and i can feel myself diminishing. some days i feel light, dizzy, my head hurts but its all for beauty. i want to stop, but i feel like i cant, everything is just collasping on me;; fmaily problems, struggling in school and ED on top of that. i have tried to commit suicide many times, overdosage, cutting myself- you name it. but its all a quiet struggle . no one knows . because knowing would result in DSS involvement once again, knowing would be putting me under lock and key in a hospital, knwoing would be my parents hating me for not being perfect like my older sister . ive run away from my problems in the most literal sense and as always; im caught and have to go to court . it hurts . ED hurts . and sometimes i just want someone to save me . someone to talk to . . .

  7. Michelle says:

    For hours now, I’ve read the posts on this website and wished it had been around when my friend Whitney took her own life in college. She struggled with depression, the loss of her mother, the grief of her father, and perfectionist tendencies she couldn’t relax. When things in her life started to spiral out of control, when school got too tough and her relationships started to fail, Whitney started to starve and purge. She alternated complete starvation with binging and purging, landing in the hospital several times.

    Just a few months after this vicious cycle of anorexia and bulimia began, she still couldn’t get control of her life.

    Whitney killed herself at age 19.

    I wish I’d known then what I know now – that anorexia and bulimia are life-threatening.

    I also want to say to all of the girls struggling out there: you are not alone. No matter how “perfect” someone might appear on the outside, their struggles, their pain, their heartaches, their sadness may lie just beneath the surface.

    If you can’t talk to your parents about the way you feel, reach out to a neighbor, a friend’s mom, a teacher or someone in the ministry. Keep a journal. Talk. Get your feelings out in the open. That’s the first step.

    If my friend Whitney had opened up about the turmoil going on inside of her, she might have found the help she needed to conquer her illness. She might still be alive today.

    MamaVision is a blessing.

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