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3 Responses to Contact me

  1. Belinda says:

    Hey love your website.
    you might want to google or go on and look for Jenifer Hawkins she has just recently appeared in a australian magazine madison with no re-touching and in the nude. It was in support for a australia eating disorder organisation here in Australia.
    Thought you might like to post it. she is beautiful and the photo shows flaws but its what makes her.

  2. Deanna says:

    Hey HEather= I met you at the Normal event I was the check in lead. We discussed getting together and chatting more on how we could help each other out. I run the GALS groups for girls. Let connect soon!! ANd thank you for helping out Saturday!! And thank you for what you do!!!

  3. LP says:

    Thank-you SO much for committing to a project like this. It is so important that websites like this exist because people need to wake up! My heart aches thinking about the people who spend their precious moments in life consumed by the same hateful thoughts. These same people become sucked into the eating disorder ‘communities’ online… time to get real!

    It’s amazing what a difference it can make when you speak to a professional instead of communicating all day with people as sick as you are. (I have my own first hand experience with this horrible, horrible trap.)

    Nobody is too ‘sick’ to get better… There is HOPE for everyone. Two people could have the same traumatic upbringing but it’s up to them if they allow that to be a launching pad for a lifetime of grief… or they can commit to their life and get the help they deserve! No excuses! Cut it out, ladies… time to live.

    Thanks again, mamaV. Keep at it. xox

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