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Control, it’s time to let you go.

A dear friend of mine sent me this song that you need to hear. This singer has struggled our struggles and she no doubt expresses it in this tune “Control.” If only we could let it go, you know? It’s … Continue reading

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HELP… now!!

Knowledge is power. I support the National Eating Disorder Association, and if you are looking for help NOW they have an awesome ANONYMOUS helpline your can call to chat with someone who gets it. What do you have to lose? … Continue reading

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Time for the Shrink

I recently made a new friend I’ll call JH who said she was ready to see her doctor but she kept chickening out. She asked me for my advice on what to say to the doctor; here’s what I had … Continue reading

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Eating Disorder Recovery Stories

Let’s here your story of recovery, I think these stories are motivation for all of those struggling!

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I have an eating disorder, and my parents tell me I am a burden.

You are no burden. Ever, ever, ever. Parents who say this are not doing their JOB. A parents job is to protect you, support you, LISTEN to you, and give all their love and concern to you so you can … Continue reading

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Abuse by eating disorder therapists? Please tell me no.

I am playing investigative reporter and I need your help. There is a high profile eating disorder treatment center in the Midwest where it is rumored their therapists are abusing patients by not following their code of ethics. When I … Continue reading

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Find help for your eating disorder, talk to someone!

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Medication and Eating Disorders: Should you try em’?

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How did you recover from your eating disorder?

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The Beauty Of Motherhood

My 5 year old son woke me up this morning to tell me he lost his first tooth. But he swallowed it. Here’s what he had written on his hand. What else matters in life? -mamaV Sent via BlackBerry by … Continue reading

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