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Calvin Klein: Still sleazy after all these years

24 Jun

Thanks to tipster Amy for sending me this lovely story about CK. This is a great example of how we all wear certain designer clothes, but we don’t really think about their advertising do we?

Here I mean the bad side of their advertising.

Have you ever boycotted a certain brand because their ads were demeaning, gross, or semi-pornish like this little diddy which was deemed over the top…even in NYC;

Let’s see…that’s 1, 2, 3 guys on what appears to be a teenish-girl.

Nothing new for the designer who has dedicated his career to pushing the envelope starting with Brooke Shields at 15.

I felt odd viewing this one, because from my perspective, EVERY designer has been posing children like this, for decades actually, and no one really cares.

Below we have a “Secret Obsession” ad that can’t mean anything other than – I am into an affair with a kid.

Now this next one is a video, what was literally banned. Banned because it features kids, in a creepy-old-wood-paneled basement answering the questions of some panting pervert (watch the whole thing).

I gotta be honest guys, it kind of scared me that this didn’t freak me out.

But it gave me a flashback.

This is exactly what it was like to be a model, especially in Paris (minus the paneling). You are a piece of meat, with some gross guy telling you how to move, stand up, sit down, nice ass, show me your tits, give me your self-respect, hand over your modesty, don’t be such a prude.


Ahh, the good old days.

PS I had to end with this dude. Where did they rescue him from – the Circus? They could have at least let him take a shower.

Bacardi responds to "Get An Ugly Girlfriend" offensive campaign

22 Jun

The blogosphere is on fire over Bacardi's "Get An Ugly Girlfriend" Campaign. Barcardi pulled down the web site promoting the campaign and here is the company response:

"Thank you for taking the time to post your story on Bacardi Breezer.

The campaign you are referring to ran in 2008 for two months in
Israel. Even though Bacardi Breezer is not sold or distributed in the
United States, we immediately notified the appropriate Bacardi
affiliate and had this website shut down.

Bacardi proudly celebrates diversity and we do not endorse the views
of this site. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by this
site and thank you for bringing it to our attention."

- Sean-Patrick Hillman of, June 21, 2009 via Sweet Machine.

Ok Mr. Sean nice blanket response, a few questions for you;

1) You are the Bacardi publicist. Where is the Corporate Big Dog that should be responding to this?

2) Your twitter response to this "crisis" was unnecessary….as a publicist we would think you would know to shut your yapper.

3) McCann Digital Israel obviously didn't get any slap on the hand about the Ugly Girlfriend campaign seeing that they submitted it to The Cannes Lions Festival (THE annual event for top advertising creative), even twittering about it on Saturday June 12 to gloat about the catalog

4) AXE is also a client of McCann Digital Israel, in fact they just won a Bronze in the Platinum category at Cannes for their work, didn't that give Bacardi a clue they were a real class act?

5) I see Bacardi's female CMO Stella David just got canned after 15 years with the company…I wonder what she thought of this campaign?

Start digging man, this could get uglier.


UPDATE 6/22 4pmCST: Sean Hillmann pulled down the tweet shown above. I wonder why? Maybe because Rachel at FWordblog and I stalked him

I've asked McCann Israel for more info on their award submission for The Ugly Girlfriend Campaign, let's see what they come back with.

Vogue editor launches new war on size-zero fashion

17 Jun

The editor of Vogue has accused some of the world’s leading catwalk
designers of pushing ever thinner models into fashion magazines despite
widespread public concern over “size-zero” models and rising teenage

Alexandra Shulman, one of the most important figures in the multi-billion-pound
fashion industry, has taken on all the largest fashion houses in a strongly
worded letter sent to scores of designers in Europe and America.
In a letter
not intended for publication but seen by The Times, Shulman accuses
designers of making magazines hire models with “jutting bones and no breasts
or hips” by supplying them with “minuscule” garments for their photoshoots. Vogue
is now frequently “retouching” photographs to make models look larger, she

Her intervention was hailed last night as a turning point in the debate over
model size that has raged after the deaths of three models from
complications relating to malnutrition, and the decision of leading fashion
shows to ban size-zero models.

“We have now reached the point where many of the sample sizes don’t
comfortably fit even the established star models,” Shulman writes, in a
letter sent to Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano and fellow designers at Prada,
Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Balen- ciaga and other top fashion houses.The
supermodel Erin O’Connor described the stand by the editor of Britain’s most
prominent fashion magazine as “a huge breakthrough”.

Got B.O? Slather on some aluminum!

3 Jun

After reading the Anti-Cancer diet, I took a walk down the deodorant aisle at Walmart to find one that does not contain aluminum. How many did I find?


Actually, the store brands don't just contain aluminum, it is the one and only ingredient listed on the package. To be exact, they read either aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium.

Aluminum is a toxic metal.

A toxic metal we roll, rub and spray on our freshly shaved armpits every single day.

Our female shaving routine literally primes our armpits for absorption of this toxin, the area of our bodies that just so happen to house the lymph nodes for our breasts.

Breast cancer is only one of the risks, add on to that proven risks for Alzheimer and brain disorders.

  • In 1993, the World Health Organization said, "There is a
    suspected link between Alzheimer's disease and the toxicity of
  • The Agency for Toxic Substances and &
    Disease Registry reports that "Exposure to high levels of aluminum may
    result in respiratory and neurological problems."

Why is this product on the shelf? Because it's America, and no one gives a damn. Collect the dollars, and keep your mouth shut.

If you are like me, you are going to RUN out to buy an alternative, but you will have to hunt for it. Here is what appears to be our options;

  • Deodorant stones: never heard of these until I sat down to write this post. Has anyone used  these?
  • Natural deodorants: I found Burt's Bee's has an herbal based option and this crystal version appears popular. Again, does anyone have advice to lend on here?

For those who want more info on this topic, check out this post. I've read enough. Enough to know I'm not trusting anyone with my health anymore.

Knowledge is power.

Next up: Let's Count The Carcinogens In Our Makeup!

How much do you spend on beautification?

26 May

Take a wild guess how much money we, that's women, spend per year on beauty products?

160 BILLION dollars annually

That would be billion with a capital 'B.' 

Think about that for a sec…$160,000,000,000 to cover, correct, paste, stretch, and mold our horribly defective frames into acceptable shape.

Lauren Greenfield, the producer of THIN documented the habits of 6 New York women to find some spending $1700 per month to maintain their imaginary beautified selves. Some admitted to sending more than rent (crap, that is more than my mortgage).

You know what struck me when I saw these images?

They all look tense. 

Tense and self conscience. 

Self conscience and unhappy.

Let's check out some of the beauty junkies the documentary followed (see full slide show here);

26 year-old, Ginger spends $650 a month on her physical appearance. At Manhattan’s store Sephora, Ginger shops alone for cosmetics because her friends know she will spend hours.

mV: I've always thought Sephora is a bit psycho. Not sure how you would spend hours there, but that is besides the point. Next time you are there pop in and look at the all the teeny, tiny potions in the back that will set you back about $100 each.


New York City actress Cameron (25) spends $620 a month on her personal grooming. Cameron reveals that her hair is the key to her personality, ‘I spend so much time with my hair-stylists, they’re like my family’.

mV: Really? They are like family? Will they be at your funeral?Do you call them when you are down in dumps or do they just listen when they are taking the money out of your wallet?

New York City hedge-fund exec Suzanne (36) spends $1720 a month on personal grooming.  At ‘Skin & Spa’ cosmetic surgery center, Suzanne receives Botox from Dr. Howard Sobel, a treatment that she receives 3 times a year.

mV: Beyond my comprehension. And sad as hell.

Confession time…I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours! Here goes;


Every 8 weeks, highlight and cut. Kills me every time I write out the check for $115. That is insane, but I do it because i like the texture and life it gives my hair.

Facial Stuff

Wash, toner, lotion….all generic Neutrogena from Wally's (that's what the kids call Walmart). $25 bucks max, lasts a about 3 months.


Hands and feet I do myself. At least until my mom sees my feet in sandals and gets me a gift certificate for the salon.


Maybe $100 or less per year. I love Rimmel brand, affordable and great quality.

That's a whopping $1,000 a YEAR. That's what, about $90 or so a month (even that sounds like alot actually).

Am I total tight wad or are these women above completely out of their minds?


Hey…let's jazz up Next Top Model with a real live anorexic girl!

28 Apr

Jade has been fighting her eating disorder, anorexia, since age 8.

Jade is now 21. She has been in and out of treatment, and just six months ago she was hospitalized for her condition.

Let's put her on TV and completely exploit this ill young woman!

Jade has been "chosen" to be a modeling contestant ratings booster for Britain's Next Top Model.

Jade certainly does fit right in with fashion models of today, interesting how her modeling picture here looks as if it could appear in a magazine! She's a real pro!

Jade apparently does not have parents, since I don't see them jumping up and down to stop this circus.

Poor Jade is being set up. More pain, and heart ship will undoubtedly come her way….but damn it's gonna be great entertainment.


What happened to the blushing brides?

16 Apr

Your wedding day. The day that you are full of excitement, bounding with energy, and beaming with confidence!

Hmmm…does this model look like she is ready to party?

Or is she ready to start balling? Or maybe ready to keel over?

The designer of these gowns is Amsale, brought to us straight from Ethiopia. Yes, Ethiopia, the country that suffered the 1985 famine that wiped out over 1 million people due to starvation. Wouldn't you think this woman would know better?

Here's her mission statement from her site;

Are you blind? This is not confidence in the eyes of your models. It's death warmed over. It's the quite obvious look of suffering and forced starvation. I would think this misery should be quite familiar to you if you bothered to care.
Are these bridesmaids or zombies? Both appear gaunt and tired, and the waif on the right is leaning to the side like she could drop any minute.

"In Ethiopia there were no fashion designers. I never knew that
designing beautiful clothes was a profession to which one could aspire," says Amsale.

Could it be that the people of Ethiopia have more important things to worry about than materialism? Perhaps they are most concerned with feeding their children than wrapping themselves in some overpriced garb created by a pompous designer who has forgotten her roots.

Amsale, you should be ashamed of yourself for parading these sickly girls out on stage to satisfy your ego trip.

Wake up and get real,



You would be so pretty if….

15 Apr

I'm reading "You would be so pretty if…" by Dana Chadwick in preparation for a BlogHer session I may be leading.

The title made me think back to when I have heard these words from someone, so it made me curious as to what hurtful comments all of you have buried over the years.

"You'd be so pretty if you just wore a little more makeup."

This one was basically saying I was a "plain Jane" and I should jazz it up a bit. I basically let it roll off, but it did kind of bug me anyway because it was just such an necessary thing to say.

"You'd be so pretty with a little more color."

Ok, I know I am a major whitey – but that is by choice. This is perhaps the one good thing I learned from the modeling days – stay out of the sun. This was to of course protect my skin from wrinkles but also because any sort of tan line was a no-no.

So, it's your turn. Tell me when you heard someone utter these words and how you felt.


Kelly Clarkson Photoshopped and likin' it

10 Mar

New album cover for Kelly Clarkson.

Photoshopped to hell.

Artist likes it.


“We decided the cover of the album and
just in case you haven’t seen it I’ll post it! It’s very colorful and
they have definitely Photoshopped the crap out of me – but I don’t
care, haha!

“Whoever she is, she looks great, ha! I’ve had so much fun with this album; I really hope y’all dig it woohooooooooooo!!!!” - Clarkson's blog

How can you not care?

I wonder what Dove thinks? See Walmart/Dove soundcheck sponsorship

Here's where I am going with this;

Imagine you are going to be featured on the cover of a local magazine. The cover comes out and its not you, its some perfectly-smooth-no-bumps-no-lumps-version of you. Wouldn't you feel weird cruising around town having people see you in real life and think ing"Wow, she doesn't look like that cover? She sure as hell is not as pretty."

Allowing this fake-ery (if that is even a word) is just asking for it. Asking for criticism. Inviting public analysis,. And generally just, well, an unwise move.

I lived this crap and it sucks. As a model, you have these amazing pictures produced  of  yourself. It made me feel like an impostor. The model version becomes your evil twin.  The one everyone thinks you are…but are then disappointed when they see the real you. So; the evil twin had to go.


My Evil Twin. Dead as a door nail.

I killed her years ago.

I killed her by going everywhere and anywhere with no makeup. 

I finished her off by letting my body go back to its normal, healthy size.

I wiped her off the face of the earth by letting every single ugly flaw show to the world; zits , cellulite and all.

I said goodbye to the fake me, and I said hello to the real me. The one with perfect imperfections that are mine for life and I wouldn't give them up for anything.

Beauty will always go downhill, so you gotta just enjoy the ride.


Extreme Beauty

4 Mar

Vogue's Version Of Extreme Beauty.
The point? You got me.
More here


Why in the world would this model be crying?

3 Mar

The fashion world is all in a tizzy over this 14 year old girl they pushed on the runway even though she had tears streaming down her cheeks.

Why was she sad? Was she mad? Was it part of the "look?" 

She is not crying claims the designer's PR rep. The Wall Street Journal didn't take that for an answer, and dug further. Rumors say it was everything from allergies to too tight pumps.

Listen…this is a 14 year old kid for goodness sake. This is not a mature, grown woman, although she has been dressed up as one. This is a teenager who doesn't quite have the ability to hide her emotions like we adults do.

At the end of the day, who cares? No one. Because there is a line of teeny-boppers behind her waiting to take her place.


Artist dies, and leaves behind a huge ass lipstick sculpture.

15 Jan

While reading the Chicago Tribune obits yesterday, I saw this bizarre picture and had to share.

Artist and critic, Coosje Van Bruggen, has died, leaving her legacy in the form of a huge concrete lipstick.

This got me wondering – what was in this fine lady's head when she and her husband decided this would be a fitting creation to adorn the front entrance of the National Gallery of Art in Washington? 

More over, why did the gallery accept it? I can just see the Board of Directors reviewing the plans, shaking their heads in amazement shouting, "Yes! This is fantastic. Pure genius."

The couple was known for creating sculptures of "mundane" objects. I can dig it. I get the whole modern art thing, and I appreciate its merits.

But this one, its just an odd, yet interesting one.

It struck me as more of a statement of some sort. Statement of what? I don't have the slightest idea.

What do you think?


PS I know I need to seriously get a life if I am sitting around blogging about lipstick statues, but hey, its like -40 below here and cabin fever is setting in so cut me some slack.

Karl Lagerfeld: The Fashion Industries Greatest Knob

2 Jan

If you don't know much about Karl, don't bother, I'll tell you everything you need to know. He's the head of Chanel, used to be very overweight, and now walks around shooting his mouth off about fat people every chance he gets.

Psycho Lagerfeld looking more scary than ever, Source: Jezebel

When asked about size zero models, Lagerfeld as usual diverts the discussion to fat.

"There are nearly 30 per cent of young people who are too fat. So let's
take care of the zillions of the too fat before we talk about the percentage
that's left," Lagerfeld stated. 

A spokesman for the support group Beating Eating Disorders said Lagerfeld's
on size zero models were "a very sad reflection" on
attitudes within the fashion industry.

Even more concerning, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen include Lagerfeld in their new book Influence, speaking of him like their fashion god. Here's a killer quote from the book that clearly shows why the Olsen's are so very enthralled by Uncle Karl;

Where we see cupcakes, Karl sees plastic.

AO: What do you do now to stay in shape?
KL: Nothing … I have a doctor who I made a book with that sold five
million copies all over the world. Every country bought one, I think,
in Russia and Italy and everywhere. But I don't get it — I don't know
what Japan is going to do with a European diet book … Since I started
my diet, which was like eight years ago, I haven't touched what I'm not
supposed to: sugar, cheese, nothing! I don't even look at it. It looks
to me like plastic.

Ahhhh…ok. Moving on to Karl's hilarious stunt back in 2007 when he used this model to mock the pressure on the fashion industry to stop the size zero requirements for models after a few dropped dead of pure and simple starvation;

THIS is the type of person who is creating the fashion rags we all know and love.

This is the attitude, the self righteousness, and ignorance we flock to each month as we page through our beloved Vogue.

I post this so you will think about the influence of these fashion moguls, and hopefully think harder about where you are spending your money


Adorable Playboy Stationary for our little girls!

19 Dec

This one is so totally over the top I am practically hyperventilating. Thanks to Sharon for sending me this information, you have got to look at this web site selling Disney, Paddington Bear, and frickin’ Playboy merchandise for girls.

I don’t give a rip if you want to pose in playboy- your option. There’s all sorts of protests against the company going in on London, but the reality is – until women stop stripping to boost their self esteem, this rag is going to keep printing. Hugh Hefner, the old pervert is not the problem – we dig our own hole ladies.

However, marketing to children is a whole different story. My eight year old daughter would love the look of these products and is makes me ill. But you know, marketers would never create these products we we were not purchasing them. We just keep feeding the sexist monster.

This shopping season is just filled with demented little numbers for our girls; from high heels heels for babies, to sexy tights for tweens!

Oh, and don’t forget your slutty bunny ears and tail to pin on to that hot little tushy.



Gift Idea: "Sassy" Heels For Your Infant!

9 Dec

Essential items for fashion-conscious parents — high-heel shoes for their BABIES.

The tiny designer footwear comes in a choice of garish colours, from bright pink to leopardskin. The shoes, made by US firm Heelarious, are being snapped up faster than they can make them.

Aimed at little girls aged up to six months, the “sassy heels” are described as bringing “fun, hilarity and glamour” to dressing up.

“Little girls can get a jump start on their strut and be top-models-in-training before they leave the crib,” stated Bobbi Thomas on the TODAY Show

OK, I was iffy on this. The quotes from Hollywood are outrageous but that is to be expected. I mean it's kind of silly and seemingly innocent when looking at the cherub in pink above posing on one of the companies promotional photos.

But then, I watched a segment on the TODAY show and decided this belongs in the total psycho category. Here is a screen shot of Ann Curry of NBC holding a baby with these shoes on.

I'm sorry but this is freaky. Who is with me?


P.S I personally like the zebra pattern, add a matching bra and thong and that would be HEEL-arious (could the company name be more lame!?)

Jessica Alba Is Not Quite Perfect Enough

8 Dec

Alba is the latest photoshop victim, airbrushed into some sort of cartoonish SuperHero version of herself.


A little nip and tuck at the waist, and slim down those chunky thighs please. Those collarbones need to really pop, we want to see bones. Vulptuious breasts must literally be pouring out of the top of the halter dress. Add some slutty red lipstick and a few sexy wisps to the hair – and now one of the world's most gorgeous women is good enough for Campari.

Freaky-ist part? Check out her eyeballs. They moved her damn pupils so she is staring at the camera!


For cripes sake, if this doesn't make you ill, not sure what will.


Gift Ideas: Sexy Tights for your Tween!

3 Dec


Consumerist reports on these "sexy" tights for your 10 year old…and they are on sale so get 'em now!


Poll: Do Fashion Magazines influence your disordered eating habits?

18 Nov

We have about 150 votes on the poll posted on the right side of the blog. If you click on the "comments" link at the bottom of the poll you can view this map which I found quite interesting. Kind of odd how the central part of the U.S does not have many voters, I wonder why?


I thought was pretty cool be be able to visualize where readers are coming from in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We also have many friends in the 74 countries including the UK, Australia, Europe and even Kazakhstan as shown below on this Google Analytics map;

Isn't technology mind-boggling? For those of you who don't know I am a tech-geek. I live for this stuff. The thought that I can communicate with others all across the world just fascinates me. It keeps me up at night, thinking about the possibilities.

A blog is such a unique form of expression too. I would have absolutely NO interest in this if it was a one way conversation. Posting my viewpoint out there with no feedback is boring- I want to hear YOU. I am always excited to read comments, differing points of view, and get into great debates.

Thank you for being a part of my life girls! 


PS Please post your ideas for a new poll, what are you curious to ask this community?

Wannabe dead?

26 Aug

Try out for MTV’s new reality show Model Maker and you’ll be dead in no time! But hey- you’ll be famous.

They pulled out all the stops and got this Mo-Fo to produce the program which calls for losing up to 80 pounds in 3 months.

America is off it’s rocker.

So how does reading this impact you? Do you realize how totally out of reality this crap is or does this somehow, somewhere make you feel like you are not good enough?

I’m in a mood, so let’s have some fun with this for a change, rather than wallowing in this BS.

Here’s the email address to the web site where they are casting for models:

CORRECTION: I was told the above is invalid, try this one

Just for shits and giggles pelt them with messages expressing your personal point of view. Or even better, tell them you are 6 foot 2, and weigh 100 pounds….tell them you are willing to die to be on their pathetic, arrogant show.

Ahhh, it’s damn good to be back!!



Fricken Fashion

11 Apr

Ever wonder why Fashion is so totally f-cked?

I know, I know, I rarely drop f-bombs but this dude gets under my skin. It you may recall he is the one who pranced a size 24 model down the Paris runways after Luisel Ramos dropped dead walking off the runway. Just hilarious.

How is it possible to get this far out of reality? Real the entire Jezebel article, if you can stomach it.

Sneak peak “I hate all children. Let’s focus on the fat ones. I try to avoid charity. I am the most selfish person in the world. Love is only an interesting subject when it is beyond.”

How screwed up are we as a society when this loser is on the cover of “Prestige” Magazine?


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