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Isabelle Caro’s Mother Commits Suicide

The mother of Isabelle Caro, the anorexic French model who died last year, has committed suicide according to Daily Mail. Read the full story about Isabelle here. ‘[Marie] felt guilty for having put my daughter in the Bichat Hospital. My … Continue reading

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How To Be A SuperModel

Tipster Tina led me to a great article in Forbes about the path to SuperModel Fame. This entire story reminded me of something I have been wanting to do for a while. First, let’s set the record straight on a … Continue reading

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60 pound Model Dies From Anorexia

Hila weighed 60 pounds. My 7 1/2 year old daughter weighs 50. A fashion model stricken with an all too familiar disease of anorexia. But this time, a friend was at her side. Adi Barkan documented Hila’s struggle, and sent shock waves … Continue reading

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Baby face

Update March 10, 2014: Today I was contacted by the 15th former model who found this post by Googling Douglas Asch and Claude Haddad out of curiosity on where these two jokers landed. Cruise through the comments section below to … Continue reading

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Death of the Ramos sisters

The tragic death of the Ramos sisters is the topic of Chasing Beauty this week. Iliana, the 18 year old sister of Luisel Ramos, 21 followed in the anorexic footsteps of her sister. Models, anorexics, heart attacks take their life … Continue reading

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Death from Lettuce and Diet Coke

A teenage model has been found dead only six months after her model sister, Luisel died at a fashion show of complications arising from anorexia, as reported by Times Online. Eliana Ramos, 18, was found dead in her bedroom in … Continue reading

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Model misery

Look at this girl, she has it made. Sun kissed skin, thin, beautiful body, she sure has it all. But there’s a story behind those eyes. This is me at 20. My New York agent sent me to Miami to … Continue reading

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Model Envy

 The anorexic images in the media appear to have driven another young girl to starve herself to death. At 22, Carla Sobrado Casalle, was studying for a degree in fashion, when she suffered a heart attack. And then another, that … Continue reading

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So you want to be a model?

Imagine you make it to the top. You are chosen to walk the runways of Europe, modeling fashions from the top designers , your images will be seen and admired from people around the world. All eyes are on you, … Continue reading

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The dark side…modeling at its finest.

Let’s talk about the reality of day to day modeling life, what better way to do so than to take a closer look at America’s Top Model Reality TV show. This program is so far from reality it is getting … Continue reading

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Never skinny enough

I missed Episode 2 of America’s Top Model so I ventured online to follow up. Here is a perfect reality shot of what it is to be a model. Ohh how glamourous! I went in to check out the requirements … Continue reading

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America's Top Model Show

I had the pleasure to catch the season premiere of America’s Top Model earlier this week and the show has been on my mind all week. Supermodel Tyra Banks hosts this program that gives model wannabees their shot at the … Continue reading

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