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Miley takes using your sexuality to a whole new level at VMAs

I felt incredibly embarrassed for Miley Cyrus’ at last nights MTV VMAs. So much so that I don’t even want to go back and look at it again. Her foam fingered antics are forever slapped all over the web, never … Continue reading

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Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

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Am I pretty? I sure as hell don’t know but don’t ask YouTubers!!

Every morning my family crunches in our bed and wakes up to the Today show. When its not about murder and mayhem, its generally some disturbing story about teens bullying the crap out of each other,  boys jumping on the eating disorder … Continue reading

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Demi Moore replaced by Sarah Jessica Parker replaced by…..

Gotta say I get sick of writing about this crap. But its never ending. Ok so Demi collapses. Big surprise seeing that she is a skeleton (not attractive). I can’t help but feel so sad for her. She just looks … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders: A social disease?

Not all — but a large population of today’s eating disorders stem from our societies focus on body image and weight. Let’s face it — our society is nuts. We accept the fact that “Plus-Sized” models are now size 8-16. … Continue reading

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Steven Tyler’s Creepy New Video: What the hell was that??!

Ok, who saw the amazing debut of Steven Tyler’s new video on American Idol last night? There we were, my husband and I, watching our fave show with our 11 and 8 year old children, when on comes this crazy … Continue reading

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Hollywood & Eating Disorders: Lovato, De Rossi, who is next?

So what do you guys think about the latest two Hollywood stars to come out of about their eating disorders? Does this help you, hurt you, or do you not give a rip? Portia De Rossi was on Oprah earlier … Continue reading

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Bacardi responds to "Get An Ugly Girlfriend" offensive campaign

The blogosphere is on fire over Bacardi's "Get An Ugly Girlfriend" Campaign. Barcardi pulled down the web site promoting the campaign and here is the company response: "Thank you for taking the time to post your story on Bacardi Breezer. … Continue reading

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Got B.O? Slather on some aluminum!

After reading the Anti-Cancer diet, I took a walk down the deodorant aisle at Walmart to find one that does not contain aluminum. How many did I find? None. Actually, the store brands don't just contain aluminum, it is the … Continue reading

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How much do you spend on beautification?

Take a wild guess how much money we, that's women, spend per year on beauty products? 160 BILLION dollars annually That would be billion with a capital 'B.'  Think about that for a sec…$160,000,000,000 to cover, correct, paste, stretch, and … Continue reading

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You would be so pretty if….

I'm reading "You would be so pretty if…" by Dana Chadwick in preparation for a BlogHer session I may be leading. The title made me think back to when I have heard these words from someone, so it made me … Continue reading

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Kelly Clarkson Photoshopped and likin' it

New album cover for Kelly Clarkson. Photoshopped to hell. Artist likes it. Why? “We decided the cover of the album and just in case you haven’t seen it I’ll post it! It’s very colorful and they have definitely Photoshopped the … Continue reading

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Artist dies, and leaves behind a huge ass lipstick sculpture.

While reading the Chicago Tribune obits yesterday, I saw this bizarre picture and had to share. Artist and critic, Coosje Van Bruggen, has died, leaving her legacy in the form of a huge concrete lipstick. This got me wondering – … Continue reading

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Jessica Alba Is Not Quite Perfect Enough

Alba is the latest photoshop victim, airbrushed into some sort of cartoonish SuperHero version of herself.   A little nip and tuck at the waist, and slim down those chunky thighs please. Those collarbones need to really pop, we want to see … Continue reading

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True Colors

Do you recognize yourself in this video? See original video here on the Dove web site. Our girls can grow up with different beauty perceptions than we did. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I can not say enough about Dove. Their … Continue reading

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