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Sign This Petition So Our Kids Don’t Have To Eat Total Crap In School

It takes two seconds, please, please, please! Check out the video — I STAR IN IT!! (well, kinda). I am in it for about 1 second in the beginning, but then I am the very last person shown…I discovered … Continue reading

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Megan McCain sticks it to 'em (kinda)

I am sure you have been following the latest "your fat, no I'm not saga" involving Megan McCain and Laura Ingraham…but if not here's the gist; In a purely political discussion, of which both women are respected thought leaders, Ingraham … Continue reading

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Tough Economy? Hire women and save!

I actually had a male boss say this about me behind my back. It took everything in me not to strangle the bastard. Needless to say, my tenure with him was short and certainly not sweet.  Check out how the … Continue reading

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