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Tiger Woods: The scumbag from hell.

7 Dec

Porn Star & Tiger Woods Mistress #6?

Why do I give a rip about Tiger Woods? The whole thing bugs the hell out of me. I’m not a golfer, or a fan of the guy, but he represents someone who appeared to be a class act. To find out he is a sleaze ball is just flat-out disappointing (today reports are out linking him to a porn star, good god.


As I watched the story on the news with my 9-year-old daughter, she immediately looked up at me and said;

“Mama, I thought Tiger was a good guy.”  Of which I responded “I did too. As did the rest of the world.”

From there we went on to talk about how there are role models in our culture

If a guy you like takes a picture like this of himself - run for your life.

who live vastly different lives than we do. Lives surrounded by incredible wealth, fueled by fame, ego and plain greed. I have told her a few of my Paris stories (toned down versions) in an effort to help her be what I call “street smart,” and to know within herself her integrity is EVERYTHING.


We went on to talk about Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren. A woman who obviously stayed with a cheating husband, even while pregnant, and was reportedly renegotiating her pre-nup to up the ante a few million as long as she stays with the scumbag


Perhaps she is going to take her $5M from the prenup and run. Wouldn’t it be just awesome if Elin called a press conference and said;

“I’m leaving with my kids, my $5M, and my dignity. Tiger can stick the rest of his money where the sun doesn’t shine, and  try to get out of this mess he created for himself. He now is free to share his boatloads of money and bed with the multiple bimbo queens who are continuing to come out of the woodwork. My life has already moved on.

Damn! Why doesn’t any woman of this celebrity do this?? Has there been one that I am not thinking of?

It kills me. We need to stand up for ourselves. I for one would never, ever stand for this crap. Infidelity = ByeBye


And here is my other take way from this horrible situation — perhaps the most relevant for this audience (and before you freak about me calling them “bimbos” read the type of stuff being released to the media. Hint: sexting , lack of condom usage, and descriptions of his “well endowed anatomy. Does it get any TACKIER than this?).


All of these women are downright gorgeous, with “perfect” bodies many would die for.  Even they get cheated on. Their perfect bodies do not bring them love. Their beauty is not a shield that protects them from experiencing hurt, shame, and flat-out crushes to their self-esteem.

Remember this the next time you glance at a woman who appears to “have it all.” It’s a facade, so stop your admiration and wishful thinking that you too will have that thin body someday, and then everything will be sunshine and rainbows.

Your missing the point of life.

While the moments slip you by, you are stuck on the size of your thighs.

It’s nothing but a crock-o-shit,


Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano dies from cosmetic surgery

2 Dec

The gorgeous woman at the right went under the knife to firm her butt — and never came back.

A former Miss Argentina and international model has died three days after booking herself in for a buttock lift at a Buenos Aires,  in a tragedy that has thrown the growing national obsession with the body beautiful into the spotlight.

Solange Magnano, a 38-year-old married mother of twins who still enjoyed a successful modeling career, died of a pulmonary embolism.

As a mother, I can’t help but  wonder if she knew the risks she was taking as she went under the knife? There is not a chance in hell I would do this or any other unecessary surgery for the call of beauty if it meant I may not see my children again (FYI — that is why I wear glasses…takin’ no chances with my eyes, can you imagine if I could not SEE my precious kids because of a vanity move????)

“A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind,” said fashion designer and close friend, Roberto Piazza, in whose runway shows Ms Magnano frequently appeared.

Ms Magnano, who was Miss Argentina in 1994, had gone with a friend to a clinic which  according to reports in the Argentinian press, performs an average of 15 such procedures daily. But after complications developed during the operation, which involves injections of the substance Polimetilmetacrilate, she was rushed to hospital with acute respiratory deficiency.

Polimetilmetacrilate, cheaper than the other techniques and injected into the muscle through a surgical incision, has been used for just two years.

“It can happen that the product enters a capillary,” Dr Carlos Reilly, vice president of SACPER, told the Argentine newspaper Clarin. “It is a procedure which has risks and must be inserted into very specific places.”


Here is what that means in plain english: This stuff is like “small glass beads” that when injected can travel to other areas of the body if inadvertently injected into blood vessels.

Safe. Real safe. WTF?

Who in their right minds reads this and things this is normal to inject this crap into our bodies?

“She only underwent the procedure because she thought it was no big deal,” said Guillermo Azar, another associate from the fashion world and a close friend of the model.

Mr Piazza said Ms Magnano had not needed the operation and suggested she had fallen victim to an increasingly beauty-obsessed society.

“Narcissism is in its heyday,” said Mr Piazza. “She was perfect, she didn’t need any surgery,” he continued. “She took care of herself a lot, went to the gym, had everything in its place, perfect measurements, a divine little waist. Last year she had surgery on her breasts and they came out perfect, but she did not need this butt surgery. It was stupid what she did, I don’t understand it.”

Ms Magnano had made the mistake of trusting cosmetic surgery advertisements which promised incredible results with no pain or risk, the designer suggested. “They promise to lift the buttocks and disappear cellulite with an injection, promising women they are going to look stupendous,” he complained, demanding an investigation into the clinic concerned. “This operation on the backside is very delicate.”

Speaking through a spokesperson for the family, Ms Magnano’s husband Gustavo Rosso, dismissed suggestions of medical negligence. “What happened to Sol was a tragedy,” said Luis Nasser, adding there had only been 15 recorded fatalities from the procedure worldwide “We don’t want to talk of malpractice.” (HUH? 15 is not enough??)

But Argentine experts suggested the operation may not have been performed correctly. Juan Carlos Seiler, the former president of an Argentine plastic surgeons association, queried whether the doctor who performed the procedure was “a real professional from an approved” cosmetic surgery centre, while surgeons explained that such complications, though rare, were possible if mistakes were made.

According to the Argentine Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (SACPER), doctors in the country rarely use injections of polimetilmetacrilate in glutoplasties, instead preferring implants or transfers of the patient’s own fat.

Ms Magnano’s funeral, in her home city of San Francisco where she opened a modelling school in 2007, was attended by over 300 mourners and broadcast on national television.

Argentina has emerged as one of the world’s top cosmetic surgery destinations in recent years, with a growing number of foreigners travelling to the Latin American country in search of inexpensive cosmetic enhancements.

Pro Anorexia: History & Web Search Statistics

24 Nov

I am saddened and amazed that no matter what I write about, my web statistics on this blog and my collective body image blog show that the Number #1 search term is…..


And variations of Pro Ana as you can see below. WTF? (Of course the beloved Nicole still pops up).

So, since this tells me many proana girls are here, let’s have a chat. It’s been awhile. For those of you that are new, like those I connected with on Twitter recently, here’s the brief history about this blog 2006-present:

-Started this blog to talk about how shitty the modeling industry is, and try to knock some sense into the girls chasing the proana dream.

-Got really, really pissed off over ANTM show, and blew my stack on my first youtube video (most asked question about my vlogs? Why am I in my car? Here’s the answer for the curious).

-Proceeded to stalk  emerse myself in the proana online culture to really, really get a true sense of what was happening “out there.” News articles either skimmed the surface or exploited the whole trend, so I wanted to dig in.

-My plan was to educate parents, but the blog itself dictated its path (those of you who are bloggers will understand this, blogs are best when you let them go the way the wind blows).  But I found the site community was mostly girls and young women. Hmm…. I thought. I’ve tapped into something here.

-With that revelation, I instead focused on trying to be a voice of reason for pro ana girls (and women, moms,  TV anchors, teachers …….yes I have been contacted by ALL of the above either for advice, or for requests to pull their picture off my site before they lose their job.

-Plus, I figure; why go after the parents to educate when you are all old enough and smart enough to figure out if you want to live a real life, or go down in proana flames of hell. Right?

-I got fired up, continually wrote posts based on my observation, and to date these two posts get the most traffic (again, not in my plan but reality bites);

Pro Ana Privacy part 1 / Pro Ana Privacy part 2

This  post is read obsessvely, obviously because I posted a bunch of public pictures from ProAna websites and everyone freaked (no I never, ever trolled or faked to be a member to grab images — these were on the public web, unmoderated, and free for the taking).

The lesson? This is the  world wide web kids — you take a picture of yourself in your undies in your bathroom, slap it online for your proana friends to stroke your self-confidence, and BAM–next thing you know some whack job mom blogger has it splashed all over the place).

Internet Suicide

Before Twitter, and still today I guess, Pro Ana Live Journal was the place to be if you wanted to talk about your crisis over eating half an Oreo and three extra celery sticks. PALJ have had all sorts of mods over the years, some completely out of their minds, others teaching the CR lifestyle, and a few with actual good intentions of being a source of “help” for those with anorexia.

But at the end of the day, this shit kills.

Image Credit:

Enter Kristi Lanford. A moderator who decided to document the end of her life online. Scary part was and is, many of us watched it happen — live. I never, ever want to experience something like this again. I hope you will read the last moments of her life here, perhaps Kristi will now save a few lives by taking her own. As you will read, Kristi was depressed, drinking, pill popping, and watching Skinny Celebrities as she went off to hopefully a new better place. An online memorial for Kristi was created by her friend “K” and can be viewed here. In K’s words, here is how Kristi’s passing impacted her;

On January 27th, 2007, Kristi took her own life, choosing to document the final moments of her life. There was shock, followed by sadness, followed by anger, followed by guilt, followed by emotions that I never wanted to feel; emotions that I didn’t know existed. There were moments where I beat myself up for not signing online sooner, not calling her just to check up on her, not doing something that could have saved her life. I, like so many others, regret not reaching out to help her more. It takes time to let those feelings go, it takes time to let the death of someone that you love so much go. 

So there you have it – Pro Ana, the lifestyle!*

Somehow, somewhere, I became the resident expert on proanorexia as it pertains to the internet usage, history, sites, language, etc. I’ll take that title. At least I know that while I post triggering thinspo — I also have got you where I want you, and that is listening to one voice — at least one voice that may in fact instead “trigger” your common sense.

My hope is that it saves your life.

*Kristi’s friends have been adamant that she was not “pro ana.” I have a different opinion on where Kristi was in her head, mostly based upon the way she died, so I wanted to point out this important detail out of respect for K and her other friends. 

Random Post of the Week

20 Nov

I have had the craziest week, no time to post, sitting here lol at these sites I read in Wired so I figured I’d share;

Look At This F-ing Hipster (these dudes got a book deal out of this)

People of Walmart (I am headed out to my local store, honestly — the place is a freak show)

Passive Aggressive Notes

The “Blog” of unnecessary” Quotation Marks

That’s about all the hilarity I can take for the night folks,



Kate Moss: Pro-Ana SuperStar

14 Nov

moss2“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” yet another genius quote from one of my favorite pro-ana models, the infamous Kate Moss.

So what’s up with this chick? I’ve always found her to be so trashy. Just a ratty-looking-little-nail-biting-drug-addicted tramp. Yet, this society props her up like the Queen of the Prom. Go figure.

In Britian, they honor Kate, in gold.


"I wanna be just like her when I grow up!"

My prediction: Moss will drop over soon. She just seems like one of those people that will end up dead, another life cut short because she opted to promote the proanorexia way of life, and act like a total bimbo.

Harsh but true.

If you think that statement over the top, how would you like to be this womens daughter?

What a nightmare waiting to happen.

Keep it real,



Gemma Ward Quits Modeling, called "Roll Model"

8 Nov


Gemma Ward today -- normal is not cutting it in fashion, she is ready for "plus sized" modeling according to Bryan Boy

Top Fashion Model Gemma Ward has had it — she has called it quits after years of harrassment about her weight Perhaps the final straw was being called a ”Roll Model” by the Sunday Telegraph, read more here (first person to find the roll wins!)

It’s called PUBERTY people.

Celebrating her 22nd birthday in New York last week, Ward was photographed alongside close friend and Sports Illustrated swimwear model, Jessica Gomes. Ward, who was romantically linked to Heath Ledger, disappeared from the fashion industry after his death in January 2008, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Last week, she was snapped wearing a leopard-print jacket, shorts and biker boots - looking the very picture of a healthy young woman (above).  But the photographs were quickly posted by international fashion blogger Bryan Boy. Reader comments varied from overwhelming support to vicious attacks on her new real shape, with the blogger boy himself saying she could now give “Crystal Renn a run for her money.”


Stupid Girls – which are you?

6 Nov

Love this video. Enjoy your weekend.


Ana-Rexia Costume: Making fun of a deadly mental illness is fun!

27 Oct

Anna-Rexia-6488Sorry, but the Ana-Rexia Costume you wanted is out of stock!



22 Oct



Get your butt off that scale – NOW!

21 Oct

How often do you weigh yourself? Daily? Weekly? Never step off the scale?? Not good.

Second poster from Lauren features impossibly thin model

15 Oct


Second poster of impossibly thin ralph lauren model

A poster of a second impossibly thin Ralph Lauren model has emerged in Sydney, landing the exclusive fashion house in more hot water.

See first disaster here.

The blogging website Photoshop Disasters posted an image today of an unknown model with a tiny waist posing in a Ralph Lauren advertisement.


Ralph Lauren to model: Hit The Road Fatty

15 Oct

Flippa Hamilton: fake version left, real version right 

Former Ralph Lauren model Flippa Hamilton dumped for being too fat. Fake Flippa left, Real Flippa right

UPDATE: 10/15  Another incriminating photo exposes Laurens idiocy –more here 

Not such a Happy 70th Birthday for you today,  huh Ralph-ie?

Earlier this week, Lauren’s freaky-science-fiction like ad campaign featuring an oddly altered image of model Flippa Hamilton surfaced. BoingBoing said it best stating Hamilton’s “head is bigger than her pelvis (dude).”

Now the model herself has come forward to say she was fired for being “too fat.”


mamaV's gone retro and more!

13 Oct

Howdy! A little blog reconstruction going on here so don’t freak. I’ll be working on a new look and feel so you’ll see continual changes, but in the meantime you’ll see my old header and navigation.


Fall 2006 First header image, what a youngster!

Picture 9OPEN FORUM!

In the meantime, how about we bring back the open forum? For those of you who are new, the open forum was just an open post where we all chatted about whatever, whenever, and we ended up making a lot of friends. No rules, just talk — go here to check it out.





Quick Links to hot stories!

7 Oct

Hi Gang! Here’s a few links to a few of the discussions I have been leading at WeAreTheRealDeal (don’t worry, I won’t neglect mamaVISION forever—I just need a solid hiatus to get me back on fire!)

I miss you all!

PS I got an email to do an interview for BBC, could be fun if I don’t have to get up at 3am!! I’ll keep you posted.

“Dude, her head is bigger than her pelvis.”

Why yes it is…check out Fashion Plate Ralph Lauren is attempting to sue BoingBoing for….give me a break Ralphie, hang it up will ya?! More here



Beauty is not about how skinny you can be.


Nighty Nite

15 Sep

mamaV needs a breather! I am on hiatus for a few weeks… the meantime visit We Are The Real Deal, my collective blog from body image activists.

Be back soon!

You have never seen anything like this in a fashion magazine!

4 Sep

Holy crap —its real live cellulite in lights!

Crystal Renn is an extremely successful plus size model, who has been featured in every fashion rag out there, but the May 2009 of Harper’s Bazaar marked her first editorial in an Australian
high fashion magazine.

"What is truly spectacular about this editorial is that they have highlighted
Crystal Renn’s curves. Not skimmed, not flattered, but HIGHLIGHTED. It’s
freakin’ amazing," according to Corpulent

And there's more! According to Jezebel, there will be more normal women featured in the fall issues of Glamour magazine after the frenzy over this picture knocked the editors into reality.

As for the brainwashing of American women, Kate Harding said it best;

"People, I have written half a book about body image, including a chapter on
media bullshit, and countless posts about how Photoshop turns uncommonly
beautiful women into inhumanly beautiful women. Yet until I saw that picture, it
seriously never dawned on me that Crystal Renn might have lumpy thighs in real
life. That's how powerful the brainwashing is."

Something interesting to think about huh?
Enjoy your long weekend!

Snapshot: What do you think?

19 Aug

The woman in this picture is causing a quite a stir. Why do you think that is? Where do you think this image appeared?

Hold on to your undies girls — her image appeared in the September issue of Glamour Magazine.

According to Editor-In-Chief Cindy Leive, the magazine was immediately bombarded with letters and emails shouting pure joy. Think about how monumental this really is — have you ever seen an image of a normal woman's body in a fashion magazine? I sure as hell haven't.

Here's the story behind the picture; Lizzi Miller is a plus sized model (size 12-14 or "normal" sized woman) chosen for an article about "feeling comfortable in your own skin," which she sure as hell does.

As for the letters, Lizzi's loving them;

"When I read them I got
teary-eyed. I've been that girl, flipping through magazines
trying to find just one person who looked a little bit like me. And
when I didn't find it I would start to think there's something wrong
with the way that I looked. When J. Lo and Beyoncé came out and were
making curves sexy, I started to accept myself more. It's funny, but
just seeing them look and feel sexy enabled me to do the same."

So now tell me, do you feel better or worse about yourself after viewing Lizzie's photo?

Hey Barbies –shut your yapper!

12 Aug

Hi Girls: I would like your point of view on a post on my other blog, WeAreTheRealDeal which is a collective blog by Body Image Activists.

Please view it here: Barbie's Shut Your Yapper

Feel free to comment there and here, I'd like to engage in our own conversation on mamaV since I believe this community comes from a different pov.

Looking forward to your thoughts,


Shelly from THIN documentary five years later

8 Aug

Shelly Guillory from the documentary THIN 5 years after recoveryThose of you who have been around a while, know Shelly Guillory. Shelly was featured in the HBO documentary THIN, by Lauren Greenfield, and she has been a regular contributor to this blog. I am happy to post this update on Shelly and the status of her recovery. 

Other posts on this topic:

Shelly Speaks, two years after THIN.

 Polly Rests (story of her suicide)

 More from one who knows



Two years ago I started on my journey of “real” recovery, not that fake, pretend recovery, where I thought I was fooling everyone ( in reality everyone knew I was faking and everyone could see through my bullshit).

No, this time was the real deal. 

So I was off, full of giddiness and excitement because I was going to make my life right. A day later the giddiness and excitement faded. I had no idea what to do with myself.  Food was still on my mind and it seemed like battling my ED thoughts was much harder than just giving in and doing what they told me to do.  It had been one day and I was already tired.  I had THE worst anxiety of my life and felt out of control. I felt like a failure for trying to recover. I wasn’t sure I deserved recovery. I had to keep reminding myself that I had made the choice to recover and I wasn’t going to back down.


I have "cankles" and didn't even know it.

31 Jul


A new          A new term I discovered, which means basically – fat ankles. Mine have always been on the heavier side, not really in proportion to my legs and calves.

I'm here to say cankles are hereditary. My weight is on the low side of normal, and yet the cankles persist. Here's the actual urban definition according to WillRunForCake:

                     Subject: Cankles: Urban Word of the Day

“The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in
an abrupt, nontapering terminus; medical cause: adipose tissue
surrounding the soleus tendon, probably congenital, worsened by weight
gain and improved in appearance only by boots. From the English “calf”
meaning wide portion of the lower leg, and “ankle” meaning slender
joint of leg with foot."

Anklets are a love of mine, but I have to search for a style that won't cut off my circulation.

My cankles look great in high heels, but in flip flops–not so much.

When I was pregnant, my OB said I looked like I was carrying 5 pounds of water in each one. Which actually cracked me up because she was right. She is the bluntest person I ever met, which is why I love her (it was her way of saying – cut down on the salt will ya lady!)

But you know, I've learned to live with them, and love them actually.

After all they are a part of me, and without them I would feel like something is missing from "me"

So if you've got 'em – flaunt 'em baby!


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