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Tiger Woods: The scumbag from hell.

Why do I give a rip about Tiger Woods? The whole thing bugs the hell out of me. I’m not a golfer, or a fan of the guy, but he represents someone who appeared to be a class act. To … Continue reading

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Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano dies from cosmetic surgery

The gorgeous woman at the right went under the knife to firm her butt — and never came back. A former Miss Argentina and international model has died three days after booking herself in for a buttock lift at a … Continue reading

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Pro Anorexia: History & Web Search Statistics

I am saddened and amazed that no matter what I write about, my web statistics on this blog and my collective body image blog show that the Number #1 search term is….. PRO ANA And variations of Pro Ana … Continue reading

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Random Post of the Week

I have had the craziest week, no time to post, sitting here lol at these sites I read in Wired so I figured I’d share; Look At This F-ing Hipster (these dudes got a book deal out of this) People … Continue reading

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Kate Moss: Pro-Ana SuperStar

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” yet another genius quote from one of my favorite pro-ana models, the infamous Kate Moss. So what’s up with this chick? I’ve always found her to be so trashy. Just a ratty-looking-little-nail-biting-drug-addicted tramp. … Continue reading

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Gemma Ward Quits Modeling, called "Roll Model"

Top Fashion Model Gemma Ward has had it — she has called it quits after years of harrassment about her weight Perhaps the final straw was being called a “Roll Model” by the Sunday Telegraph, read more here (first person to find the … Continue reading

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Stupid Girls – which are you?

Love this video. Enjoy your weekend.

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Ana-Rexia Costume: Making fun of a deadly mental illness is fun!

Sorry, but the Ana-Rexia Costume you wanted is out of stock! READ MORE HERE….

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Get your butt off that scale – NOW!

How often do you weigh yourself? Daily? Weekly? Never step off the scale?? Not good.

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Second poster from Lauren features impossibly thin model

SITE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION…YOU MAY SEE WACKED OUT PAGES A poster of a second impossibly thin Ralph Lauren model has emerged in Sydney, landing the exclusive fashion house in more hot water. See first disaster here. The blogging website Photoshop Disasters … Continue reading

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Ralph Lauren to model: Hit The Road Fatty

  Former Ralph Lauren model Flippa Hamilton dumped for being too fat. Fake Flippa left, Real Flippa right UPDATE: 10/15  Another incriminating photo exposes Laurens idiocy –more here  Not such a Happy 70th Birthday for you today,  huh Ralph-ie? Earlier … Continue reading

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mamaV's gone retro and more!

Howdy! A little blog reconstruction going on here so don’t freak. I’ll be working on a new look and feel so you’ll see continual changes, but in the meantime you’ll see my old header and navigation. OPEN FORUM! In the … Continue reading

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Quick Links to hot stories!

Hi Gang! Here’s a few links to a few of the discussions I have been leading at WeAreTheRealDeal (don’t worry, I won’t neglect mamaVISION forever—I just need a solid hiatus to get me back on fire!) I miss you all! … Continue reading

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Nighty Nite

mamaV needs a breather! I am on hiatus for a few weeks… the meantime visit We Are The Real Deal, my collective blog from body image activists. Be back soon! mV XO

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You have never seen anything like this in a fashion magazine!

Holy crap —its real live cellulite in lights! Crystal Renn is an extremely successful plus size model, who has been featured in every fashion rag out there, but the May 2009 of Harper’s Bazaar marked her first editorial in an … Continue reading

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Snapshot: What do you think?

The woman in this picture is causing a quite a stir. Why do you think that is? Where do you think this image appeared? Hold on to your undies girls — her image appeared in the September issue of Glamour … Continue reading

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Hey Barbies –shut your yapper!

Hi Girls: I would like your point of view on a post on my other blog, WeAreTheRealDeal which is a collective blog by Body Image Activists. Please view it here: Barbie's Shut Your Yapper Feel free to comment there and … Continue reading

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Shelly from THIN documentary five years later

Those of you who have been around a while, know Shelly Guillory. Shelly was featured in the HBO documentary THIN, by Lauren Greenfield, and she has been a regular contributor to this blog. I am happy to post this update on … Continue reading

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I have "cankles" and didn't even know it.

Cankles. A new          A new term I discovered, which means basically — fat ankles. Mine have always been on the heavier side, not really in proportion to my legs and calves. I'm here to say cankles are hereditary. My weight … Continue reading

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