Real size mannequins proves you are normal.

Real Sized Female ManniquinA Swedish department store has had the gall to display a real sized female mannequin, and already the Today show is reporting controversy on the appropriateness of this image.

At left we have the “regular” sized mannequin, at left is the supposed “plus sized”  version. My take is the plus sized version is going to make many of you reading this post feel FAT because your body is (yikes) bigger that that one!

No worries, you are in the same category at the famed, admired and lusted after Kim K, J. Lo., Christina Aguilera, Pink — so here is some pics for inspiration to keep being YOU.

Nikki  Kim-Kardashian-Style-celeb christina-aguilera pink-2013-concert-photos-phoenix-arizona-1


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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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  1. I so agree on that…They should have real size mannequins not only the regular ones. Thanks for sharing and keep posting for more.

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