Harper’s Bazaar spoke to me.

CoverI nabbed the Fall Fashion Issue of Harpers Bazaar from the gym this morning. This mag spoke to me. I haven’t had a fashion magazine speak to me in like 20 years — so I gotta say it was a moment.

As I thumbed through the glossy ads, I was able to actually see art. I saw past the ugly modeling world that has haunted me since my twenties, and actually took pleasure in the incredible images for clothing primped on odd looking girls painted like ghosts with blank stares into nowhere.

It was Gwen Stefani peeking at me from the cover that told me to pick the thing up and sure enough her layout inside Gwenrocked it like she always does. She tells of the first time she put on red lipstick and said to herself, “Yeah, that’s the shit right there.” My mind said “that’s cool.” Quite a victory for a person who once shunned all makeup in favor of a baseball hat, pony tail and pasty white complexion to send the eyeballs elsewhere.

My girl Gracie is the other part of this equation — I always tell her she “brought the girl back in me.” She’s a total clothes horse raiding my closet with more frequency. Our jewelry has morped into a mutual stash, and I’m always hunting for the polish remover, or body spray, or my fave brush. I’m having fun telling her modeling tricks of the trade when it comes to making outfits work, putting on makeup, or caring for our skin (proactive is the greatest product on earth, take it from this 43 year old former zit face, its magic).Bazzar

So there you have it, the feel good post of the year. Wow, have I evolved to a place that I never imagined would be possible so many years ago when I was drowning in the ED pits.



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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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3 Responses to Harper’s Bazaar spoke to me.

  1. Grace says:

    Mom no one says fave or mag anymore…

  2. Lucy-G says:

    I tried proactive once but it made me gross, red and shiny. I was told this was part of the process but poo-poo’d it. Should I have stuck with it as I am a zit face at 25!x

  3. probe97 says:

    I would love to snuggle up close into Harpers Bazzar soft glossy sweet smelling gorgeous fashion pages, that would be wonderful.

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