Lady Gaga Sends Personalized YouTube video to student

Born this way Foundation Lady Gaga Anti-Bullying

I can’t get enough of Lady Gaga; A Very Gaga Thanksgiving had me balling, then I happened to catch the Monster Ball concert last night, which led me to this post.

Lady Gaga has just launched an Anti-Bullying Foundation Born This Way and she is working to make bullying a hate crime (which will change criminal punishment for offenses).

What a nobel cause. And she’s so real about it; the video below is directed at a high school student council president who had sought help with an anti-bullying assembly he was hosting. Full story here.

Join Born This Way Foundation, tweet it, Facebook it, spread it — this is enough if intolerance. This is enough of kids being KILLED for being ‘different,’ –what kind of country are we anyway??

We are a country where a beautiful, young boy takes his own life over bullying; yet recorded this heartfelt video titled “It does get better, I promise!…sometimes all of this is too much.



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5 Responses to Lady Gaga Sends Personalized YouTube video to student

  1. Charliee says:

    Go Gaga!! She truly is AMAZING! x

  2. Jh says:

    Heather, So you bash gaga on watrd, but applaud her here? Make up your mind.

    • mamaV says:

      WeAretheRealDeal (WATRD) is a collective blog, the post abut Lady Gaga was written by a contributor Snezna. However, do I like the fact that in her videos she is basically nude and highly sexual – No, I think she should be classier than that.

  3. Ashley says:

    I’m not a big Gaga fan, but I love what she is doing with this.

  4. Shannon says:

    Love me some Gaga!

    Question for you…what do you think of the new Lifetime series Starving Secrets that’s premiering this week? Are you going to check it out?? I’m…conflicted.

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