Miley Cyrus the latest victim of Fat Ass Attack

Response by Miley Cyrus to being called fat

Miley's Twitter reaction to the fat attack

Hannah Montana has grown up to be a wonderful young woman, with beautiful curves and a flowing mane — but what do we see?


Yep, just another fat ass, just like Demi Lovato who ended up getting (successful) treatment thank God.

I hope and pray both of these brave women will stand up and fight, and keep fighting, not breaking down to the pressure to be something that does not exist. The challenge has got to be completely overwehlming since at the end of the day its just…


and the


And we all know the mirror lies as we are criticized. A day can start out all bright and sunny, only to
turn ugly, fat and gross due to a sly comment from some irrelevant bastard. Your body has notMarilyn Monroe posted on Twitter by Miley Cyrus changed, your mind has, but somehow you convince yourself the bastard was right. Your thighs are disgusting. Your arms? Kinda big, no? And your stomach, from the side, is a lot pudgier than 7 hours earlier, really sticking out, you look kinda pregnant actually. Out comes the evil scale that proves your thoughts, the number WAY higher than it “should” be.

And there the downward cycle goes, eventually into the toilet where you upchuck after breaking your fast out of pure desperation, leaving you feeling like the big – fat- loser that you are.

Let’s watch (and pray) Miley proves them all wrong. Pray she withstands all the naysayers trying to bring her down, giving her strength to strap on her boxing gloves to keep posting pictures of Marilyn so she becomes the new “norm.”

What a world that would be.




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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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14 Responses to Miley Cyrus the latest victim of Fat Ass Attack

  1. Ashley says:

    Well that photo of Marilyn has been stretched to make her look wider. You can find the original by doing a simple google image search, but I agree with your message. Miley isn’t fat.

    • mamaV says:

      Hi Ashley: I grabbed the screenshot from Miley’s twitter page and replaced it above — I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the one that stretched it!

  2. BK says:

    It is so responsible yet bold of Miley to do this. Someone needed to say it — and i am so glad someone so young and influential to young girls spoke out. Made my day.

  3. Total agree with your message here. I hope and pray Miley stands strong as she has the ability to influence so many young females.

  4. Ziska says:

    Never had much opinion either way about Miley Cyrus until I read this. That’s awesome that she’s standing up not only for herself but for anyone being bullied for their weight as well as those with eating disorders. I hope she continues to stand strong because it gives me that much more encouragement to love and defend myself.

  5. Mabely says:

    She doesn´t look as good as before.I think she gained too many pds. but if she wants to stay like that,that´s her problem.It´s all about feeling pretty.I´m glad i reached 48kg so I don´t look as hiddeous as before…

  6. .C. says:

    Hey Mabely, if what you want is for someone on this blog for sufferers from eating disorders to tell you that 48kgs is thin enough, oh stop, please, get help – fine. 48kgs is thin enough. Stop. But also, stop posting deliberately volatile things on this blog that, while a cry for help/attention, are still just really annoying and possibly triggering to others.


  7. Effybean says:

    Late to the party but it’s pretty well known that Miley is bulimic. She’s done everything but come out and outright state it. Also, good for you if you’re looking at your thinspo and trolling people about EDs but just so you know…those of us with EDs that aren’t a ~lifestyle~ or whatever bull you’re leading with ( really? Miley could stand to lose a few lbs? Even if she didnt have an ED, what a moronic and offensive thing to say) know how awful it is and the daily self hatred and battle we deal with. So GTFO with your pro Ana, number dropping bull. You can go shave your back now.

    • Mabely says:

      I hope your comment is not to me.I was diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia over 2 years ago so not really good to pretend to know me.My heart goes out to everybody who is going thru similar situation.Not encouraging noone,not celebrating nothing.Not sure about wanting to read bad words.Anyway,thanks for speaking out.

  8. Skylar says:

    Miley is A normal Weight. Demi is Fat. NOT CURVY. I hate when People say that. There’s A A BIG diffence between curvy and Fat. Yeah blah blah she had A ED. SO DO I and A Million other grls. Gosh she can still lose weight in a heathly way. I’m happy she has Self love Now and Is Quote “Happy and Heathly”. But she’s Sooo Lame Now. She doesn’t write her own music Now and her music sucks and She let her self go. So Yeah not a Demi Fan. And STOP SAYING SHES A ROLE MODEL FOR GRLS WITH EDS. HELLZ NO SHE IS NOT MY ROLE MODEL.

    • Liney says:

      You are an idiot seriously. If you think she is fat you seriously have no perception of what is healthy and what is not. She is curvy and her recent picture look very good. I am not a fan of her music or any other thing really, but I admit she looks very very good in her 2012 pictures. Skinny is not attractive and only girls with eating disorders think so, but most healthy girls and men think that curves like the ones Demi have are beautiful. I admit you can find a few unflattering pictures where her face looks a bit chunky, but the majority of all her pictures her curves looks deliciously beautiful and healthy. This is something that all young girls can see this as a positively beautiful role model.

  9. Josephinie says:

    Here’s the deal:
    I hate Miley Cyrus.
    I don’t see her as a role model for us girls growing up. She’s running around wild and her attitude gives girls the ‘okay’ to do the same. And to think she came from all that ‘small town country girl’ crap, too. Major transformation.
    That’s why they say our generation is going to-excuse me french-hell.
    But…she’s not fat. She’s slim. She’s that kind of weight girls like me want to be, but then we go overboard. Demi too. She’s older now and she’s got sexy curves. She’s a bit pudgy, but in that sexy way. Still not a fan, but I respect her for what she’s going through.
    It’s insane to call her fat. I don’t know what that pic is about, but…I know this:
    You can call Hannah Montana a stoner, a b, a whore, a horrible role model– but she’s not fat.
    (I get where Skylar is coming from. They are no role models. It’s not because of ED, you know. You have to consider other things, too.)
    (Plus- where did that picture (of the anorexic girl)come from? I see it everywhere I go, honestly. It’s that kind of chilling thing where you want so badly to look away but your eyes have another thing in mind.)

  10. I’ve seen Miley Cyrus in person, and this was before her supposed weight loss — and she is VERY skinny in person. Photos actually make her look larger than she is. People who say she’s “normal-sized” have clearly never seen her in person, because she is very tiny but toned, she has the body of a supermodel.

    It’s frightening that people think that THIS is fat.

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