Amy Winehouse: Add bulimia to her long, sad list of vices.

Amy Winehouse dead bulimiaIts late. But I couldn’t go to bed without writing about Amy Winehouse. I always found her to be so interesting to watch, she just had that kind of face. Her features so bold, eyes exaggerated with jet black liner, pale skin painted with vibrant tattoos, and that crazy teased hair. I thought she was quite beautiful, even at her worst.

Never new she was bulimic, on top of everything else, but this was reported inAmy Winehouse beautiful - dead at 27 the news dating back to 2007. Can you even imagine? What a sad, miserable existence Amy had here on earth.

Let’s say a prayer tonight she is at peace.

Let’s also turn off the tabloid news that is incessantly ripping her to shreds, harping on what a loser she was because she was an addict. Where is the compassion? Can’t people see the pain in an addicts eyes? Why can’t we grasp the fact that no one would choose this life? The poor girl just wasn’t strong enough to beat the damn thing. And then there is her heart broken father, seeing him crying kills me. Daily News is reporting he wrote her eulogy back in 2007, fully expecting her to pass away young.

Amy Winehouse before and after weight gain and lossIn order to have compassion in a situation like this, I think it helps to know an addict, on a personal level, because once you do, you will always compare other addicts to your loved one, and feel somewhere inside so very sorry for their suffering. On the ED side of things, well, once you’ve been there you get it. There are no words except its hell, and to picture this lovely talented woman on drugs, drinking herself to death, and vomiting up her meals is almost too much to bear.

Digging around on other blogs I found info that said she was bulimic since her teenage years, and as she was getting healthy she was called fat at size 10. You can’t frickin’ win in this world.

In the picture at the left, she is unrecognizable with her gorgeous, voluptuous body! And no, I know what you are thinking — she does not look GOOD on the right. She looks dead. She looks miserable, and you know very well she is suffering so deeply, so don’t even start thinking you wish you were that skinny.

So back to the prayers. Prayers for peace for this talented young woman and her greiving family, and the loss of a great talent.



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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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  1. AJ says:

    This is so indicative of our chronic newspapers/journalists here in the UK!
    When one achieves greatness one is immediately slated for some “behaviour” NOT acceptable in our society!!! Who is creating that “correct” way to behave?
    What is right? And what is wrong?
    Amy was a tortured soul and struggled with self- harm and an eating disorder at a young age, an addict in the making perhaps?
    I wish her family Long Life
    And I wish for every young talented person to learn from this untimely death
    I lost two friends last month from complications of their anorexia(heart attacks)
    Come on peeps, let’s fight this chronic disease and find PEACE
    R.I.P. Amy Winehouse et al

  2. anonymous says:

    I agree with everything you say here 100%. She was very troubled and sick. But here’s where I have a problem…

    The hypocrisy. Time and time again you have ripped apart tons of celebrities for being too thin and being bad examples. I remember you did this with SJP. And the fact is, you don’t even know if they have an ED or not. You are just assuming. But with Amy, you have all this compassion. I’m not saying you shouldn’t but I think it’s rather hypocritical of you to be so empathetic in this case, but can be so mean and judgmental of other people equally as famous. I’m not trying to come down on you, but I like that you are at least starting to be a little less harsh. But I recognize a pattern here. All the girls you blast for the Anna Mia websites- they are just as sick as she was. I just don’t understand the flipping of the switch all the time and I think it’s something to think about.

    • mamaV says:

      Thinking about it….. who is SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker?

      • Jenna says:

        There’s no need to think about it because I believe that everything you said here is 100% right and I don’t believe that Amy was just trying to be thin, I believe there were other issues here, drug abuse being among them. And I, like you, was fascinated by her and her look, she drew me in and the deepness poured out of her. I am so glad that I came upon your website this morning as I have not gone to bed yet because I’m googling about cellulite. I am in love with your heart because I see and feel mine as I read each word that you write. Thank you for lifting me up in a dark moment.

  3. anonymous says:

    Yes, Sarah but she’s just an example of who I have seen you come down on. I am happy to see you have sympathy for Amy. I am not saying that girls with ED don’t need tough love; but at the same time, they also need compassion, as do addicts. I think that some people who struggle with addiction know subconsciously that addiction will eventually kill them but some people just don’t have either the resources or the strength to kick destructive habits. In my opinion and experience of seeing many people in rehab for whatever affliction, it is useless unless the person wants the help.

    Eds and substance abuse are very painful addictions and some do better than others. Thankfully, I came out on the other side, but I still struggle with Ed thoughts even though I don’t act out on them. At the end of the day, they are illnesses and I don’t think people should be vilified if they have that kind of a problem. I am not saying drink or starve ones self to death either, but there has to be a balance between compassion and toughness. I’ve seen you just go after people on how they look so harshly. Yet in Amy’s case, not so much. I just don’t understand it. You had an eating disorder at one point too… think about how you would feel if people were attacking you. I’m just saying…

  4. Kayaltymume says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was that skinny… :/ I have dealt with anorexia since the age of 14… then I became bulimic at the age of 16. I entered rehab for this at 18. I got home and I turned to binge eating disorder. Now I’m 20 and relapsed into anorexia. Its a personal hell!!!

    • Lib says:

      Both my daughters have bulmia, so i know the guilt the shame the secrecy the torture that is your life. the obsession.. The anger, the resentment, the chaos.. and the reaction from others in the family.. I know you are knowing you are letting everyone down with the lies and deceit. I know you do not have a life Sometimes it takes many times through treatment to put this mental illness behind you It is a mental illness that is hard to beat. but with help, you can do it. You can be free of your eating disorder. reach out and the help will be there for you. Reach out today…

  6. Josephinie says:

    You don’t know how much I loved Amy Whinehouse. Her music was so rich and beautiful it makes me cry when I think, ‘she’s dead’.
    It’s horrible that she was a drug addict but bulimia? I just want to burst in tears. Go bless her, and R.I.P.

  7. Niika says:

    It’s been known for quite a number of years that she was bulimic and/or possibly anorexic…

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  9. Kelly says:

    Bulimia is not a vice. It’s a mental health issue.

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