Casey Anthony’s Incest “Excuse”

Casey Anthony Mug Shot _Not Guilty VerdictJust watched the video of Casey Anthony’s response to her Not Guilty verdict. Then I jumped over to FB and Twitter trends to see if my opinion was in the majority — that’s definitely a no. From what I have seen, most think Casey should have been found guilty as sin.

Here’s the deal for me;


George, Mr. Tan Playboy molester father is a scumbag beyond belief. When the news came out that Casey “claimed” she was sexually abused by her father, I wasn’t shocked. Were you?

I wasn’t even shocked by the fact that the majority of people don’t even believe her story.  It’s typical. Everyone wants to be known as a child of incest you know? I am sure Casey was really proud to admit this to the whole f-ing planet.

Listen, I don’t care how many lies you tell, spitting out the sexual molestation by the hand of your father one is not one that rolls off the tongue, even out of total and complete desperation. Further, Casey’s expression when her Father took the stand to deny he molested her was one that Casey had never shown before. To me that was a slam dunk she was telling the truth.

After the jump: video and Incest Makes You Nuts commentary


Casey is the image of a victim. A victim in the worst way possible. And then there is the brother taking a paternity test. I can’t even take it. I don’t even want to know any more (seriously, I just found this out, and I literally have no idea what was said in court and I don’t want to know — incest x 2?!@$#&*! Can’t take it). Watch this video if you care to, check out how arrogant the reporting is talking about how ridiculous the defense was for bringing this up.


Does this excuse her behavior? Absolutely not.

I repeat, does this excuse her behavior? No. Period.


Does this perhaps explain how she responded to the death of her daughter? I think yes. Many sexual abuse victims read this blog, I’ve spoken personally to many of them, and I can tell you that if I went through what they went through I’d be more nuts than I am already. How do you even survive it?

The survivors are amazing people.  They just are. They deserve a special badge of honor. Even Casey Anthony deserves one.


Imagine for a moment that either scumbag George, Casey’s father, or Lee the brother is the father of Caylee.

Let’s pretend Caylee was a the product of incest. Who in their right mind doesn’t understand the psychological implications Casey suffered as a result of birthing this child? How about facing your own mother in light of this fact? How about getting up out of bed every morning and functioning? This is not far fetched in the least, people need to stop living in some dream world on what goes on behind closed doors.

Incest is more prevalent than any of us would like to believe. In fact, 10-15% of the general population have had a least one incestuous experience. say sources,but less than 2% involve intercourse or attempted intercourse.


Casey is a liar. She lied about something that most mothers can not even ponder  much less do think about doing. But its really easy to sit on the outside and judge. Its really easy to say what you would do in a situation sitting in your safe little nest far, far away from the world of incest. Most of us can not even begin to understand what happens to the human brain when forced into such a situation. Personally, if it was me, I would be psychotic. I am actually surprised that Casey is actually up and walking around like a normal human being.

Going out dancing, partying, showing off her body, getting a tattoo “beautiful life” — its all despicable from the outside. But do you honestly believe, for a sliver of one second, that Ms. Casey Anthony has peace?  She doesn’t have peace. She has never had it, never will have it, and now she gets to live on this earth with her haunted, abused, damaged self.

Not to mention Georgie, left to life with himself as well. My prediction? He attempt suicide again. His secrets are out, there is no where to hide.


But the amazing thing about life is this. God gives us choices. We always have a choice, no matter what the circumstance. Casey now has a choice to somehow, someway make good out of her ugly disaster. Or, she can wallow in it and sink deeper into a dead woman walking.

Which way will she go?



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15 Responses to Casey Anthony’s Incest “Excuse”

  1. Shelly says:

    Um, this post assumes a lot. There is zero evidence this was incest, which is why the judge would not allow the defense to raise this in closing arguments.

    It is easy for the public, who have been influenced by media to form an opinion on whether or not she did it.

    I know you say it is easier as an outsider and judge, but I think you judged George as a “scumbug” without even knowing if this is true. (This is why I dont read your blog very much anymore, you do a whole lot of judging ((fergie, steven tyler, etc…)))

    I dont know if she did it or not. I think yeah, probably. But I also can sleep well at night knowing that our justice system and jurors are not swayed by emotions. They look at the facts and evidenced presented by both sides and made their (very hard) decision.

    • mamaV says:

      Hi Shelly: It’s always confusing to me when people get mad at me for making assumptions and judging. I’m a blogger for cripes sake, isn’t that the point?

      Plus, if I made some vanilla statement like “the father George is a bad person” who the heck would give a rip.

      I think he’s scummy. I think he was at fault for the drowning. I think he scared the crap out of Casey, enough that she would hide her daughters death. I believe he had one affair of many while on the search for his grandchild. I think he tried to commit suicide because his guilt of molesting his daughter (possibly being the father of his grandchild), then being responsible for her death — was killing him.

      Did you happen to catch his reaction in the courtroom yesterday when his daughter was not guilty? Play the video and tell me what you think.

      Yes the justice system did their job. The world is talking about it and stating opinions. Its a free world.

  2. mamaV says:

    PS I thought about your comments regarding my posts on Steven Tyler and Fergie. Why do I do this?

    Its because I think our country is whacked. I think our kids and even adults are so enamored by Hollywood, fame, beauty that its scares me and sickens me. So I talk about it so there is a “voice of reason.”

    This is what I have been since 2006 on this blog, and I’ll be in my “real life” until I die. You probably wouldn’t like me in real life either because I actually have opinions about things that I am not afraid to say because I really don’t care what others think. This is not to say I do not care or will not listen to other people’s thoughts — I love to hear it! I love a good debate, that is why I do this! An open mind is everything, and seeing the difference in people is so interesting, it doesn’t make me angry — but apparently it angers you?

    This is one personal quality I wish I could instill in everyone of the girls/guys who read this blog. If they could just not worry about other people and their thoughts about them they would be free at last.

    Does this strike a chord with you?

    • Shelly says:

      I just don’t understand where the evidence George is a scumbag is? The media helps people form their opinions, and this blog post just added to the character assassinations of this family. Accusations from people who cant back it up. This is almost worse than Nancy Grace.

      The “voice of reason” doesn’t need to be pass judgement on Fergie (and others. Um, Mickey Rourke?) so harshly. Have you ever thought that maybe Fergie has some sort of psychological issue that makes her want (or need) plastic surgery? I guarantee Mickey Rourke does.

      Yeah, it makes me angry because kids who come here to read this blog are going to think that it is OK to make assumptions, to call someone “a plasticized freak.” That doesn’t say voice of reason to me.

      You want people to not judge overweight people or those with a larger size, but you do it to people who have had plastic surgery, thin models, etc. As someone who once had an eating disorder, I was judged. As someone who is still thin, I am still judged. I am just so sick of all the judging whether it be in regards to people who have plastic surgery, who are thin, who are fat, who are different in any way or who aren’t different in any way.

      That said, I do agree that photoshopping, showing painfully thin models, etc… is in no way healthy, but there is a way to go about it without being so cruel (just my opinion).

      I like discussions too. I also have opinions too. I think I just deliver mine a little differently so I think that is why I get so frustrated. I wouldn’t be so pissy about this post if I didnt have strong opinions on it :).

      I think as someone in the journalism field, it just gets to me that people write this sort of stuff with bias. But I do forget that this is a blog and it is purely your opinion. Now, that you mentioned that, I get it. So thanks for reminding me about that.

      I guess we will just disagree on this.

      • mamaV says:

        Hi Shelly: Thanks, I respect your opinions completely and you make some good points. Particularly, am I sending the correct message when I preach not to make fun of fat people, or any people for that matter — and then I rip apart Hollywood stars as if they are people with no feelings.

        Hmmm….that is a contradiction. I could show more compassion in the Fergie/Mickey posts, but for some reason that doesn’t come naturally to me. I wonder why?

        I’ll ponder it. This is why disagreement is great, its productive, helps you grow and think, so I’ll keep pissing you off as often as possible 😉

    • CD says:

      I was so upset reading your comments about Steven Tyler and Lady Gaga, to a LOT of people they are very inspirational icons. They fought tooth and nail to get to where they are now and pose much more realistic ways about achieving goals than some of those disney stars you see out there today (I’m not saying they won’t have worked hard, I am sure they worked very hard). They had to earn their careers, they didn’t just get a few auditions and that’s it they’re set. I mean Lady Gaga had three jobs at one point to pay her rent and fight for what she wanted and Steven and the band, Aerosmith, had to play all over the country I don’t know how many times to build up a fan base and I read that at one point they were living off of small amounts of brown rice because they had no money, but look at them now. I agree with Shelly and Anonymous also, it is like you really dislike the famous and you judge them quite harshly. And the way you speak about skinny models, I sometimes feel like because I am underweight (I can’t help it) that I am looked down on, that I don’t belong.
      In my opinion I do think you should consider the fact that celebrities are human and have feelings too, and just to quote Lady Gaga – “I believe that if you have revolutionary potential you then have a moral obligation to make the world a better place” and this I believe she IS doing.

  3. anonymous says:

    I have to agree with Shelly on this one. You can come across as extremely harsh and judgmental and for me, it can be very off- putting. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but just because styles differ in how people voice their own as opposed to the way you do do not make them wimps.

    As for Casey, I don’t know if George molested her or not. But I am survivor of incest and I know how hard it is to talk about. However, its rather suspicious to me that we hear nothing about this alleged molestation until she is up shit’s creek on trial for her life. The same allegation was also made by Susan Smith in her defense when she was on trial for drowning her two sons into a lake.

    Let me put it this way- I know many survivors of incest and have done an extensive amount of volunteer work with them. The vast majority of them do not kill their children. If anything, they act out on themselves. This is a fact. And don’t dispute it because as a certified volunteer, I know the statistics and have had to take many training courses and past many tests to do what I do.

    For me, she has told so many lies, it is impossible to believe anything she says. This whole family is more twisted than a pack of twizlers.

    As far as Shelly’s comments go on the media and society issue, I agree with her. You say don’t judge people for being over-weight, yet you are vicious when it comes to attacking those who are underweight. It’s very hypocritical.

    While I am in recovery from Anorexia and eat regularly, I am still thin but not at a weight that is dangerous. I get judged too and I really resent it. Bear in mind that if all the celebrities you attack do genuinely have an eating disorder, that it is an illness and they wear two hats- a human being and a public figure. If they have eating disorders, they probably had some of the same dysfunctional family issues that normal folk do that could have contributed to issues like an ED or other addiction. Lindsay Lohan comes to mind. They might be famous, but they are not God’s. They have issues just like everybody else. You place too high expectations on them to be perfect role models because of their celebrity status. They really are at the end of the day not very much different from anybody else walking the street when it comes to human weakness.

    As far as plastic surgery goes, I am not a fan of it, but its legal and everyone has the right to do what they want to do with their own body. If some teenager sees these images in the media and thinks they should get it done because x celeb got it done, then that person should go to something called therapy and work on their underlying self esteem issues and not blame the media. I don’t know why celebs do some of the wacked cosmetic procedures that they do, but you can’t blame them for being responsible for those who follow. Everyone is in charge of their own life and choices. It is the responsibility of the individual to have the strength to rise above these kinds of influences and do what it takes to build confidence in themselves and not succumb to Hollywood Ideals. It’s not easy but possible with commitment and hard work. Blaming the media is just a lame excuse.

  4. Jackie says:

    I haven’t seen this mentioned on any fat acceptance blogs. I’ve been wondering, do you think that Casey would have got off if she was fat? I think a large part of her being released, is because she had a “hot body” and looked like a little princess.

    When it comes to female school teachers having relationships with their male students, the pretty thin teachers are “Too pretty for jail”, yet nobody had a problem convicting the fat or ugly female teachers.

    I think justice isn’t as blind as we’d like to believe. I supposed now it’s been made official. If you’re thin, white, and pretty you can get away with murder. That’s how far thin privelage has come. She wasn’t being judged on wether or not she killed Caylee, as much as she was judged on how well she fit our conventional standards for how a woman should be. She managed to be seen as not guilty of being fat, non-white, and ugly. It wasn’t about Caylee, that’s for sure.

  5. VanessaG says:

    Well, my opinion is she is def gulity. But, I am not outraged like the majority of people are. I mean, what good does it do me to get mad, protest, and even want to harm or hurt her? Although, I might think different if she hurt someone I love. I actually am praying for her and her family. Guily or not they all need our prayers. Now,to kinda touch on what u think about her being molested…Lets’ say she is. Well, that still doesn’t justify what she did. We cannot let our past determine our future actions. I def didnt have a perfect (or even good) childhood at times growing up. However, I know right from wrong! If you are molested, raped, beat…u still have to do the right thing.

    • anonymous says:

      I agree with Vanessa. It disturbs me how much people who know so little about this subject posting such ignorant opinions with no professional training. Being white and pretty did help her but while not overweight, I wouldn’t call her dangerously thin. She got off for a multitude of reasons having to do with the complications of the case. Weight had absolutely zero to do with it.

      I think the incest claim is bogus. It pains me to say that because I am usually inclined to believe the victim. Not in this case. Seriously MV- when your own daughter is 22 and doesn’t report your grand daughter missing for almost 30 days I highly doubt you would sit on your ass, fabricate some kind of feigned drowning story months later. None of this adds up. How can you defend people like Casey when there is zero evidence to support the molestation allegations until they only came out when she was on trial for her life?

  6. NTG says:

    Both the father and son were DNA tested.

    Regardless no mum waits 30 plus days to notify authorities her kid is missing. Very sad and tragic. One can blame the father, the media, the mother, etc, regardless a child died too young.

  7. anonymous says:

    I agree. The abuse excuse is outrageous

  8. Anna says:

    I thought this was really interesting, and you brought up some things I hadn’t even considered, giving me a lot more insight into Casey Anthony as a person. Thank you for making me think!

    And p.s. I respect everybody’s opinions — and I think people should respect yours too. Some of these comments are quite rude and I’m not sure why you’re being attacked for giving your opinion. I thought you brought up some really fair and solid points.

  9. christine says:

    here’s something you can judge.
    it’s like watching an episode of l&o svu

  10. anonymous says:

    I think its important to remember that a verdict of not guilty does not mean you are innocent of a crime.

    I also don’t like the stero-typing that victims of sexual abuse or incest are all promiscuous. As Shelly said, her comments assume a lot with no solid proof to back them up. I agree that she is entitled to her opinion, but her opinion is the minority- not the majority. And as a mother herself, I often wonder if she really believes what she says about this case or if she just says it to spark a debate and raise controversy.

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