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There is more to be than eye candy.

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Kate and Pippa: The New Thinspiration

Saw this one coming a mile away. Particularly since Kate, The Dutchess of Cambridge, seems to be shrinking by the day (let’s hope its stress).  Turns our the Pro-anas are all over the sisters, glomming on to them as their … Continue reading

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Amy Winehouse: Add bulimia to her long, sad list of vices.

Its late. But I couldn’t go to bed without writing about Amy Winehouse. I always found her to be so interesting to watch, she just had that kind of face. Her features so bold, eyes exaggerated with jet black liner, pale skin … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony’s Incest “Excuse”

Just watched the video of Casey Anthony’s response to her Not Guilty verdict. Then I jumped over to FB and Twitter trends to see if my opinion was in the majority — that’s definitely a no. From what I have … Continue reading

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