What the hell did Fergie do to her face?

Fergie American IdolSo Ferga-li-cious decided she needed to be more beautiful and she has ended up, well, looking like a typical plasticized freak. The whole controversy started with her appearance on American Idol where she came out looking — well, different. The moment she stepped on stage, my whole family looked at each other saying “Is that Fergie?”

But then her loving husband Josh put all the concerns to rest when he explained “she was wearing a different color lipstick.”

Got it.

Moving back to reality here, I had my hopes up that she was pregnant, and maybe her face was puffy, but all signs are pointing to the ole’ botox routine. Plus I caught a new Dr. Pepper commercial with her last night that sealed the deal, especially when my kids yelled out once again “is that Fergie??!”

After the jump: would mamaV ever have plastic surgery?

For cripes sake people, this woman is in her 30s (wikipedia states born in 1975). I was born in 1969, making me 41 going on 42. Do I see aging? Sure. Am I about to run in and get botox and distort my face beyond recognition, and freeze it to an alien like expression? No way in hell.

So let’s talk about plastic surgery and/or botox like treatments. Its not the worst thing in the world. If someone has a feature, or signs of aging that really impact their self esteem — I say go for it. But we are talking about Fergie here, it doesn’t get much prettier than her making it quite obvious that her lifestyle, and rocker role made her turn to plastic way too early.

Aging is hard. Harder than I thought it would be. When you hit the big 4-0, its kinda like you move into this “old” category. Don’t get me wrong, I love how I look, and I am confident as ever, but do I have concerns about wrinkles? Yes. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. If when I get in my late 50s or 60s and I want to tighten up my chicken neck, or wipe out face lines, I just might do it.

But I am talking late f-i-f-t-y and older. Fergie is frickin 35!! Plus, ya gotta admit she is a beauty. She is interesting to watch perform (except when she wears spikes and mini-skirts and looks like she is about to wipe out the entire time) partially because she is so beautiful.

But now, the world is watching her, and waiting for the next transformation. And guess what, there is no going back. Let’s hope she stops here.




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