Steven Tyler’s Creepy New Video: What the hell was that??!

Ok, who saw the amazing debut of Steven Tyler’s new video on American Idol last night?

There we were, my husband and I, watching our fave show with our 11 and 8 year old children, when on comes this crazy whirlwind of clips of Tyler, first with chimps, then singing to a teenage girl who ends up slowly stripping throughout the video, intermingled with scenes of Grandpa Steve slapping around with  Nicole Scherzinger.

What exactly is a parent supposed to say to their kids in this situation?

Isn’t there something wrong with promoting a 60 year old dude lusting after a teenager? (ok she is probably in her twenties, but c’mon!!)

It’s demented. It’s not normal, or reality, or cool. It’s just lame (and Anon just save your “you are just jealous” b.s. for another day because this is pathetic). And if you don’t think its pathetic, you are not a parent in your right mind.

Do you know what my kids said?

“Mama, this is really inappropriate.”

God bless America, how low can we go?

Remaining rants and questions;

  1. What’s up with the beginning shot of the makeup artist chick sticking her finger up his nose?
  2. What animal is Tyler’s little friend in the beginning — a seal?
  3. Love how he dresses on Idol actually, but the white women’s pantsuit with floppy hat is not cutting it.
  4. I mean seriously, did they cut this entire video together in a day or less?
  5. I think I am really pissed because I had really grown to like Steven as a judge on Idol, and I started digging his Aerosmith songs — but now I am left feeling embarrassed for the poor guy.
  6. I could not find ONE blog ripping the hell out of this video like I am, so I figure I am totally out numbered here but whateva, this is my space to let it rip.



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17 Responses to Steven Tyler’s Creepy New Video: What the hell was that??!

  1. Shelly says:

    It’s music video. Big deal. So what if he was holding a seal in the beginning or the make-up artist was touching the side of his nose? And the girl’s dress is nothing kids haven’t seen walking down the street these days. Are we all supposed to take after Michelle Duggar and yell Nike when we pass an inappropriately clad woman so we shield eyes?

    That’s why parents should always watch TV with their kids, so they can change the channel. Maybe you should have changed the channel instead of letting your kids watch it.

    This isn’t any worse than some commercials I have seen selling various products. And doesn’t even touch some of the other music videos that are out there right now. If you think this is bad, obviously, you dont watch many videos.

    Plus, no one cares about Steven Tyler’s music anymore, which is probably why he is on American Idol now and why no one wasted their time blogging about a shitty song.

    But, I am not a parent, so what do I know.

  2. Charliee says:

    I agree with Shelly, I mean if it was that bad (which I don’t think it was) why didn’t you prevent your children from seeing it? Surely all it would have taken is the pushing of one button on the remote.

    And I’m guessing you don’t know a great deal about Mr Tyler either, that is the way he is and always has been, at least none of the clips indicate that it is he who is with her when she is “stripping” what about the whole Madonna and Justin Timberlake issue?
    Steven is huge inspiration to kids, he encourages them to be themselves and not care what people think I only wish I had known more about him in my early teens.

    Everyone has their own way of parenting, I’m not a parent myself, but I was not brought up wrapped in cotton wool parents can’t protect their children from every sight and sound they may encounter in life. Being exposed to things like this in my opinion prevents kids from wanting to find out about things they never saw or did, just like alcohol, my parents are very open with drink in our house, they offer it to me and allow me to drink in the house unlike some parents whose kids then feel the need to go out and do it behind their parents backs.

    Although I do not agree with the latter part of the last comment, how many bands like Aerosmith do you know who can still fill a stadium approximately four decades after they got together?

    Personally I don’t see anything wrong with the video or song, Steven has remarkable talent in songwriting and has dedicated so much to the world of Rock n Roll, Aerosmith worked their way into fame, they had it hard not like some of people out there today.

    Kids will come across stuff like this everyday, stuff that’s worse, but honestly is this really the worst thing they have ever seen?
    There are definitely worse things for kids to see than Steven’s video, tuning in to Idol got me into his music and I happen to think that the guys of Aerosmith are very inspirational and his joining Idol has allowed people my age and the younger generation to get into the music we missed and the tunes that were around before we were born, well, before my parents were born!

    I am in no way whatsoever judging your way of parenting but being a a teen I feel like I can say I think that being brought up seeing the world as it is prevented me from going out and rebelling, when I listen to what my parents were like I wonder how I turned out the way I did and I believe it is because of their openess.

    But hey if your kids didn’t like it then that’s ok not everybody has to like the same thing right?
    And that’s what Steven promotes, not everyone is the same and people are into different things, perhaps Steven and his musical style just aren’t for your family.

  3. Tami says:

    OH my GOD get over yourself. If you thought it was so inappropriate why did you watch the entire thing?
    I’ve never read your blog I just ran across it doing a search on his video, which I LOVE.
    And if you do not know what that animal was I seriously pray you aren’t homeschooling or our next generation is totally screwed.
    Steven Tyler is a music legend, I seriously doubt he is so hard up he’s going to chase any little girls down the street. Sheeesh, some people’s kids.

  4. Tami says:

    And yet you LOVE Pink’s video called F**ckin Perfect. LMAO LMAO LMAO omg, you’re classic.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The girl in the video is a friend of mine. She represents an old memory of a girlfriend of Tyler’s past. Chill out.

    • It was all in fun. says:

      what guy wouldn’t look at a georgeous girl like that and dream of younger days.Who is she? A model mabe

  6. Melponeme_k says:

    The man put his own daughter (Liv Tyler when she was a teen) in one of his videos years back.

    Talk about inappropriate.

  7. .C. says:

    I think it is a little unfair to say that she is a teenager when we do not know her age, and frankly, she doesn’t look at all like a child so I would not call this sexualization of children (as the tag on the post reads.) She’s a really attractive girl, and as other people have pointed out, attractive girls feature prevalently in music videos. Furthermore, it’s not really creepy that she should be the object of attraction here – she is attractive, not because she looks like a kid (she doesn’t) but because she’s a really pretty woman.

    I think that Anonymous’s comment above is interesting – the fact that she represents a memory also explains her youth, if that is still problematic. Lastly I take a little bit of an issue with your comment that Tyler was “slapping around with Nicole Scherzinger”. That makes it sound like he’s beating up on her, and if you want to talk about a music video that features that and is a LOT more controversial than this one, I would bring up “Love the Way You Lie” (Eminem feat. Rihanna) for discussion. That definitely would be a good conversation and I think there is a lot more there that is controversial – as far as I’m concerned, this vid is pretty tame by any standard, not just industry.


  8. anonymous says:


    I think you must have me confused with another anonymous… While I haven’t always agreed with all of your beliefs and approaches, I haven’t commented on here in months, and even when I did, I never made any type of comment that you were jealous of anything, so if this was directed at me, I certainly don’t appreciate it. As for the video, I agree with the majority. Change the channel if you don’t want your kids seeing it. This is the music industry- this is commonplace. It’s never going to change.

  9. beccat says:

    a. she is concealing broken blood vessels on his nose but he moved soo her finger slipped
    b. OMG, stupid question, that is a sloth
    c. blast from the past get over it
    d. no
    e. don’t be, this is a popular song
    f. free speech…pros and cons

  10. Charliee says:

    I know I have already commented on this but every time I hear the song now (which I love btw) I think of you ripping him to shreds and it makes my blood boil!
    I didn’t want to seem rude in my first comment but now I’m thinking ‘why not?’ everything said about Steven was rude and belittling.

    I don’t think it is pathetic at all, what I do find pathetic is that you ask ‘how low can we go?’ And you think berating and slagging off an American treasure over an internet blog isn’t low??
    You’re probably right about one thing though, this is possibly the only blog ripping the hell out of the video.

    It is amazing to think that someone such as Steven who has been through so much and is doing so well to still be doing what he loves and being good at it as well as continuing to be an inspiration to people all over the world and here you are kicking him down when he gets back up.

  11. Stephanie says:

    In the beginning of this video he is holding a sloth not a seal… Slow moving jungle creature, not sea creature.

    While the video itself is not bad from an adult perspective I can see that it isn’t appropriate for young children. I have a 2 year old so I don’t quite have to monitor her viewing habits since she’s watching carebears and kid songs.

    Aerosmith’s videos and songs have never been for children audiences to begin with. I know when I was quite young I had the Aerosmith Big Ones tape but I never saw the music videos, but I never paid any attention to the dirty lyrics of the songs, nor did I look them up on the internet so until 3 days ago when I saw their Dude Looks Like a lady did I finally see how perverted Aerosmith was and still are. 😛 I was around 11-12 when I listened to them and now I’m 25, in case anyone is curious.

  12. Charliee says:

    But looking at other bands rising to success when they were, I can’t really think of any that weren’t or aren’t like that (I’m only 18 so i don’t know too many, just the more recognised bands). I think it’s an attitude and a reputation that rock music adopted, and some of today’s stuff it’s probably worse. Music is expressionism in a way, and I guess that is just what they were and are doing. I just don’t like how Steven seemed to have been singled out and ripped to shreds when there are far, far worse things to bee seen out there. He is such an inspiring person, along with the rest of the Aerosmith guys and, well everyone out there doing there thing I suppose and to still be doing it after 40 years. To be totally honest, I just did a year 12 project on selected rock artists/bands and it has definitely been an eye opener, that’s for sure, it totally changed my opinion on people like Steven and Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne and so on. I really got something out of it.

  13. Jenna says:

    Ewwww. This video is sickening to me and Steven Tyler is a pervert! If you can’t see anything wrong with this video then you have already been DESENSITIZED. That girl may be 18 or older but they are exploiting her and if you can’t see her acting like a Sex pot than the media has blinded you. I am a young woman myself and I am disgusted by these kinds of videos. If that makes me anal and old fashioned then so be it. Gross Gross Gross!! I wouldn’t be surprised if his next video features a 10 year old.

    • Andy says:

      Ha, you said it makes you anal xD

      Love him or hate him, you still wanna fuck him!

      He can do as he wishes. I’m now taking action to the childish ‘You’re only jealous!’

      Mainly because he can have anyone he wants. I have friends that are 12 that would do him (I myself am 14. I’m not some creeper adult with 11 year olds as friends and shit.)

  14. Charliee says:

    People are so judgemental.
    Oh and calling someone something they are not proven to be, is slander and I don’t think broadcasting a false statement over the web is such a smart move.
    The comment about his next video is sick and extremely exaggerated.

  15. Andy says:

    lol, wow, “Mama, this is really inappropriate.”

    If I had kids and they said something like that, I would say, “Kids, that’s fucking Steven Tyler!”

    As they would be obsessed with him, most likely xD

    And, to be blunt, judging the man on one video is pretty fucking stupid! Yeah, he’s a little older… Hell, he’s a senior citizen! But ya know he has quite a thing for the ladies.

    Haven’t you seen him flirting with the girls on the show? Yeah, he’s a sex addict, but that’s part of the reason we all love him so much!

    Don’t judge him for one thing like that, and if you’re going to be that way, just don’t be one of those people who commemorate hate openly, okay?

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