The world mocks a man in the depths of mental illness.

I am failing at my attempt to steer clear of the Charlie Sheen saga, but it’s too sad,CHarlie Sheen Video Sheens Korner scary, and odd to look away. I followed, then un-followed him on Twitter, only to find myself waking up each day to watch the Today show for the latest on Sheen’s Korner.

At first I figured Mr. Tiger Blood was just a cocky drug addict on an ego driven binge (which is nothing to laugh at) but the videos in the past two days turned a corner into something different.

Something that I recognized.

The experts are now saying he may be Bi-Polar, in the midst of a maniac episode. Seems entirely reasonable to me. The part that bothers me so much is that Sheen’s public video testimony being played out in public shows how very shallow we all are. Why do we like to watch others people’s pain? They say its because it makes us feel better about ourselves. I think that is a crock. I’d say its just pure entertainment, an escape from our bla-zay lives.

Back to the public, we are a very judgmental bunch that gets their laughs out of seeing mentally ill people aka nutjobs, lunatics, crazy, insane individuals spin out of control. How hilarious.

No doubt people are just gunning for Sheen’s downfall or death because after all he is not a ‘real’ person. He is just some celebrity with too much money, too many women, and waaayyyyy too many Twitter followers (Guinness Book of World Records? Cripes)

So, I guess  I ask that as you watch Sheen’s life play out, you start first with compassion (I am reminding myself of this as I say it to you).  Remember he is a person with feelings buried deep inside that are going to have to come out someday and its gonna be ugly.

I hope the poor guy survives. I mean really, he is somewhat talented, he’s got kids, and whether he is on drugs, bi-polar, or both this is something that should bring sadness — not entertainment to this media obsessed planet.


PS my 11 year old daughter just walked in the room and I asked her what she thought about Sheen’s situation, here is what she said;

“I think that someone should be protecting him. If he’s doing drugs or he has mental problems, its not funny.  Why is the news reporting on it? It’s like they are trying not to laugh at him while they are cover the story.”



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7 Responses to The world mocks a man in the depths of mental illness.

  1. Lissa says:

    Great post. Mental illness is definitely not something we should take lightly. I think at first everyone was just blown away by his “crazy talk” and then it got harsher and more serious and now it feels uncomfortable to watch, knowing he’s clearly on a downward spiral for all the world to see. All his self-aggrandizing seemed for show but now it doesn’t … whatever the case, he does have children and it’s sad for them because I have this sick feeling he will harm himself during one of his internet rants.

  2. KT says:

    From the mouths of babes, eh? Your daughter is wise beyond her years. I have avoided the spectacle other than swapping out his name for mine on some of his more auspicious quotes “I am on a drug – CHARLIE SHEEN”. We humans are a voracious lot. Sadly the media only gives us what we want – a voyeuristic spectacle.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi KT: My girls comments were so natural. She has been seeing the today show updates with me and she grasps the sadness of it all. One thing I am proud of is that my kids see mental and physical illness as one in the same giving me hope for the upcoming generation to be free of predudice.
      Take care

  3. mabel says:

    I started crying so bad when I saw his raw and uncensored video all maniac and losing it.I still can’t believe how down he’s gotten.It was predictable considering his history and the people he surrounds himself with yet it’s all so sad and scary.I find it hard to sit at night and not watching his comedy show,my fave btw..I just hope he gets his mind cleared before it’s too late.I don’t want him to die.I’d get so sad:'(if only he knew how much people care(those who really do)…

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