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Man, I love P!nk, new vid F**kin’ Perfect

The first I heard of P!nk’s new video was from some parenting group freaking out about it (god forbid we should show reality to the children!!!!) Ok, so here is what they have their undies in a bundle about; the … Continue reading

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Isabelle Caro’s Mother Commits Suicide

The mother of Isabelle Caro, the anorexic French model who died last year, has committed suicide according to Daily Mail. Read the full story about Isabelle here. ‘[Marie] felt guilty for having put my daughter in the Bichat Hospital. My … Continue reading

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I am not a label. Are you?

Thanks to Amanda and Elizabeth for this thought provoking image from their FB page. If you were to build a collage such as this for yourself, what would you put in it? As I looked at this, I noticed the … Continue reading

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Pro Anorexia “Hoax” — Ex Big Brother star Kenneth Tong has way too much time on his hands.

Thanks to SS for keeping me abreast of this story over the past week. I contemplated writing about this dude, but didn’t because I figured it was a waste of breath, and less publicity would make him go away faster. But todays … Continue reading

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