‘No Anorexia’ model Isabelle Caro dies at age 28

Many of you will remember Isabelle Caro, the brave model who bared all to show the true horror of anorexia.

Isabelle, the model who was told to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight.

Isabelle, the model who walked into modeling agencies and was treated as if she looked totally normal although she weighed 86 frickin’ pounds.

Isabelle, the model who posed in the billboard above to try and send a message to women that anorexia is a disease, it is not beautiful, it is in fact a killer.

Isabelle, the model I can’t stop thinking about because she reminds me so much of myself, and reminds me how smart I was to leave the industry, and reminds me how lucky I was to beat my eating disorder, and how fortunate I was to have access to treatment, and how thankful I am to have the support of my parents and husband who saw me through.

What exactly is wrong with us, the fact that we need a young woman to plaster her shriveled self on a humongous billboard towering over a city to try to make the very simple point that the modeling industry is sick?

Then, we ban the damn thing so no one can see it, continually hiding from the truth of what our society has become.

I regretfully add Isabelle to our memorial. Another lovely life lost for nothing. A person who had her entire life ahead of her but encountered the wrong influences at the wrong time in her life and paid dearly for it.

I dare you to tell me anorexia is not a social disease, in addition to a mental one.




Isabelle on The Price of Beauty with Jessica Simpson

More about Isabelle’s passing;

Isabelle lost her eating disorder battle on November at age 28 after being treated for an acute respiratory illness according to BBC News. It is not clear why news of her passing took so long to become public. Isabelle appeared in posters for an anti-anorexia campaign in 2007, but the ads were banned in several countries.  It was not clear why it took so long for her death to be made public. The anti-anorexia campaign came amid a debate among fashion circles on the use of “ultra-skinny” models on the catwalk. The AFP news agency reported her as saying at the time: “I thought this could be a chance to use my suffering to get a message across, and finally put an image on what thinness represents and the danger it leads to – which is death.”The model, who was 5ft 4in tall (1.65m) at the time of the poster campaign, reportedly weighed 32kg (five stones).Ms Caro’s acting instructor, Daniele Dubreuil-Prevot, told the Associated Press news agency that Ms Caro had died after returning to France from a job in Tokyo.She said family and close friends had held a funeral ceremony in Paris last month. Mr Bigler, who was a friend of Ms Caro, told Swiss media: “She was hospitalized for 15 days with acute respiratory disease and was recently also very tired, but I do not know the cause of her death.”

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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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  2. Morgan says:

    This is so sad, eating disorders are starting younger and younger these days. Here is an important resource for parents going through this with their children – Give Food A Chance by Dr. Julie O’Toole. Dr. O’Toole founded the Kartini Clinic in Portland OR, a treatment facility that specializes in treating teens and children with ED

  3. Anonymous says:

    My feelings about genetic factors on this illness will never change. It is so sad she died, but I strongly feel that this illness is more biologically based than it is cultural.

    Even the experts are saying that….

    • AitchCS says:

      Some people with ED cite very specific examples of cultural pressures that they say contributed to their ED. The culture is at least complicit in at least some of the cases. It is wrong to say the culture never matters to all ED.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve never said that it doesn’t contrbute. In fact, I believe it does. But I don’t believe it’s the sole cause. This comes from my experience in knowing some of the top people in NYC who treat it

        I just feel like if the modeling world and other industries where physical appearance is so highly emphasised, then why does not every model, athelete, or actress have one? Heidi Klum doesn’t, Brooke Shields didn’t…. so why is it that some people in these fields develop an ED while others- including equally famous ones, don’t?

        My experience has taught me to believe that there is a genetic component that sends one over the edge to taking it too far. For example, I was a ballet dancer for many years at a prestigious ballet academy. I too dealt with the be skinny pressure from some pretty insensitive teahers who are not as educated on ED as they are now.

        While many dancers I studied with had Ed’s, there were an equal # who did not. So how do you explain this? It is equally as ignorant to say that every person who goes into a field like modeling/dance/ acting etc will get an ED.

        I truly believe that had I never set foot in a ballet classroom, I would still have had the potentional to develop an eating disorder. Long history of of mental illness and depression substance abuse in my extended family upped my susceptibility to developing a mental illness like Anorexia. No one ever thought that was the one mental illness to get if the gene was passed on, but it was. Mental illness does not discriminate, no matter what type you have.

        Even people who may not have a history in my family like I do still get eating disorders. It is my opinion that it is more of a factor in something in the brain. Geneteics load the gun- media pulls the trigger. Everyone is so quick to attack me on my philosophy on this, but I am someone who has dealt with this illness for 24 years and is fortunate enough to have the healthcare to access some of the best and most renknowned experts on ED in the world.

        When I say what I say on here, its because I truly care but just feel not enough attention is paid to the research that demonstrates this is indeed a biological illness, over-all.

        PS- I was involved in banning the pretzle Ads. I do recognize media is not a help.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, I am not an expert, but I trust and know what they say and beleive what they say. They all believe the media feeds the issue. Everyone thinks I am anti the media is not a factor. So not true. I just think that not everyone in the media industry develops one, and what sets one apart from the other has to do with genetics. I don’t think it is fair to label every model and actress to have an eating disorder. Granted, they might need to be slimmer than the average, but this does not always mean they are starving themselves or puking in their tiolets. Why not focus on some of the more healthy looking people in the media who are not posessed by an ED? Mariska Hargitey? Halle Berry? Sandra Bullock? I know Mama V did post some positive stories in 2011, but what about focusing on some female role models who thrive and aren’t so skinny?

        • Jan says:

          Thank you for your well said statements. I agree with this totally. My daughter has a serious eating disorder. We are in the midwest with very limited access to the “best care”. It is an all encompassing situation. We have several generations of mental illness and addictions also. I believe it is the pre-requisite for the eating disorder to really gain control.

  4. Jl says:

    Wow, that could be me…

  5. Ziska says:

    It scares me every time somebody in the media dies or worse when somebody I’ve been in treatment with dies. Sometimes I wonder why them though. I wish I could take their places because somebody loves them, and I’m pretty sure nobody would miss me. I hope that’s just my disorder talking though.

    • Jan says:

      Honey, that is a lie! I don’t know your situation in the least but I can tell you immediately I knew I cared for you and wish I could show you and prove it to you. God loves you too and has a plan for your future. Stay in it and don’t quit!

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