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HELP… now!!

Knowledge is power. I support the National Eating Disorder Association, and if you are looking for help NOW they have an awesome ANONYMOUS helpline your can call to chat with someone who gets it. What do you have to lose? … Continue reading

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Reality TV: What’s eating you? on E!

Ok, the promos for this new E! show are so totally sensationalized its pathetic…but the show itself, I have mixed feelings about. First, check out the promo. The music, the images, the narrator voice — totally over the top. But … Continue reading

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Time for the Shrink

I recently made a new friend I’ll call JH who said she was ready to see her doctor but she kept chickening out. She asked me for my advice on what to say to the doctor; here’s what I had … Continue reading

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Do you pray?

I think this is the very first post I have ever written about religion. I am not sure why I have avoided the topic, but if I had to guess I would say the topic tends to be off-putting to … Continue reading

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