How about some wart remover with your mascara?!?!

As if I wasn’t paranoid enough, now I have to find out about all the cancer causing chemicals in makeup. Take a deep breath and read this pile of crap;

To date, the European Union (EU) has banned 1,100 chemicals in cosmetics; the Food and Drug Administration in America has banned only ten. Yeah, I said 10.

Hello America???!! WTF?

One of the best examples is that Cover Girl waterproof mascara contains the same ingredient (petroleum distillates, an oil by-product) as Dr. Scholl’s Wart Remover—both of which are illegal in Europe (oh, so that is why “every lash for volumized  at their boldest, rain or shine” like the commerical says!)

How lovely. But at least we LOOK good right girls?

Many of the chemicals banned in the EU—but found in FDA-approved beauty products—cause cancer, birth defects, genetic mutation, and organ damage. Why is the US regulation system so different from that of our European neighbors?

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The EU has been far more critical and demanding of its beauty product manufacturers than the United States, it seems.  EcoSalon reports that even though the 10 chemicals that the US has banned is a good thing, the States can’t prevent other countries from importing harmful products (such as mercury in bleaching creams) – things that would never see the light of day in Europe.  The contrast between the two legislative bodies that cover makeup is truly striking and is making me consider switching to the more expensive European brands. [Links]

I’m already forking over a ton of $ on organic berries for my family (3 times the cost of regular pesticide soaked variety), milk with no hormones or antibotics (in an effort to keep my kids under 7 feet tall, and my daughter from getting her period at 10), not to mention ditching the aluminum laced deodorant that can only be found in health food stores (yet scientists are finding aluminum in the lymph nodes of breast cancer patients).

With that inspiring post,  I am off to the great Northwoods for a nice vacation (while slathered in DEET which will likely cause me to grow a third eye, but what the hell, bring it on).


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8 Responses to How about some wart remover with your mascara?!?!

  1. W says:

    My comment is about “we are the real deal”: For about a week now entering the blog kicks me automatically (in few seconds) to this site: Reading the articles is impossible. I wonder has anyone else reported the same or is the problem in my end?

  2. Holly says:

    Yikes. Lovely to see our government’s still in the pockets of Big Business. I’m adding this post to an upcoming linkage post on my blog.

  3. Kat says:

    For once, I love to be German.

  4. melponeme_k says:


    I can’t wear makeup. Every time I’ve tried to, my skin would break out in horrible spots and gunk. Maybe it was in reaction to all those poison chemicals.

  5. Orlie says:

    Wooohooo! I live in EU :-)

  6. patricia says:

    I forget exactly where I heard this, but I remember it was from a reputable website – that there are these things called “rendering plants” (this is where animals that have died in animal hospitals go) and basically the bodies are cooked down to get the animals’ fat – which later appears in various cosmetic products, including moisturizers, makeup, etc. Kinda scary, right?

  7. W says:

    If someone did something to fix the problem – Thank You, today the blog (we are the real deal) was readable again.

  8. Josephinie says:

    Damnit, I love my mascara. It’s sort of like my way of expressing myself. I don’t do it to look pretty, or to rebel or whatever, believe it or not.
    Mascara just makes me happy. Is that a bad thing?

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