Fashion Freak ‘O The Week

Trust me, I have many embarrassing images from my modeling days (the worst being when a cokehead “artist” shot an image of me in a black cape, soaking wet, with eyes pitched wide open and evil like some sort a witch kid).

BUT, it wasn’t quite as bad as this, um, fashion statement?

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Source: Jezebel

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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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3 Responses to Fashion Freak ‘O The Week

  1. amanda says:

    this makes me laugh!!!
    perhaps some idiot attempting to be “avant garde” like Lady Gaga???
    Jeeeeeeeezuz, who knows???

  2. Kat says:

    bwahahahahaha. 😀

  3. Tracey Z says:

    What, you mean you don’t fo this? I, um, WEAR, my bags like this all the time. Keeps my hands free for MORE SHOPPING!!!

    The “avante garde” photog who thought of this should be tarred and feathered and forced to be featured that way in a photographic ad campaign.

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