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I love to find hidden blogs, those focused on body image and eating disorders, they are like little gems just waiting to be discovered. I found Patricia,  the blogger of Beutiful, because she posted on a comment here about her … Continue reading

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Guys with eating disorders….lost in the shuffle.

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Perez Hilton’s Pro-Ana shirt replaced with a totally cheesy, fake, lame version.

This Jezebel story about Perez Hilton typical of a blogger with no integrity what-so-ever…or so I thought. Perez was found to be  promoting pro-ana merchandise on his site. But after being called out on it, the shirt didn’t disappear, it … Continue reading

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What in god’s name is Bergdorf Goodman thinking?

This is a picture from Bergdorf Goodman‘s website. They depict the 19-year-old model Inna Pilipenko in clothing from Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s brand  The Row. This is sick ok? Not sexy. Not pretty. Not anything but totally sick.

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Urban Outfitters T-Shirt promotes Pro-Ana Movement

It seems “eating less” is cool these days according to Urban Outfitters. I guess it’s their hip and trendy response to the whole “obesity crisis” but perhaps they should ponder the repercussions of placing this shirt in their stores modeled … Continue reading

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Fashion Freak ‘O The Week

Trust me, I have many embarrassing images from my modeling days (the worst being when a cokehead “artist” shot an image of me in a black cape, soaking wet, with eyes pitched wide open and evil like some sort a … Continue reading

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