Lady Gaga Makes Hilarous Eating Disorder Joke

When Lady Gaga was recently asked by the magazine if there’s anything special she does to maintain her figure, other than dancing a lot and possibly hitting the gym as well every once in a while,  Gaga’s answer was as blunt as it is potentially upsetting for the fans who look up to her.

“It’s all about starvation! Pop stars don’t eat.”

Now coming from Lady Gaga, I figure her comment was a “joke,” but we all know that eating disorders are no joke, so this really ticks me off. Further, commentary from celebrity sites stating “she’s not exactly a size zero” adds fuel to the fire, again since one does not need to be thin to have an eating disorder.


Since the lame-o coment, Lady Gaga has dismissed rumours she’s suffering from an eating disorder – putting her recent weight loss down to her busy schedule.

The singer has sparked fears for her health in recent months after a string of problems during her Monster Ball tour, including passing out on stage in New Zealand and cancelling shows after she was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat in January.

And Gaga’s increasingly slender frame led to concerns she is in the grip of an eating disorder, but the Poker Face hitmaker is adamant she doesn’t have a problem with food – she just can’t find time to sit down for proper meals.

She tells Britain’s The Times, “My schedule is such that I don’t get very much time to eat. But I certainly don’t have an eating problem.”

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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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16 Responses to Lady Gaga Makes Hilarous Eating Disorder Joke

  1. Shalace says:

    This is completely stupid. I’ll give this dimwit the benefit of the doubt on whether she does or does not have an ED, but the “I just don’t have time to eat” statement IS a problem! Lady GaGa needs to get a grip and hire someone to look after her well being. She obviously can’t do it herself anymore.

  2. Patricia says:

    This is awful! She has so many people looking up to her and she is so influential. I wish people who are in positions of power would think about what they impact of their messages before they speak! It is like Kate Moss when she said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!” That was HORRIFYING!

  3. Jena says:

    Grow a sence of humor!
    this is just like something I would say, and yes I have AN.

    Comment above me, she’s a person, people make mistakes and say stupid things.
    People need to learn to stop holding celebs to stupidly high standeds

  4. amber says:

    i don’t really see anything wrong with her comment but if she was anorexic that would really piss me off, she was so beautiful when she came onto the scene, and so different. i don’t want to lose that.

  5. Gaga fan says:

    she is being sarcastic cuz of the dumb question

  6. Jamie says:

    Well, assuming she was serious, at least she has the guts to just straight out say it! Why should she lie and over it up and preach about healthy weight loss. Oh wait, I know. So all her adoring fans won’t go and starve themselves now. But seriously, it’s not like “normal” people don’t ever come to the conclusions that stars sometimes don’t eat!

    Anyway, I think it was kind of sarcastic.

  7. dot says:

    dude i wish people would take responsibility for their own behavior… i love lady gaga and im not starving myself. i wish people would stop trying to be like celebrities and actually get on with real life.

    • Valerie says:

      Being responsible for your own behavior and being impressionable are two completely different things. Yes, people should own up to their actions but that doesn’t take away the fact that we are highly influenced by others, celebs or not. While I assumed that she was being sarcastic and wasn’t seriously offended by the comment, others might take it seriously. She should have chosen her words more wisely .

  8. shyanne says:

    I’m pissed off because eating disorders aren’t a joke. They’re mental diseases and they ruin your life. Sarcasm or not, nobody has the right to say that, no matter if you’re a celebrity or not. It’s bullshit. Until you’ve suffered from an ed, shut your fucking mouth. You have no clue what it’s like. It’s not about just insecure girls wanting to lose weight you cunts. It isn’t a choice, it’s fucking horrible and it takes over your mind and your life and then eventually it just takes your life away altogether. This offends me greatly because I would give anything not to be this way. Anorexia IS NOT ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT so her comment was just totally ignorant. But it’s just like people like her to do that. Anorexia is a coping mechanism, it’s like smoking cigarettes, it is a goddamn addiction that should never, ever, ever be joked about! What pisses me off is the way she acts like anorexia is about weight loss and food when in actuality it has LITTLE to do with that!

    • Madeline says:

      “Anorexia IS NOT ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT” It isn’t, but she didn’t say it was. She just said she was so skinny because she didn’t eat. It was obviously sarcasim and supposed to be a joke (Probably because she was asked a dumb qesution in the first place) but yeah, that wasn’t a great response.

  9. LMC says:

    After reading all the nasty comments I decided to do some searching and came across an article which tells of how an actor in one of her music videos said some really horrible things about her weight. According to the article she overheard or was told by someone else and she was very upset. I have heard her say in interviews before that she is still so insecure in so many ways due to being bullied in school by a group of girls that weighed 30 pounds less than she did and made her feel really bad about herself. I think she incredibly inspiring and teaches her fans to love themselves the way they are especially with ‘Born This Way’. I think all the mean comments are being made based only on what is at the top of this page.

  10. LMC says:

    Also Lady Gaga is probably the right size, weight to height ratio. She apparently stands at about 5ft or 5ft 1″ shes very petite.

    • Siobhan C. Reardon says:

      Her comment is clearly ironic: she states the obvious (it’s true enough, starvation IS what many female pop stars do these days to “maintain their figures”), which is shocking because the obvious and true response in this case is taboo. Unfortunately, adolescents, her primary demographic, tend to lack the ability to grasp more subtle forms of humor. (Alas, so are many adults — as is evident by the acrimony provoked here, as elsewhere, by her flippant remarks.)

      There is always endless speculation in the media about whether celebrity X, Y, or Z is anorexic. It’s pandering to the paparazzi. Maybe if we collectively stopped scrutinizing every image of celebrities’ bodies under a microscope, they would be less self-conscious and thus possibly less inclined to resort to extreme and unhealthy measures of controlling their weight.

  11. al12 says:

    Look guys i’m no hater i love Gaga and will be a lil monster forever. I never quite understood why she ever said such a thing about not eating. Maybe it’s true, but i doubt it is ENTIRELY. My best guess is that Gaga’s resentful that extreme thinness is what’s expected of female hollywood celebrities nowadays and therefore was upset when asked the question about her diet/ weight. Otherwise, I’m kinda flustered by her comment and it was a rly awful thing to say cause her young fans take her seriously. I’ve nvr had an ED but Gaga’s body/ her comments about food rly have turned me off i just force myself to eat and then instantly regret it.

  12. Charliee says:

    Also I don’t know if you heard or not but Gaga just confessed she suffered from Bulimia in high school. She had to make herself stop to save her voice, the acid from throwing up all the time was bad for her vocal cords.

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