Sign This Petition So Our Kids Don’t Have To Eat Total Crap In School

It takes two seconds, please, please, please!

Check out the video — I STAR IN IT!! (well, kinda). I am in it for about 1 second in the beginning, but then I am the very last person shown…I discovered this totally randomly. :)

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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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2 Responses to Sign This Petition So Our Kids Don’t Have To Eat Total Crap In School

  1. Amanda says:

    So pleased you’ve seen this MamaV
    jamie Oliver has rocked the governments socks with his 1. Vision
    2. Actually applied this to government schools in the uk
    as a trial
    he’s just AMAZING however some schools have taken this a tad too far and are confiscating “stupid” items from kids lunchboxes…eg: a heathy cheese sandwich as it lacked tomatoe or lettuce???
    Pleased you’ve made an impression

  2. Charlin says:

    I think this is great.. Im a freshman in High School and some of the food choices we have are terrible. I mean we have healthy choices to but there is by far more junk food than health. However the same is not true in elementary or Jr. High. I know even in Elementary schoool I refused to eat the crap they served.. I always wanted to take a lunch and if my mom didnt make me one I would not eat and that creates a whole different problem because the adults would question why I didnt eat, when I answered I didnt like what was served and I didnt bring a lunch, my mom would be called and ohhhhh boy.. I wont go into what that caused…. I hope this not only gets the crap out of the schools but also will help kids that may have issues with food be able to eat something health instead of nothing at all..

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