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Hi Girls! I have to apologize for the issues that have occurred on the blog. I moved to a new blog platform and as a result several things broke, which took me forever to fix! Anyway, I welcome you back to the blog and open forum, I miss reading your discussions and comments — and I hope you miss the posts.

Also, since I launched the other blog (WeAreTheRealDeal) in July 2009, my focus shifted to get the thing off the ground, and as a result mamaV blog suffered. I am so sorry for this and you have my commitment that I am back in action! This time period made me realize how dedicated I am to eating disorders, and to helping those of you struggling.

mamaVISION has always been an active, fun, interesting, helpful resource and I am dedicated to keeping it that way. Here’s what I need from you:

1) Post ideas – what do you want to discuss?

2) Tips – send me any news tips you think are relevant, I try to post them fast

3) Friends – let friends know about this resource, many girls log on anonymously so I am not able to include them on this email message.

4) Truth – tell me what you like and don’t like about the blog, I want to hear it.

5) Sign up for the RSS feed, of course this broke too so you are likely not receiving updates from me.

I hope you are all well, talk to you soon!

About mamaV

Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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5 Responses to Back on track

  1. mamaV says:

    Just making sure the darn comments are working!!! If you experience any problems email me direct at

  2. Christine says:

    wondered what happened. glad you are back.

    here’s a topic for discussion:
    I went on meds about 11 years ago and went through a succession of them, finally about 9 years ago starting one that worked. then I had to switch when I developed a tremor and it turned out all the SNRI (serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) had the same neurologic effect so…I took myself off medicine altogether.

    I had not had major trouble with my ED for years but a couple weeks off meds and I was back in a bad place.

    so I’m curious, how have others done on meds?

    I’m kind of back where I started, on Zoloft of all things. it doesn’t work as well as the SNRIs but I also don’t feel like I want to crawl out of my skin, so I’m okay.

  3. Stacy says:

    Oh man, I´ve had lots of experience with meds! Unfortunately, the SNRIs are the ones that have helped me the most. I say ¨unfortunately¨ because they´re so hard to take…if I go 24.5 hours without taking one, I get the ¨brain shivers.¨ Anyone who has taken these meds will know what I´m talking about and anyone who hasn´t should feel lucky. I have also dealt with major weight gain on meds, which is obviously not easy for someone in recovery from an ED. But if you remain diligent about (healthy) exercise, and eat your fruits and veggies, you can control it without falling back into ED patterns (easy? no. possible? yes.) I was on Seroquel for a while because I can stay awake for days on end without sleep meds, but it made me crave carbs to the point that I could have lived on bread and cookies (and sometimes did.) But I would much rather deal with a bit of weight gain than suicidal depression; at least this way I can leave the house and have a life!

    I recently tried to go off Cymbalta, because I was apparently smoking some crack I didn´t know about, and it was HELL. Total and complete hell. I was fine for about a week, and then I woke up one morning (really, it was that sudden) feeling like I wanted to kill myself. I went back on it immediately but I still spent a couple of weeks lying in bed crying. I´m starting to feel normal again now, thank goodness. I don´t like facing the fact that recovery from EDs and mental illness is a lifelong thing that requires constant diligence and self-care, but I also don´t like being anorexic and bulimic! It´s all a tradeoff, really.

  4. Nats says:

    im on meds for my BPD issues and they have lead to a little weight again as I have to take them with food, if I dont take them with food then they have a weird reaction to them and I go off the rails even more. Meds for me have saved me, in more than one way and if I stopped taking them now, well lets just say I would be right back where I started like when I first came to this blog.


  5. .C. says:


    I never did reply to your email, but I got it. I am so DELIGHTED to see you back here! I honestly didn’t think it would happen, but you are totally making it happen right now. I am so happy, I think you are making a great choice focusing on your blog. There are so many body image blogs out there, and while WATRD is great because it incorporates lots of different posters, your personal blog is different. There are very few good anti-ED blogs out there.

    As for discussion, why don’t you start up a discussion about the difference between pro-ana and someone who has anorexia but does not want to? Personally, I think even the pro-ana ones are very unhappy with their lifestyle, and that it’s a fine line between uncontrollable anorexia and proana. I’d love to hear people’s opinions!


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