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I have an eating disorder, and my parents tell me I am a burden.

You are no burden. Ever, ever, ever. Parents who say this are not doing their JOB. A parents job is to protect you, support you, LISTEN to you, and give all their love and concern to you so you can … Continue reading

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Abuse by eating disorder therapists? Please tell me no.

I am playing investigative reporter and I need your help. There is a high profile eating disorder treatment center in the Midwest where it is rumored their therapists are abusing patients by not following their code of ethics. When I … Continue reading

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Anorexia, the lifestyle. Yes, I am dead serious

WARNING: I DO NOT DO TRIGGER WARNINGS. For 4 years I have been attempting to educate the public, parents, mental health professionals and anyone else that will listen about pro-anorexia. Pro-anorexia is the belief that “anorexia is a lifestyle.” Google … Continue reading

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Back on track

Hi Girls! I have to apologize for the issues that have occurred on the blog. I moved to a new blog platform and as a result several things broke, which took me forever to fix! Anyway, I welcome you back … Continue reading

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Dana, the 8 year old anorexic

Most of you probably heard about this young girl last year, Dana, the 8 year old struggling with an anorexia. I stumbled upon this documentary style video about her and I wanted to share it for comments and thought. Why … Continue reading

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Find help for your eating disorder, talk to someone!

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Check out the real Britney Spears, cellulite and all.

Say what you will about Britney Spears, but I gotta tell ya, she earned some of my respect back with this brave photo shoot reported by Daily Mail.  The 29 year old pop-star allowed her body to be photographed without … Continue reading

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Medication and Eating Disorders: Should you try em’?

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How did you recover from your eating disorder?

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Quote of the day

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Kara DioGuardi recovered from binge eating disorder?

Kara DioGuardi, the American Idol judge, recently revealed she suffered from binge eating disorder, a condition that is finally being recognized by the DSM-IV as an “official” eating disorder (the press has coined it the “new” eating disorder, which is … Continue reading

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