Gotta see this – Jessica Simpson The Price of Beauty

Hi Gang: Check out Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty, new show on VH1 — BUT fast forward to section two to see her interview with the anorexic model who posed in the billboard below.

If this doesn’t make you cry, or be scared, or feel something, not sure what will.


PS if you try post and comment and it does not work, let me know, having trouble with this lately!

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Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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  1. Lis says:

    I’ve been following Isabelle Caro’s story for a while now, and I was very impressed to see Jessica Simpson feature her on her new show. I was excited about the show to begin with, because of the concept itself, but also how it was being presented by Simpson, a celebrity most people would never expect to tackle such serious and sensitive matters.

    I thought the segment was a bit short…I would have liked to have seen and heard even more about Caro’s journey, but I applaud Jessica for the piece. It was very moving, and very sad. Isabelle Caro has such courage.

    • mamav says:

      Hi Lis: I agree, I wanted to hear more, it didn’t quite go deep enough. I was taken back though at the expression on Jessica’s face, she was obviously so taken back by her appearance and it seemed to really make her emotional.

      Thanks for stating Isabelle Caro’s name – I was in a rush to post this, and I didn’t have time to grab it. I will add it to the post now.
      Take care!

  2. Nickkei says:

    I saw this yesterday and right when I saw the pictures of the girl she showed to Jessica I remembered seeing them on here. I was very interested in hearing about her story, but she didn’t go into much detail. I had to watch that part with her twice because I was so taken back by her appearance. I’m glad she’s taking steps to bring awareness to EDs.

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