Tiger Woods: The scumbag from hell.

Porn Star & Tiger Woods Mistress #6?

Why do I give a rip about Tiger Woods? The whole thing bugs the hell out of me. I’m not a golfer, or a fan of the guy, but he represents someone who appeared to be a class act. To find out he is a sleaze ball is just flat-out disappointing (today reports are out linking him to a porn star, good god.


As I watched the story on the news with my 9-year-old daughter, she immediately looked up at me and said;

“Mama, I thought Tiger was a good guy.”  Of which I responded “I did too. As did the rest of the world.”

From there we went on to talk about how there are role models in our culture

If a guy you like takes a picture like this of himself - run for your life.

who live vastly different lives than we do. Lives surrounded by incredible wealth, fueled by fame, ego and plain greed. I have told her a few of my Paris stories (toned down versions) in an effort to help her be what I call “street smart,” and to know within herself her integrity is EVERYTHING.


We went on to talk about Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren. A woman who obviously stayed with a cheating husband, even while pregnant, and was reportedly renegotiating her pre-nup to up the ante a few million as long as she stays with the scumbag


Perhaps she is going to take her $5M from the prenup and run. Wouldn’t it be just awesome if Elin called a press conference and said;

“I’m leaving with my kids, my $5M, and my dignity. Tiger can stick the rest of his money where the sun doesn’t shine, and  try to get out of this mess he created for himself. He now is free to share his boatloads of money and bed with the multiple bimbo queens who are continuing to come out of the woodwork. My life has already moved on.

Damn! Why doesn’t any woman of this celebrity do this?? Has there been one that I am not thinking of?

It kills me. We need to stand up for ourselves. I for one would never, ever stand for this crap. Infidelity = ByeBye


And here is my other take way from this horrible situation — perhaps the most relevant for this audience (and before you freak about me calling them “bimbos” read the type of stuff being released to the media. Hint: sexting , lack of condom usage, and descriptions of his “well endowed anatomy. Does it get any TACKIER than this?).


All of these women are downright gorgeous, with “perfect” bodies many would die for.  Even they get cheated on. Their perfect bodies do not bring them love. Their beauty is not a shield that protects them from experiencing hurt, shame, and flat-out crushes to their self-esteem.

Remember this the next time you glance at a woman who appears to “have it all.” It’s a facade, so stop your admiration and wishful thinking that you too will have that thin body someday, and then everything will be sunshine and rainbows.

Your missing the point of life.

While the moments slip you by, you are stuck on the size of your thighs.

It’s nothing but a crock-o-shit,


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