Ana-Rexia Costume: Making fun of a deadly mental illness is fun!

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6 Responses to Ana-Rexia Costume: Making fun of a deadly mental illness is fun!

  1. anonymous says:

    This is outrageous. While I don’t find myself these days triggered by pictures of pro-ana websites- just cause I’ve risen above it, I still feel that those kinds of images should not be reposted on anti eating disorder blogs.

    Advertising a costume promoting anorexia to make money off of it- now that is a problem. It doesn’t trigger me not eating, but it sure as hell will trigger fingers to key board to that manufacturer.

    Having worked for a major publishing house in Manhattan with a background in fashion advertising, etc… and yes- all with an ED- (Praise Jesus I don’t work in that industry anymore) there are certain things that just having been in the business while I think are unacceptable and ridiculous may never change, so I just learned to separate that I can not make sense of the warped screwed up ideals in our society.

    I have bigger fish to fry- ME. Not some stupid magazine feeding my head with what I should look like-this is why I discourage you from drawing so much attention to this kind of thing because you don’t know who is reading your site and specifically what age they are, and if they are not far along enough in recovery they can use those images to further destruct.

    Yes, I know they know they can find them anywhere if they look, but to post them on a pro-recovery website-I still take issue with that, because I think it’s hypocritical to what I believe you are trying to deliver as a positive message to encourage people to get well.

    But this hoopla… this- I agree with you on. Making a charicature of a very serious illness to make cash on a 1x a year Holiday for their own selfish and insenstive gain needs to be bitch slapped. It is so NOT FUNNY and I am with you on this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not so outrageous. The only people who see it as so are, well, unfortunately us. I am outraged. Why? Because I was/am (to most people’s standards) anorexic. So yeah, we see it for what it is. A disease that steals our happiness, our relationships, that takes everything we ever cared about away from us. But from those that haven’t experienced it, they see none of that. They see a humorous pun, and nothing more than that. So yeah, it is outrageous but to no one but us. And I do wish I was wrong, but from both sides, I know I’m not.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anon to Anon- I do agree with you that it is a sick gimmick and advertising’s idea of a humorous pun- but I 1,000 % DISAGREE with you that Anorexics are the only ones who see this costume as completely inappropriate.

    I have struggled with anorexia for 22 years, and am doing quite well now, but if I never had an eating disorder, there is no way in hells bells I would find this costume APPROPRIATE. EVER. You are wrong, here. Anorexia is a serious illness- one that many people, like my friends and treatment team take very, very seriously. I am sure Mama V would not want her daughter going out in a costume like this… whether she had an eating disorder at one point or not. A large portion of my friends do not have eating disorders. Their objection to this costume is as high as mine. It is outrageous and cruel on all levels to make a public mockery of a deadly illness, and any person who has ummm… Hello??? COMMON SENSE, cans see the logic in this… except you.

    Sorry, but to say that no non eating disorderd people would not find this funny is a very ignorant comment, in my opinion

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, I over stated by saying no people. There are a lot of people without eating disorders who find it just as disturbing. But I guarantee you more than you would like to accept find nothing wrong with it. I go to a University that has a t-shirt saying “our coach beat anorexia” because he is overweight. That is making a mockery of two deadly illnesses and I see that shirt nearly every day. A lot of people don’t see it as a deadly illness because of how uneducated main stream society is when it comes to eating disorders. So, yes it is common sense to say this costume is inappropriate BUT in reality common sense doesn’t always prevail.

  5. anonymous says:

    Clearly- I get your point, I know a lot of people don’t see it as deadly- Insurance companies and the dumb fucks who came up with this absurd idea in the first place. Excuse my Francois and if I came across as harsh earliar, but endorsement and acceptence of this costume makes my blood boil. I hope that with the strides of congress and the Freed act, our society can become more educated on the dangers of ED, especially after many tragic stories I have read this past week of people who lost their lives to them.

    A coach wearing that shirt… I’d march my ass into the deans office and tell him I think it’s inappropriate and offensive- particulary when eating disorders afflict many college students. There are some cases when free speech is over-rated. I bet if someone on the faculty wore a T-shirt that said Hitler rules, all hell would break lose. That must be awful. Speak up!

  6. karnii says:

    i’m sorry but i find that costume extremely offensive. are you really condoning it?

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