Ralph Lauren to model: Hit The Road Fatty

Flippa Hamilton: fake version left, real version right 

Former Ralph Lauren model Flippa Hamilton dumped for being too fat. Fake Flippa left, Real Flippa right

UPDATE: 10/15  Another incriminating photo exposes Laurens idiocy –more here 

Not such a Happy 70th Birthday for you today,  huh Ralph-ie?

Earlier this week, Lauren’s freaky-science-fiction like ad campaign featuring an oddly altered image of model Flippa Hamilton surfaced. BoingBoing said it best stating Hamilton’s “head is bigger than her pelvis (dude).”

Now the model herself has come forward to say she was fired for being “too fat.”


Standing 5′10, weighing 120, she is actually borderline anorexic (and in order to play with the cool kids in the modeling world — that’s not cuttin’ it). Hamilton is angry about the false image of herself created by Lauren & Friends, someone she considered to be “like family” as she stated on the Today Show this morning (mistake #1).

“I was shocked to see that super skinny girl with my face,” she told the Daily News. “It’s very sad, I think, that Ralph Lauren could do something like that.”


DEAD: Ana Reston 22, lived on "diet coke and lettuce" to fit designer requirements 

DEAD: Ana Reston discovered at 14, dead at 22. Anorexia induced kidney failure took her life, a”shock” to the fashion industry who had no idea she had an eating disorder. At time of death Ana weighed 88 pounds.



1) Designers such as Lauren have no loyalty. As a model, you must fit the pants or get the hell out of dodge. Period. (BTW – the pants are size 4)

2) Don’t kid yourself that the designers, your agent, or anyone else associated with fashion give two shits about you, your health, or well being. Your title is “model” for a reason –you are a mannequin. A nameless, emotionless figure that needs to keep it zipped, paste on a smile,  and suck it in —while remaining perky at all times.

3) The general public has no idea, nor do most care, what some  models go through to appear on the highly desired campaign of a top fashion designers. They purge, starve, and have near death experiences just for the chance to be the chosen one (and the world yawns).

DEAD: Luisel Ramos, 22, walks off runway, has heart attack, show goes on.
DEAD: Luisel Ramos, 22, walks off runway, has heart attack, show goes on.

4) Lauren is not sorry for this “mistake.” He is irritated — ticked off that his incompetent staff shaved off a few too many inches off the thighs, which made him look like a boob.

He, like the dreaded Uncle Carl himself, are sitting around thinking “its just a bunch of fat mummies that don’t like the close-to-death-look of today’s models.”

5) Am I being crass in this post? Hell yes. Am I exaggerating? You be the judge after looking at the young lives lost on this page.

I am sick, sick, sick of reading the same story over and over and over — then writingabout the same story over and over and over –only to discover NOTHING CHANGES. There are times I think we are on the brink of some sort of miniscule change, then we back step.

DEAD: Eliana Ramos, 6 months after her sister Luisel shown above. She tried surviving on "diet coke & lettuce" to fit fashion industry requirements. 

DEAD: Eliana Ramos, dies 6 months after her sister Luisel (shown above). She tried surviving on “diet coke & lettuce” to fit fashion industry requirements.

But we will carry on. Reporting these atrocities, in hopes that we, and our daughters, and our daughter’s daughters will live to see magazines filled with real images, of real women, with real bodies, enjoying real lives.


Hila Elmich dies of anorexia 

DEAD: Former model Hila Elmich dies of anorexia in the arms of fashion photographer, friend Adi Barkan weighing only 60 pounds

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