mamaV's gone retro and more!

Howdy! A little blog reconstruction going on here so don’t freak. I’ll be working on a new look and feel so you’ll see continual changes, but in the meantime you’ll see my old header and navigation.


Fall 2006 First header image, what a youngster!

Picture 9OPEN FORUM!

In the meantime, how about we bring back the open forum? For those of you who are new, the open forum was just an open post where we all chatted about whatever, whenever, and we ended up making a lot of friends. No rules, just talk — go here to check it out.





You may also want to check out this interesting convo going on at WATRD about “triggers” since this has been a topic of debate here for a long time. Over the years, I have wavered back and forth — should I post trigger warnings? but everything is a trigger! how can I try not to trigger in posts?

At the end of the day I always came back to this stance; Life is a trigger. A major part of recovery is taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. Only you know when you are able to do this, and visiting this blog is a choice. A choice you need to be ready for, so if you find it only to be an unhealthy trigger, perhaps this is not where you need to be right now.


I have to thank you guys for letting me be me.

On WATRD, I am constantly having commenters trying me how to write my blog posts, what I wrote wrong,  how I’m a total a-hole, and my grammar sucks, etc, etc, etc. I gotta say it is soooooo frickin’ tired.

The community is really mixed (not all people with EDs). It includes Fat Acceptance supporters (not totally my gig), and Health At Any Size or HAES supporters (totally my gig), Diet Lifers (ahhh, not so much), and everyone in between. The entire point of putting together the blog was to mix up all women, from all walks of life, with all sorts of body image issues — and see what happens.

Well, I got my answer. Way too much emotion (myself included).

Picture 12DON’T SAY THIN PRIVILEGE (unless you want to be pounded into the sand)

But — the exciting part is we are delving into all sorts of topics that I don’t see happening anywhere else, so that is awesome, and leading somewhere I believe. This was the whopper that blew the roof off the place, affectionately known as “JellyGate” which I am PROUD of and stand by what I said.

Here is the long, insane story short — I wrote a sarcastic email response to the commenter named “Jelly”that said;

Why would anyone listen to people who “fit the mold” talking about body image issues??? So you sometimes worry about not being cute or thin enough–whoop dee-doo. Or you feel “compassion” for those less fortunate than you. What your doing is audacious and condescending.

Needless to day, I flipped my wig (and I’ll do it again if anyone even attempts to insinuate that a woman who appears on the outside to “fit the mold” does not deserve to express her feelings about her body image). Further, I will not allow any “ranking” of feelings, (ie overweight person should be shown more compassion that an ED patient of normal and/or under weight).

This attitude and belief system has a fancy name called “Thin Privilege,” a topic that I have heard just about enough of, but not until I had my say on it and the community lashed out over 300 comments on the matter. Ahhh, so that has been my last couple of months. Different.

I am thinkin only me and Mrs. B will remember this image, I had a t-shirt with it and wore it until it was practically see through.

I am thinking only me and Mrs. B will remember this image, I had a t-shirt with it and wore it until it was practically see through.

Enough babbling for the day, keep on truckin’ girls!

Love ya,



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2 Responses to mamaV's gone retro and more!

  1. Cassie says:

    i just wanted to say that i really love your blog and this month is love your body month (i think it should be year-round)…anyhoo, let’s celebrate! spread the word :)

  2. Nats says:

    The first Photo you ever had on here mv was the one that I thought was the best one! and then you went and changed it :(

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