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Hi Gang! Here’s a few links to a few of the discussions I have been leading at WeAreTheRealDeal (don’t worry, I won’t neglect mamaVISION forever—I just need a solid hiatus to get me back on fire!)

I miss you all!

PS I got an email to do an interview for BBC, could be fun if I don’t have to get up at 3am!! I’ll keep you posted.

“Dude, her head is bigger than her pelvis.”

Why yes it is…check out Fashion Plate Ralph Lauren is attempting to sue BoingBoing for….give me a break Ralphie, hang it up will ya?! More here



Beauty is not about how skinny you can be.

Magazine with no models? C’mon.
German models are sent packing! 

Yesterday, the country’s most popular women’s magazine announced that it’s banning professional models in favor of real people — what a concept.

Get the full scoop!



Thin Privilege? Spare me.

This topic created a big hairy mess, caused me to start to moderate (which I absolutely hate), but the discussion got way, way out of hand.

The just? Fat Acceptance bloggers ranking feelings about body image, with comments such as “You don’t think you are cute enough or thin enough? Well whoop-de-do!”

Needless to say, I flipped my wig — latest saga still churning here.

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