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Ana-Rexia Costume: Making fun of a deadly mental illness is fun!

Sorry, but the Ana-Rexia Costume you wanted is out of stock! READ MORE HERE….

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So, your mom is a dieter. Her issue – not yours.

There’s a lot of things I think of but I don’t post because I always try to add an image, add links, etc., etc. etc. Problem is that takes time, which I don’t have a lot of , and I … Continue reading

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Get your butt off that scale – NOW!

How often do you weigh yourself? Daily? Weekly? Never step off the scale?? Not good.

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Second poster from Lauren features impossibly thin model

SITE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION…YOU MAY SEE WACKED OUT PAGES A poster of a second impossibly thin Ralph Lauren model has emerged in Sydney, landing the exclusive fashion house in more hot water. See first disaster here. The blogging website Photoshop Disasters … Continue reading

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Ralph Lauren to model: Hit The Road Fatty

  Former Ralph Lauren model Flippa Hamilton dumped for being too fat. Fake Flippa left, Real Flippa right UPDATE: 10/15  Another incriminating photo exposes Laurens idiocy –more here  Not such a Happy 70th Birthday for you today,  huh Ralph-ie? Earlier … Continue reading

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mamaV's gone retro and more!

Howdy! A little blog reconstruction going on here so don’t freak. I’ll be working on a new look and feel so you’ll see continual changes, but in the meantime you’ll see my old header and navigation. OPEN FORUM! In the … Continue reading

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Quick Links to hot stories!

Hi Gang! Here’s a few links to a few of the discussions I have been leading at WeAreTheRealDeal (don’t worry, I won’t neglect mamaVISION forever—I just need a solid hiatus to get me back on fire!) I miss you all! … Continue reading

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