You have never seen anything like this in a fashion magazine!

Holy crap —its real live cellulite in lights!

Crystal Renn is an extremely successful plus size model, who has been featured in every fashion rag out there, but the May 2009 of Harper’s Bazaar marked her first editorial in an Australian
high fashion magazine.

"What is truly spectacular about this editorial is that they have highlighted
Crystal Renn’s curves. Not skimmed, not flattered, but HIGHLIGHTED. It’s
freakin’ amazing," according to Corpulent

And there's more! According to Jezebel, there will be more normal women featured in the fall issues of Glamour magazine after the frenzy over this picture knocked the editors into reality.

As for the brainwashing of American women, Kate Harding said it best;

"People, I have written half a book about body image, including a chapter on
media bullshit, and countless posts about how Photoshop turns uncommonly
beautiful women into inhumanly beautiful women. Yet until I saw that picture, it
seriously never dawned on me that Crystal Renn might have lumpy thighs in real
life. That's how powerful the brainwashing is."

Something interesting to think about huh?
Enjoy your long weekend!

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13 Responses to You have never seen anything like this in a fashion magazine!

  1. Julie says:

    Gosh – I can’t stop looking at that photo. One would think I’d never seen cellulite before, but I certainly haven’t on the pages of a magazine. She looks amazing.

  2. Hillary says:

    I feel like a lot of women are going to say something along the lines of “seeing this picture doesn’t make me more comfortable about my cellulite, in fact it makes me more disgusted with my own.” But that’s to be expected. Racism wasn’t overcome in a hot second. Neither will this be. More things like this need to be shown and seen and loved and taught that what we think is beautiful right now is not the only thing that’s beautiful. And if it makes it rough on the generation to see this and say “that’s disgusting I hate myself,” it’s completely worth it because it will positively affect the future generations.
    If my rambling made sense.

  3. says:


  4. Amber says:

    I better brace myself for all the bashing about to get, but making cellulite more common is not making it more attractive. Also, pulse sized models aren’t the only ones with lumpy thighs, lets see a normal or even thin girl let you peek at her untouched photos. Anyways, Hillary i do agree. This is a start- i believe we need to move on the the normal women, and give everybody equal opportunity.

  5. Hillary says:

    Simply making it more common certainly won’t make it more attractive, no. But it will certainly help. People are generally most comfortable with their faces above all other parts of their body, because that’s what they see the most. If by making things like this more common and visible, we can come to realize that having cellulite doesn’t make us “disgusting,” “ugly,” or “freaks,” then in time we can accept it and love ourselves and each other for it, in spite of it- whatever.
    Everyone keeps making quips because the past few posts have had “plus-sized” models, and they want “normal” people. But unfortunately in the modeling world, our normal is their plus-sized. Don’t be misled by the term.

  6. anon says:

    she looks DISGUSTING

  7. Hillary says:

    Like I said.

  8. MCP says:

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be photgraphed with your flaws. To each their own. I approve of promoting healthy body weight and image, but, as I have stated many times, it is my very strong opinion that while they certainly don’t help our diet obsessed society, pictures of people too thin, people too heavy, or people who are just plain normal will not make a difference of someone who is sick with an eating disorder, nor does the media cause them. Genetics load the gun and while media can fuel the fire, I believe Anorexia and Bulimia are biological

  9. Mel Amber says:

    Really? Biolgical?? I would like to hear more about this thoery.
    I have struggled with an ED for many years, yet NO ONE in my family *that i know of* has….

  10. MCP says:

    I am not a professional- I can not say that this theory is accepted by all. What I was trying to say, based on the numerous experts I have seen and leaned toward for advice is that mental illness can manifest itself in many different ways, but generally, it runs in the family.
    My extended family has a shit load of a long history of alcoholism, drug abuse and depression with extended relatives. I never had a problem with either, but I did end up with an eating disorder.
    An eating disorder is an additction like any other- no relative has to have one to make you have one, but addiction can take many forms is my point. When mental illness runs in a family, you are immediately at risk.
    I would suggest you read up on studies by Dr. Evelyn Attia, and Dr. Timothy Walsh- reknonwed eating disorder experts at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital who dedicate their careers to understanding of eating disorders.

  11. fracas says:

    Hi there, I’ve found you again! Tim Gunn’s quote about having forced the model (for the recent winner of Project Runway) to wear the garment after it had been dyed in the toilet just really ticked me off and I did two things.
    1. I wrote about it (click my name to get there) and asked readers to sign their agreement to it being a reprehensible thing to do to her.
    2. I looked you up to see if you had something to say about it.
    Hope you’ve been well. I’m still at fracas, but the link goes to my other site, fraccers since that’s where I posted the story. How awful this industry really is!

  12. Malaina says:

    So many good comments. I agree that we need to see a variety of women as they truly are until it just becomes truth – that a woman can be beautiful in many different ways. (I was saying it long before I really believed it)

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