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Just Buying Milk

This guest post is from TwistedSister, a 23 year old woman from the UK. In this post, she relays her perspective of an incident that occurred when she was 13 years old, struggling with mental illness and anorexia. —- Being … Continue reading

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Snapshot: What do you think?

The woman in this picture is causing a quite a stir. Why do you think that is? Where do you think this image appeared? Hold on to your undies girls — her image appeared in the September issue of Glamour … Continue reading

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Hey Barbies –shut your yapper!

Hi Girls: I would like your point of view on a post on my other blog, WeAreTheRealDeal which is a collective blog by Body Image Activists. Please view it here: Barbie's Shut Your Yapper Feel free to comment there and … Continue reading

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Shelly from THIN documentary five years later

Those of you who have been around a while, know Shelly Guillory. Shelly was featured in the HBO documentary THIN, by Lauren Greenfield, and she has been a regular contributor to this blog. I am happy to post this update on … Continue reading

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