I have "cankles" and didn't even know it.


A new          A new term I discovered, which means basically — fat ankles. Mine have always been on the heavier side, not really in proportion to my legs and calves.

I'm here to say cankles are hereditary. My weight is on the low side of normal, and yet the cankles persist. Here's the actual urban definition according to WillRunForCake:

                     Subject: Cankles: Urban Word of the Day

“The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in
an abrupt, nontapering terminus; medical cause: adipose tissue
surrounding the soleus tendon, probably congenital, worsened by weight
gain and improved in appearance only by boots. From the English “calf”
meaning wide portion of the lower leg, and “ankle” meaning slender
joint of leg with foot."

Anklets are a love of mine, but I have to search for a style that won't cut off my circulation.

My cankles look great in high heels, but in flip flops–not so much.

When I was pregnant, my OB said I looked like I was carrying 5 pounds of water in each one. Which actually cracked me up because she was right. She is the bluntest person I ever met, which is why I love her (it was her way of saying – cut down on the salt will ya lady!)

But you know, I've learned to live with them, and love them actually.

After all they are a part of me, and without them I would feel like something is missing from "me"

So if you've got 'em – flaunt 'em baby!


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39 Responses to I have "cankles" and didn't even know it.

  1. MCP says:

    I think it is highly inappropriate to state that your weight is on the “low side” of normal.
    You promote yourself as being an advocate for people with eating disdorders. You are so quick and harsh to judge anyone who may be underweight, but if you are, then that’s ok? I really think you need to pay closer attention to what you say and how you come across

  2. shelly says:

    She said the low side of normal. I dont get why you are so upset. I read it as being the correct range for her height but towards the lower end. I didnt read anywhere in this post about being underweight.
    Cankles, oh man dont get me started! How are you just hearing about cankles! LOL! they are my biggest fear…jk…

  3. Meryt Bast says:

    I think the point is that thickish ankles don’t have much to do with your overall size or weight. Big whoop.

  4. MCP says:

    there was a segment on cankles on the today show the other day which may have raised her awareness to the terminology.
    I guess i should just not bother to read or post anything on here anymore because it simply doesn’t register with the author of this blog that I feel that commenting on how thin she may or may not be and what she does or does not eat is inappropriate on a website geared towards promoting a positive body image. Is anyone with me on this? And seriously, it’s not that what she says or triggers me personally… it’s the sheer principal that I think such comments about “low side of normal” are uncessary and hypocritical of the messages she writes all the time about promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Meryt Bast says:

    Living a healthy lifestyle can mean that one winds up on the “low side of normal” weightwise. Eating well and taking a couple of walks a week can result in weight loss for some women. For others, it won’t make a difference in their weight, but their health will improve. It depends on so many things that vary from one person to the next. You can be “thin” and healthy, and you can be “fat” and healthy.
    For me, part of working towards body love is acknowledging those times when I don’t feel so great about myself. If I’m not honest with myself and others, I can’t possibly genuinely love myself and the body I live in.

  6. MCP says:

    I just strongly feel that for someone who is an activist on eating disorders, commentary on their physical status being on the “low side of normal” is something completely uncessary and unhelpful to comment on- it signals to me someone who is still overly tuned to needing to be thin. I agree- a few extra pounds… ok- a few less as long as u have a healthy BMI-ok.
    I just think commentary on her own weight as being on the low side of normal when she vehemently promotes all shapes and sizes is extremely hypocritical and inappropriate.

  7. diana says:

    Many heavy women think it’s a sign of being heavy, but I think the point that was being made was that everyone can have them regardless of weight or shape. It sounded to me like she (you if you’re reading this) was dispelling the notion that it’s a weight related issue. It’s probably hereditary or can happen to anyone for any reason.
    As a heavy girl that is a believer in the message that is portrayed on this blog and watrd…I didn’t even bat an eyelash at it. Body acceptance is about EVERY body type, not just big. It was a fact and was there to make a valid point, not a put down to all heavy girls or rub it in. Am I correct?

  8. mamaV says:

    MCP: The statement was relative in the context of this post.
    It is assumed someone with fat ankles is a fat person..point is it is hereditary.
    Another fun fact for you – I just got over mono, which sucked big time, and made me lose weight to an unhealthy level. I am working on getting healthy again which means gaining a good 10 pounds.
    Take a chill pill will you?
    PS BMI is bullshit.

  9. mcp says:

    I understand her point and her message about it being heridetary. Perhaps I am just overly sensitive and people can accuse me of being nit picky or whatever. I just know from my own experience discussing one’s weight range with other people who have eating disorders is not a healthy practice. I don’t care if she’s on the low side of normal- it doesn’t bother me and its none of my business- but, from my perspective, it is unecessary to state her weight range as being low to normal and and I can see how saying she’s on the low side of normal when she blasts people like she did that model for being underweighht how that would bother a person with Anorexia and contradicts her message that being underweight is unacceptable. I feel like she says- girls- it’s bad to be underweight, but I’m thin and eat whatever I want when I want. Aren’t I cool? It’s the way it comes across to me, but maybe I am reading too much into it.
    I think staying away from comments about her personal weight range is wise. The ankle post is fine and not something that I think has anything to do with EDs, but just how ones body type can be, – but alluding to being underweight when she’s so critical of girls with anorexia is not necessary.
    But then again- she has the right to say what she wants, and I don’t have to read it. But I don’t think people who discover this sight by chance who are seeking help for ED’s need to hear that someone who is so against them is “on the low side of normal” Does anyone get my point?

  10. sar says:

    Sorry mamav, but I have to agree with mcp. If girls think YOU of all people are “on the low side of normal,” they will think that is the norm. Thought it was an unnecessary statement.

  11. S says:

    It is true that someone with an ED might be “triggered” when hearing Mamavision describe herself as on the low side of normal; but that is because the person with the ED gets triggered easily, and is in a sensitive psychological state. The person with an ED is the one who is too sensitive because of his/her illness, and that does not mean that everyone else must copy the person with ED and act as sensitive as him/ her.
    In order for the patient of ED to overcome the aspect of EDs of dealing with triggering thoughts, she/ he must realize/accept the fact that such comments, that are not meant to be triggering, should not seem triggering. The patient must ebate, struggle with herself, and become prone in a way, to realize that such comments do exist, and even if they seem triggering, they should not be. MamaV has mentioned this idea many times, and she thinks hearing such a comment is part of the ED, and it needs to be fixed.

  12. mcp says:

    Her comments do not trigger me, nor do they affect my very successful recovery, thank you very much.
    I am speaking from the broader perspective that if she wants to be an activist against eating disorders, with that position comes responsibility.
    Even a lay person just raising awareness about a subject they are passionate about and has some experience with needs to have some tact and sensitivity to others.
    Her comment about her weight is not about me or the status of my eating disorder, but about principle. I stand by my belief that comments like the one she made are totally uncessary and not viewed as helpful by experts in the ED Community.
    Again- this is not about me, but general appropriateness.

  13. S says:

    I was not referring to you in my post when I mentioned people with EDs. I was talking about people with EDs who might be sensitive in general. I get your point. Hae a nice night/day/afternoon.

  14. Meryt Bast says:

    The BMI *is* bullshit. And mono sucks. Get well, mV!

  15. MCP says:

    Mono does suck- and I agree BMI is over-rated, but I had Mono too and it’s what triggered my relapse with an eating disorder which is now in remission. So, I do know what it is like to go through the physical delibitation of it.
    I stand my ground that while going through mono does suck, stating your weight range is unecessary. And yes, I understand the weight loss and physical side affects associated with it- I just don’t think it’s necessary to make a comment about it.
    I don’t need a chill pill, and I find that comment insulting, as I have been fine and healthy for months since re-entering treatment.
    I think you should exercise better tact and judgement in your comments and realize that sometimes, too much information on your food intake and weight level is uncessary. I am sorry you had to go through Mono- but feel that a statement on your weight range was very inappropriate.

  16. SmudgerUK says:

    You are reading FAR TOO MUCH into the weight-range comment.
    Seriously, you’re being over-sensitive on this occasion.
    Now, I can understand how and why that might be, but it’s like I’ve said before to you – it’s like you only come on here to be outraged, sometimes.

  17. Meryt Bast says:

    I mean this in the nicest possible way, MCP: why not save yourself the aggravation and stop reading this site? If you find it so consistently offensive, why keep reading it? Thanks.

  18. MCP says:

    Fine- since I annoy people so much, I will. I am not reading into it too much. It’s plain and simple- I don’t understand why people find this so hard to understand. When you are an activist against eating disorders-anorexia for example, which she claims to have had, you should not advertise that you are underweight. PERIOD

  19. smudgeruk says:

    So, she should never mention her weight or anyone else’s, ever? Is that what you’re saying? Because I’m struggling to see why you’re so determined about this…
    Life is full of triggers, you know, and that’s what recovery is all about, to a certain extent – learning to deal with them as they come along. You can’t control what you hear and see in the world – some stuff you will find triggering. It’s just the way it is.

  20. Meryt Bast says:

    “…since I annoy people so much…”
    *sigh* That wasn’t what I meant, MCP. If you’re bothered by something, it makes sense to avoid it, is all.

  21. MCP says:

    I have said this before and I will say it again- Her comment DOES NOT TRIGGER ME. It in no way whatsoever affects my recovery- but it is a matter of principle.
    Did you read what she said about that model being so underweight? I mean she abesolutely blasted her- but then has no problem saying her own weight is low.
    If you bother to read my last few posts, you would understand where I am coming from. It’s not about me and her comments “affecting me negatively” It’s about the principal of her hypocrycy and she does not realize it.
    It is true you can’t control what people say or do. But if you want to be a positive force in the recovery world- then I think comments like I am an on the low side of normal are comepletely unecessary

  22. smudgeruk says:

    I’d like to suggest to MamaV that perhaps in a future post she could explain and clarify her position further re: discussing food and weight on her blog, reproducing “thinspo” pics, and so on, so we can debate this in one place.
    MCP, Let me explain why I have a problem with your comments above.
    I honestly don’t believe she was “advertising” she was “underweight”, as you claim.
    MamaV said, “My weight is on the low side of normal”.
    She does not say underweight. She says, “the low side of normal” – so, that is, low within that range of weight, I’m assuming.
    She could just have easily said, “the high side of normal”, and I’m sure most on here would have thought, “Oh, so verging on “overweight”.
    Do you see what I’m saying? Why I think you’re reading too much into it?
    If she had said, “God, I just lost SOOOO much weight through illness, and my ribs are sticking out but I can get into this little black dress which is, like, TOTALLY awesome…” then I would be first in the queue, lining up throw things, but that’s not what she said!

  23. smudgeruk says:

    “I think comments like I am an on the low side of normal are comepletely unecessary”
    @MCP, they are completely necessary if the whole point of the post is to point out that certain “flaws” (as dictated by society) are hereditary or unavoidable, and are completely fine to have – and don’t have to have anything to do with weight or lifestyle at all.
    @MamaV – I have med-related crankles. 😉 My medication makes me retain water in that area.
    Crankles and relative santiy, or a well-turned ankle and complete mood swinging madness?
    Easy choice, really!

  24. MCP says:

    It’s just the principle that I did not think it was necessary to state. She blasts pro anna sites- which I agree are awful, but then goes and says being “lower than normal” is ok. And- it seems like she tends be perfectly in favor of people having a few extra pounds on them which i think is fine, but if you are a few under- then you are sick.
    But if she is, it’s fine. I think you just don’t realize how it comes across. My whole point is, while I can’t control what she says, the comment WAS NOT NECESSARY TO MAKE

  25. smudgeruk says:

    *rolls eyes*
    I mean cankles, clearly!
    Fat ankles, and unable to multi-task. This is what happens when you try to post at work, lol….

  26. MCP says:

    I disagree only that the comment on her being on the low side of normal wasin bad taste- and by the way- I am not at work and not failing to multi task, as I am off this week

  27. SmudgerUK says:

    She DOES NOT SAY she weighs “lower than normal.”
    She says, “the low side of normal.”
    So – on a scale of 1-10, if low weight is 1-3, normal is 4-7 and heavy is 8-10, she’s saying she’s a 4. What the hell is wrong with that? How is that bad taste?
    Um… the thing I said about not being able to multi-task and posting at work was about myself, as I posted something about “crankles”, because I was trying to do three things at once. And failing, lol.
    It wasn’t aimed at you, MCP. At all.

  28. MCP says:

    ok. Sorry I misinterpreted it. You and the rest on here miss my point that I think it’s uncessary to comment on her weight range at all. High or Low. It’s not appopriate in my opinion and not productive on a site promoting recovery for Eating Disorders. Underweight, low side of normal, heavy- it belongs with her physician.

  29. Smudgeruk says:

    I do understand what you’re saying, MCP, I really do – I’m not missing your point at all. I just don’t agree, on this occasion. :)

  30. MCP says:

    ok- agree to disagree- that’s fine with me. I don’t have problems with disucssing one’s struggles on either end of the scale but unless she’s writing an autobiography- I think getting into specifics about numbers and what she puts in her mouth and saying things like she’s a skinny bitch- all things she has said in the past about herself is just wrong on a site to promote recovery. It’s not about just this one- it’s about overall. It bothers me, which is why I plan to stop reading it. I think a lot of her messages are meant to be positive, but some comments completely not necessary and contradict her mission

  31. mamaV says:

    Hi MCP: I get your point. I got it the first time, and I respect it.
    In the three years I have been doing this blog I have been consistent on a few things:
    1) I am not an ED expert
    2) I write what I feel, and I have been known to change my mind.
    3) No moderating comments
    4) Life is a trigger.
    With that said, I ask that you do not hold me to the standard of being an ED therapist of any kind, I don’t want to be bound by that. I am simply a mom, sitting here caring one hell of a lot about this topic, stating what I feel, and being real. You get mono, you drop pounds. You got fat ankles, you don’t need to be overweight. Period.
    And thank you for your passionate debate and response – that is what this blog and any blog really is all about.
    I hope you will stick around and fight me some more 😉

  32. mcp says:

    Fair enough- no offense taken. I’m actually doing really well and don’t mean to fight with you- I am just saying what in my experience and what I’ve learned and been taught by experts in various hospitals and therapists as being comments or subjects to evade.
    I understand that you are not an expert, and will not hold you to one, but as support people, my friends know that what I eat or what I weigh is off limits for discussion, simply because it is not helpful and they bear that in mind to leave in the hands of my nutritionist and my therapist.
    I do also respect stating what you feel even if I disagree with it. I have many critics too- a more passionate issue of mine is the criminal judicial system on domestic violence and rape. Some- but not all of my Catholic friends think I am as evil as the devil for having strong feelings about capital punishment- or at least life in prison for sexual abuse of children- hence, why I ended up with anorexia in the first place. Well- at least that’s my theory and the theory of many people I’ve paid to visits on the couch. :)
    But over all, I do think you have great points and try to relay a positive message about self esteem and body image, which is why I read your blog. I just think that sometimes, depending on who is reading it and how it is worded or what material is presented can be viewed as harsh.
    Tough love doesn’t work for everyone. It didn’t for me. But I come from a very different background with a lot of sexual
    trauma, and sometimes, your comments while I am fine now, come across as- well I got over it after being model, so you should too.
    It’s just not that simplistic or easy depending upon one’s plight, and I don’t feel that you always bear that in mind and could benefit from reading a lot of recent research that things like Anorexia and Bulimia and EDNOS while may be triggered by socitey’s pursuit of thiness or personal experiences, it’s often also a chemical or heriditary thing that launches an eating disorder, and these words come from one of the top notch’s pyshiatrists I saw at Columbia Presbytian Hospital’s ED research unit in NYC.
    I get your points about media and thin is cool but fat or a few xtra pounds is bad- skinny models, etc. I am not an expert either- nor do I claim to be- but I’ve seen some of the most renknowned the United States.
    I won’t name names, as you asked us not to, but I know they know what they are talking about.

  33. Sarah says:

    I have cankles too. Even though I have a absolutely normal weight. I even had a boyfriend tell me that I had them one time (Needless to say I said, “fuck you”). But I HATE when people say its due to being overweight! Its not true! We’re both examples. And btw I love wearing high heels and I look hot in them thankyouverymuch.

  34. mcp says:

    I just find it sad that at any weight- heavy, normal, or under, it’s sad that the media- esp the today show, felt it necessary to air segment on this issue. I think there are far graver concerns in the world that need attention.
    Every females’ or even males’ body can retain weight in different places- Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS or not. I think everyone has their own hang ups on their own body issues enough and stories like this one render one more sellf conscious and are not necessary to make a news story of…
    Me thinks I will be emailing Meredith viiera on this.

  35. Mrs. B says:

    Since the forum seems to be gone…..I just wanted to ask for prayers for Jessica. She is really doing well in a lot of ways but boyfriend problems have her down and she’s trying to fight her old coping mechanisms. She’s moved into an adorable apartment and she’s working at a job she loves…..school will start soon. Lots going on in life. Please pray that she doesn’t get overwhelmed. She’s been doing so well.

  36. Meryt Bast says:

    Mrs. B, you got it. *hug*

  37. Mrs. B says:

    Meryt….thank you much.

  38. mamaV says:

    Hi MCP: thanks for your in depth response.
    You know, I’ll take to heart what you said about my tone coming across as too harsh–to the level of “get over it, I did.”
    I know I am harsh, but I certainly want to give anyone that kind of impression….because I’ll never be over it, and my situation has nothing to do with your situation, and most of all –my intent is not to hurt but to help.
    One other thing to clarify — EDs are mostly due to mental health/heredity…I am just choosing to focus on the percent, whatever it may be, because it is what I know.
    Hope that makes sense!
    PS You can see a less harsh side of me on my new collective blog WeAreTheRealDeal…I am finding it natural to speak in a different tone with this blog, not sure why yet.

  39. smudgeruk says:

    Mrs B, I’m really late to this, but sending you and Jessica my best wishes.
    I’ve not commented on her on here before, but I’ve been reading this blog for quite a while now and have read what you’ve had to say about her – she’s already shown such incredible strength, I feel certain she’ll be one of life’s survivors.
    Take good care. x

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