Launched a new blog!

Check out my new blog dedicated to body image and self esteem. This is a collective blog, there are five contributors, soon to be more. I tried to pull together various different voices from the body image blogosphere – from fitness, to fat acceptance, to weight loss, and more.

If you have a chance, pop back over here and tell me your thoughts….like everything else its a work in progress.

P.S. If you would like to be a contributor on WeAreTheRealDeal send an email to

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4 Responses to Launched a new blog!

  1. Neena says:

    Can’t wait to check it out! Loved the Body Image session!

  2. Bela says:

    Wow MamaVision!
    Thank you!
    This is what I need!!

  3. Sue Thomason says:

    Nice to see another blog on the same subject as mine. I’ve negelected it a bit but am determined to get the word out there this year.

    We’re in this together.


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