Hello from The Great Northwoods!

I am spending the week in a glorious cabin with my husband, kids and parents; boating, fishing, eating, drinking, laughing, and unplugging.


We saw Green Day earlier this week in Chicago, and I nearly peed my pants. Tenth row, thanks to my wonderful husband, an event to celebrate our 40th birthdays (we were born 11 days apart). You would not have recognized me with black eyes, lips, and nails – fake lip ring….kind of scary but I liked how I looked (hey, everyone needs an alter ego right?). Crappy image I took with my crackberry at right (better than nothin')

Today, I headed to Girl Scout Camp leading fifteen third graders on a great summer adventure. I look forward to this opportunity all year long, a tradition we have shared since they were in Kindergarten, and I can guarantee I will be balling the closing flag goes down the last day.

Tomorrow the girls will bury me in the sand by the pond, while the other moms stand by afraid to put their suits on (but that is another story), and then on to the final celebration where the girls throw pies in my face.

Love it, love it, love it.

At left, is a poster I found hanging in one of the cabins today…we have got to start working on 'em early.

Next week, I am gearing up for BlogHer, thee blog event of the year held in Chicago. I have never attended so it should be interesting. I assembled a panel of bloggers that I feel represent the body image perspective from all angles, and I am proud to say we won the vote to host a "Room of Our Own" session, sponsored by the Dove Self Esteem Fund titled;

Blogs & Body Image: What are we teaching our kids?

Be sure to swing by if you are attending BlogHer!

Check out these talkers while I am away…lots to learn from them;

Carla has become a buddy of mine, she has one heck of a following, and as you can see she is in phenomenal shape. At left is Carla's pipe featuring her trademark tagline – "Unapologetically Myself"  -which we will all be tattooing on our bodies for the session.

Queen of the fat acceptance blogosphere, Kate spouts her intelligent, controversial, f-bomb ridden "Shapely Prose" on her well respected blog. Her views on fat discrimination, truths about fat and health, and the B.S about BMI are must reads.

Claire Mysko
Author, expert on "girl psychology, and creator of the "Healthy Beauty Pledge, designed to be a formal commitment for those looking to breed positive body image for themselves and others. Read more about her new book coming out in October 2009, dedicated to Moms And Moms To Be.


The before and after pics of Roni are simply amazing. A mom, and an inspiration to those who desire to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Stay tuned for the launch of a collective blog on positive body image featuring the bloggers above. More on this next week.

Unplugged for now, hope all is well gang!


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