Considering Implants? Whoa girl…. read this and weep.

Never, ever have I considered implants.

Even after they were offered FREE! from my enduring Paris agent, the King Haddad.

First thought;

"No frickin' way."  (damn smart for a 16 year old kid I might say)

Next thought;

"Make me a sports model, they never have big boobs." (quick con job)

Just like the The King was convinced. He laid off of me from that day on….only to go on to pester and ultimately convince other teenage girls to go for his sickly offer.

I realize at 36B, I am not the norm, as I regularly read and see, day in and day out, women of every shape and size whining about wanting fuller-scarier-freakier-in-your-face fakes.

So, I continue to bring to the forefront stories about desperately driven women who thought these alien boobs were the answer to their dreams but ended up with a complete and total, physical and mental disaster on their hands.

I bring you Christa D'Souza…..

Wonderfully beautiful, elegant Christa D'Souza, who was once obsessed with making her glorious, tight, firm sexy breasts huge as hell, and ended up mutating her body. A body that continually rejected the man made creations;

Not one time

Not two times.

We're talking three times.

And then moved on to breast cancer.

She proceeded with this beauty massacre mission against her partners advice, against her mothers approval, and basically against all common sense

In her own words;

"It doesn't matter how many times you've done it, how safe you feel in
your fabulous surgeon's hands, and how 'normal' breast implants are in
certain social spheres, it's a very violent, brutal experience having
someone slice into your nipples, shove those strange hand-warmer-like
things inside you and then sew them up again with a needle and thread."

This wisdom gained only after she endured years of pain and suffering only to end up back at ground zero.

"The answer I have come up with is to have those wretched implants
out, make do with the little breast tissue I have, accept that I am
going to have quite considerable scarring . . . and be virtually

Having gone through all the trouble and
expense of implants to make myself look younger, the irony is I'll
the same-shaped bosom I had when I was 12. And I can't wait."

I'll end by saying what most of you are thinking after seeing D'Souza's image;

The only part of her that seems to have aged is her face. Her skin, and what we can see of her breasts look smooth as silk, yet her face is strained and hollow.

That is a face of turmoil.

A face and psyche of needless self induced turmoil.

Does she resemble the face in the mirror?

If the answer is yes, I highly recommend you take the time to read Sweet Machine's synopsis of this story. Then print it out, fold it up in your wallet, and make a commitment to reading it DAILY until YOU figure out the REAL reason those fake boobs are so damn important.



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9 Responses to Considering Implants? Whoa girl…. read this and weep.

  1. Sharon says:

    Good job for stating your opinion. I agree. Yet I am sure many other regular readers will not. I am expecting to read a thread of comments saying you are opposed to feminism and empowering women, (which is untrue). People don’t realize that breast implants are the opposite of empowerment-conforming to another person’s idea of beauty that is unnatural and mostly detrimental to one’s health is the opposite the original feminist movement to empower women.
    That picture of the half-naked woman at the end depicts how these poor, innocent women who have conformed to ugly standards, exposed themselves to staring men and made themselves weaker, instead of stronger.

  2. "Julia" says:

    See, and those of us with breasts just want them to go away.
    I am convinced that a good 10 lbs to a stone of the weight I wish I could get rid of is concentrated in my chest, alone. Even when I am losing weight, they are growing. No explanation.
    Others are jealous. I am mortified.
    Moral of the story: there are next to no women in this world that like their bodies the way they are.

  3. Rachel says:

    what Julia said… It was terrible when I shot up to a G cup during my pregnancies. Of course my hubby acted like every day like that was Christmas. Meanwhile I had constant back pain. I contemplate a breast reduction all the time- but the thing that always stops me is knowing they would slice OFF my nipple and replace it- I find that more mortifying than my size E breasts

  4. Mrs. B says:

    My husband, who is a radiologist hates implants. He says you can’t see anything around them. Not ideal when you are having a mammogram.

  5. anon says:

    i’m in my twenties and have worn a size 32AA my whole life. your B cup is big comparatively. although i, too, agree with the sentiment that i wouldn’t get a boob job even if they were handing them out for free.

  6. MCP says:

    I wouldn’t get one either and am very small. I think they are awful. I agree that people should be better educated of the dangers, but people are going to do what they are going to do.
    It’s like smoking- you know how bad it is for you, you know the risks, but you do it anyway. Not that it’s right, but I think people know these things when they make these decisions… they just don’t think the consequences can happen to them. When it does, I don’t think they need to be ostracized if they suffer from physical ramifications from it. It feels like you are saying I told you so. I think people feel bad enough about stupid things they do. There’s no harm in educating people about the side affects, but you don’t need to make them feel guilty about it either. You were smart to stay away. Not all people are, and if they don’t, you should not judge.
    One of my very close friends with a long time history of breast cancer in her family who is a bit older than me (She’s almost 48- I am 35) She had not had a Mamogram since age 35 and has no implants at all and found out she had breast cancer three years ago. I thought it was shocking she did not have more of them with her history, but when the news broke… I didn’t say, see… ya should have had more mamograms and then maybe you wouldn’t have cancer.
    I don’t disagree with you at all that implants are bad… but I think that you do not heed the way you come off sometimes. Very preachy, very in your face, and sometimes, lacking in compassion- so you were superrior that you did not get implants? The people who did who are now suffering complications from them deserve to suffer? I’m just saying- you come off very harshly sometimes. We all make mistakes. Don’t you think the people who made these decisions to alter their bodies feel bad enough if they have side affects? They do not not need to feel worse.

  7. Lottie says:

    I hate my boobs and wish they would go away but they never do. So i would never het implants but i would b=never get a reduction either.
    ps: MamaV, where has open forum gone? Are we getting it back?

  8. Mel Amber says:

    I have implants. I got them because after losing a LOT of weight to due ANA my breasts were saggy and absolutely horrible looking.
    In my eyes it was reconstructive, and the best decision i have made in a long time. The time it took to heal actually forced me out of the gym (when i am used to 3-4hrs of workouts a day) and i finally realized that i do NOT need to be active 24 hrs a day to be beautiful.
    I am back to regular weight, and my breast look and feel great. I do not flaunt them, and use them to get attention. I did it because i am a women, and i have the choice to do what i want with my own body.

  9. PTC says:

    I got back from a run the other day and was standing my lobby. My doorman says to me “You have a flat chest.” Me: “What??” Then he said it again and proceeded to tell me that I would look great with implants because I have a great body. Um, NO THANKS!! I am happy with no boobs.

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