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I have "cankles" and didn't even know it.

Cankles. A new          A new term I discovered, which means basically — fat ankles. Mine have always been on the heavier side, not really in proportion to my legs and calves. I'm here to say cankles are hereditary. My weight … Continue reading

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Launched a new blog!

Check out my new blog dedicated to body image and self esteem. This is a collective blog, there are five contributors, soon to be more. I tried to pull together various different voices from the body image blogosphere – from … Continue reading

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BlogHer Here I come!

On my way to Chicago, presenting a session Blogs and Body Image: What are we teaching our kids? All that YOU have taught me over the past 3 years has prepared me for this- and I could not be more … Continue reading

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Chris Brown is a chump.

Brown apologized for beating the living crap out of his girlfriend Rhianna.
Took him 5 months.
The apology self-preservation video is nothing more than a career saving move. His expression fake, while he read from a teleprompter for goodness sake. Continue reading

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Image Consulting For Kids

What do you think about girls, some as young as 9, visiting an "image consultant?" I think it's whacked (plus look at the lady in the image coaching the kid). Can we not just allow our kids to just grow … Continue reading

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Dove Self Esteem Fund

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Hello from The Great Northwoods!

I am spending the week in a glorious cabin with my husband, kids and parents; boating, fishing, eating, drinking, laughing, and unplugging.   We saw Green Day earlier this week in Chicago, and I nearly peed my pants. Tenth row, … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Too Pretty For Politics

While listening to The Sean Hannity radio show while driving home last night, I heard an interesting discussion on Sarah Palin's resignation. A male caller from Brooklyn weighed in with his wisdom; "She's too good looking for politics, she will … Continue reading

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Considering Implants? Whoa girl…. read this and weep.

Never, ever have I considered implants. Even after they were offered FREE! from my enduring Paris agent, the King Haddad. First thought; "No frickin' way."  (damn smart for a 16 year old kid I might say) Next thought; "Make me … Continue reading

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