What is the point of this blog?

We live in an insanely eating disordered society.

A society that is so totally out of control that we have 9 year old girls dieting, models dropping dead from anorexia, and fat people being treated as if they are a piece of crap. Yet, the world keeps spinning, brands keep pumping out the B.S and we keep on sucking it up as fast as they create it.

Our fear of fat drives young women to choose death over fat.

Losing their parents over fat.

Even cancer over fat.

Is that ok with you?

You’ve got to stand for something.

This is all too much for me. I am not one to sit around watching this madness unfold and act like this is ok. So – I fire off my blog posts and hope it matters. Maybe my thoughts change a few attitudes here and there, makes a few women think before they criticize another, or possibly stops you from weighing in on your worthiness today. And maybe, just maybe, a few lives lives are changed in the process.

At least I would like to believe so.

What I care about;

Children and how they are impacted by our demented media and fashion industry.

Women who are wasting their lives hating themselves and their bodies for absolutely no reason.

Mothers that are so sucked into body hate that they knowingly impact their children but do not know what to do about it.

Men and fathers who feel lost when it comes to helping
their wives and children with self esteem and positive body image.

Anyone who feels degraded in a society where we discriminate based on weight and we have allowed our fear of fat to completely control our universe.

What I write about:

I write about the what I believe are the culprit(s) –

Media, fashion, celebrity culture, plastic surgery, the diet industry, the cosmetic industry and everything else in between. If I knock some sense into a few people here and there, I’m happy.

If you think I am full of it, rant away.

Why I blog:

To influence change, a different line of thought; hopefully help you think different when you page through a fairy-tale fashion magazine.

To be a voice of reason for our brainwashed young women and girls (thank you for all the emails of support telling me this matters – keep ’em coming, even I get down sometimes and need a boost!)

To debate. I love a good debate, differing points of view…we can all learn something, including myself. I always read your comments and stay in the conversation after I post (I’ve always hated that when a blogger posts and then you never hear from them again on the thread of comments – I like to be part of the discussion – and it gives me a chance to admit when I am wrong!)

And I have always promised myself that if the day comes where I am no longer passionate about these topics – I’ll quit, cold turkey.

Why it matters:

One of the coolest things about blogging is it brings together individuals from various backgrounds and experiences, to discuss topics sometimes civilly and other times not so nice. Without the community of people that come together to read, this blog is nothing, its just a big pile of me babbling, so I thank you for reading and responding (stop lurking already and post your comments already)

Your life is now.


About mamaV

Former Paris model providing advice for eating disorder sufferers who aspire to be thin, follow the proana lifestyle, and lack self esteem.
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