Calvin Klein: Still sleazy after all these years

Thanks to tipster Amy for sending me this lovely story about CK. This is a great example of how we all wear certain designer clothes, but we don’t really think about their advertising do we?

Here I mean the bad side of their advertising.

Have you ever boycotted a certain brand because their ads were demeaning, gross, or semi-pornish like this little diddy which was deemed over the top…even in NYC;

Let’s see…that’s 1, 2, 3 guys on what appears to be a teenish-girl.

Nothing new for the designer who has dedicated his career to pushing the envelope starting with Brooke Shields at 15.

I felt odd viewing this one, because from my perspective, EVERY designer has been posing children like this, for decades actually, and no one really cares.

Below we have a “Secret Obsession” ad that can’t mean anything other than – I am into an affair with a kid.

Now this next one is a video, what was literally banned. Banned because it features kids, in a creepy-old-wood-paneled basement answering the questions of some panting pervert (watch the whole thing).

I gotta be honest guys, it kind of scared me that this didn’t freak me out.

But it gave me a flashback.

This is exactly what it was like to be a model, especially in Paris (minus the paneling). You are a piece of meat, with some gross guy telling you how to move, stand up, sit down, nice ass, show me your tits, give me your self-respect, hand over your modesty, don’t be such a prude.

Ahh, the good old days.

PS I had to end with this dude. Where did they rescue him from – the Circus? They could have at least let him take a shower.

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21 Responses to Calvin Klein: Still sleazy after all these years

  1. Rachel says:

    Holy crap, Mama. (yes, I’m back!)

  2. Rachel says:

    Oh geez, I hit the wrong button and didn’t get my entire post out. So, if you’ll kindly disregard and/or delete my prior post, or view as a preview of what I’m about to comment on, that’d be fabulous! Thank you!
    As far as Crap Klein is concerned, I’ve always felt that they were crap. I have NEVER bought into their bullsh*t, and I still won’t. Although, this ad campaign that you posted about brings them to a new low. I have always found them to be misogynistic, and terrible at best. Their models ALWAYS looked weird to me, and I always felt dirty after looking at their ads. Go CK.
    Yeah, it DOES lend a: “I’m a pervert and I’ve got the power to create a socially acceptable construct for this.” Great.
    This is why I don’t go out much anymore!

  3. Julianna says:

    This is the first time posting, though I’ve been reading this blog for a while. This post about Calvin Klein made me sick.
    Calvin Klein ads have always been degrading, disgusting, and just plain crap. The banned video ad made my stomach turn; truly the lowest point for the company. Who do these people think they are? What right do they think they have to completely dehumanize people, especially young people who are at such a vulnerable age? I suppose that’s the point: brainwash them while they are young to believe the lie that they don’t deserve respect and train them to believe being dehumanized and obectified equals love.
    I thought I had seen it all after living in Los Angeles. Thank you, Calvin Klein, for proving me wrong.

  4. Mel Amber says:

    This narrator sounds like the villain in Scary Movie.

  5. Meryt Bast says:

    I made it through about 15 seconds of the banned ad and my flesh was crawling. I truly don’t understand who CK thinks is their “targeted demographic.” I remember the Marky Mark ads from when I was in high school and how hilarious and ridiculous we all thought they were. The nekkid Kate Moss, too…gee, half-starved and strung-out looking? Where do I sign up for that?! I didn’t know anyone who thought that kind of thing was worth imitating, but then, heroin isn’t chic when you know people who wish they were only play-acting at addiction. :-\

  6. Izzy says:

    The only thing that I could think of when I watched that ad was how disgusting it was. It looked like some pervert or ever a pedophile was videotaping his victims. It was sick. Even if I bought their products (of which I don’t) I would stop buying them after watching that.

  7. MCP says:

    Now this and the Bacardi thing are both disgusting. These are campaigns far more worthy of your attention to negative body image than a laundry degtergent that no one gives a flying hoot about.
    I know your focus is so on the media, but I strongly suggest you read the following:,8599,1904999,00.html?iid=tsmodule
    I think that if you want to be a public figure and role model in the world of disordered eating-then I think you must examine all sides – or at least, open them up for comment. You are in my opinion- very one dimensional.
    I think you do great work, I truly do. But I also think that you make choices on a pro recovery website that do not help the afflicted- (IE- Emmaciated models and discussing food) I see u removed that. I guess I just strongly feel that you should learn everything you can about eating disorders beyond the media and the causes behind them. Having worked for Conde Nast for Many years, I knew very well functioning models, and those who were not. You can not blame the nation when scienticsts have proof it is HEREDITERY. No, the media does not help. But it is not the cause; I notice every article I send to you to prove this, You do not post. Why is that>

  8. ana says:

    eww that video is gross. its like they are casting people for a porno or something.

  9. Mrs. B. says:

    I haven’t bought anything Calvin Klein for years. Once a pervert, always a pervert.
    You guys might want to check into the owner of American Apparel while you are at it. Another perv of the highest order.

  10. Ariella says:

    I really don’t like CK, and even more now. I agree this is sick
    One thing tho- the perfume model is Eva Mendes – an actress who is def not a child, she’s 35. Still the ad was banned.

  11. Nats says:

    Anyone know where the forum went??

  12. "Julia" says:

    Definitely does look like an audition tape for a porn film.
    So much that it seems intentional.

  13. Egg Beaten Angel says:

    Poor kids! You could tell that some of them were getting really uncomfortable…but they were trapped! I think it’s SICK that they did this…

  14. Amber says:

    They models are acting way too okay with this guy, if you get into this bussiness you need to learn how to make people respect you. I’m not trying to blame the victom but I’d never let my child go into modeling without giving them a firm understanding of how to be treated, and its sad that this guy probably wasn’t acting, they probably decided to film one day for the hell of it.

  15. Sam says:

    This is the first time I’ve commented but I’ve been a reader for a long time. You are refreshingly honest and I find your perspective both unique and inspiring!
    The content of this post is v reflective of our culture. Some might argue that the ad agency were simply trying to shock (as an audience, we are relatively desensitized to traditional advertising) but this is going too far. The more I think about the video clip the more disturbed I become!
    The world needs people like you!

  16. Emmy says:

    gah, ads like this bother me,
    it’s pretty much free kitty porn -_-

  17. .C. says:

    OK, I am too afraid to watch this video. Can someone just summarize for me what the general premise is?

  18. Sarah says:

    Wow…. I literally feel sick to my stomach after watching the video ad. So disturbing!!! I am sorry that you were put through similar when you were a model. Talk about inappropriate.

  19. Marcy Webb says:

    Those pics are enough to turn me off from a career in modeling.

  20. David Chipps says:

    OH shut up. Your not complaining about a little talentless boy that is named after a beaver. But you’ll write page after page on how the alien queen makes women look like vindictive evil bitches. If a guy is exploited you don’t care. Gay prostitutes for college rule. SCREW YOU. Stop complaining and do something—you won the feminist war. Oh and CALVIN KLEIN is sick I hear. So why don’t you beat him till he’s dead in his grave and take a big poo on all men. No one cares. You won the femo nazi battle…now lets see some art and less talk talk talk.

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