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Dying to fit in; do you know what your tween is not eating?

I recently was interviewed for this ParentsCanada feature story on eating disorders. For those of you who don’t know my real name is Heather, in the article I share some of my worst struggles with an ED during the hell-ish … Continue reading

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On top of everything else, was Michael Jackson anorexic?

I don't know where I have been, but nearly every single bit of news since Michael Jackson's death is shocking me…drug addict, bankrupt, anorexic? The thought of any one individual going through such turmoil is so sad and disturbing isn't … Continue reading

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Contact mamaV

PAGE IN DEVELOPMENT In the meantime, read my updated mission before writing me to tell me I am full of it. Email address is

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What is the point of this blog?

We live in an insanely eating disordered society. A society that is so totally out of control that we have 9 year old girls dieting, models dropping dead from anorexia, and fat people being treated as if they are a … Continue reading

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Calvin Klein: Still sleazy after all these years

Thanks to tipster Amy for sending me this lovely story about CK. This is a great example of how we all wear certain designer clothes, but we don’t really think about their advertising do we? Here I mean the bad … Continue reading

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Bacardi responds to "Get An Ugly Girlfriend" offensive campaign

The blogosphere is on fire over Bacardi's "Get An Ugly Girlfriend" Campaign. Barcardi pulled down the web site promoting the campaign and here is the company response: "Thank you for taking the time to post your story on Bacardi Breezer. … Continue reading

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Bacardi "Get An Ugly Girlfriend" Campaign

Want to look hotter? Find a fat, ugly friend to stand next to, and bring on the Bacardi Breezers! Jezebel found this doozie of a campaign created by some lumps from McCann Digital in Israel. The site suggests that like … Continue reading

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Vogue editor launches new war on size-zero fashion

The editor of Vogue has accused some of the world’s leading catwalk designers of pushing ever thinner models into fashion magazines despite widespread public concern over “size-zero” models and rising teenage anorexia. Alexandra Shulman, one of the most important figures … Continue reading

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Battle of the Bods

Reality TV’s Battle of the Bods doesn’t need an introduction. The logo looks like it took all of 10 minutes for the designer to slap together, and the show itself is one of the most degrading I have seen. But … Continue reading

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Nivea Firming Cream: The miracle in a bottle

MAJOR, MAJOR news on the thinspiration front ladies! Nivea has come out with this breakthrough firming cream that will get you back in your skinny jeans! "Discover your favorite jeans, and how they still get his attention," is the tagline … Continue reading

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Purex Ad: Thinner is better.

Marianne at The Rotund clued me into the latest totally irritating commercial promoting the "thin is in" message. Purex is running a new ad called "The Thinner Load", starting with the tagline "As things get better, they get thinner." Since … Continue reading

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Who is MeMe Roth?

A. Kate Harding's Arch-EnemyB. Nut-job with nice hairC. Anti-Obesity AdvocateD. All of the above If you answered D, you are correct! Roth is the President of National Action Against Obesity  (NAAO), a group dedicated to; -Reversing the obesity crisis by … Continue reading

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Got B.O? Slather on some aluminum!

After reading the Anti-Cancer diet, I took a walk down the deodorant aisle at Walmart to find one that does not contain aluminum. How many did I find? None. Actually, the store brands don't just contain aluminum, it is the … Continue reading

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Would ya get pissed off already!?

I've noticed that the eating disordered types tend to not get pissed off. At least not in front of anyone of value in their lives. Perfection is the reoccurring theme. Gotta please everyone or the world will come to an … Continue reading

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