Be paranoid. Be very, very paranoid.

NY Times reported today the findings of a 15-year study of young girls in Denmark, which immediately sent me into a tizzy.

The average age of
breast development has fallen by a full year compared to girls studied
in the early 1990s, as reported in the this months Pediatric Journal.

The culprit? Chemicals.

Chemicals that "mimic estrogen"
Chemicals that are known to cause cancer.
Chemicals that screw up the endocrine system of human beings.

Kinda like the chemicals that were used to make that plastic water bottle you are sucking out of right now. And the lunch you nuked in the microwave today. The one that is it is found in the lining of nearly every soft drink and canned
food product. Oh, and that makeup slathered on your face, don't even get me started.

Hmmm…could this be why breast cancer has gone through the roof? And the reason why girls are 9 feet tall these days?

"The concern is that early puberty is linked with higher breast cancer risk in adulthood," the study revealed.

Well, la-dee-fricken-da….what an amazing finding! Are we insane? Who the hell approves this stuff?

Shouldn't the warning bells go off when you are packing Coca-Cola into bottles made with "estrogen-like-cancer-causing" materials?

Use 'em.
Get 'em out
Pump out production
Keep this wheel-a-turning.

Chemical paranoia has been one of my hobbies for a while now, having kids does that to you. We manage to afford non-nuclear milk, eggs, and sometimes meat. Strawberries are organic only, and our lawn is a dandelion field.

Hopefully this got you thinking about how you can preserve your well being in this oh-so- lovely-world we live in.

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11 Responses to Be paranoid. Be very, very paranoid.

  1. Angie says:

    Oh! I read an article at the doctors yesterday about this! Was based on a story about girls as young as 8 and 9 getting their periods and actually having breasts (not just the start of them). I was amazed. When do we talk to our girls about ed’s, periods and boobs? Seriously, my Daughter is nearly 4, I can’t imagine having to try and talk to a 7 or 8 year old about periods etc. What ever happened to being kids? Getting dirty? Dolls? Cooking and enjoying the food? All seems to be about growing up and hating ourselves at ages as young as 6 now. WTF do I do? I don’t want this for my Daughter.

  2. Christine says:

    Organic milk, ceramic cups, growing our own strawberries, blueberries and raspberries this year. And a cherry tree altho it won’t fruit for a while. Ordered through Gurney’s online, I’ve had good luck with ordering from them. The plants I bought from Home Depot died.

  3. seriously says:

    ” We manage to afford non-nuclear milk, eggs, and sometimes meat.”
    How wonderful for you. Instead of shaming people who don’t, step back and recognize your privilege.

  4. Meryt Bast says:

    Sometimes, I just wanna sell everything and go live in the woods.

  5. Arae says:

    I am so glad you posted about this because I just wrote a paper on how toxic breast milk is because of the chemicals that the mother ingest and how babies are at the top of the food chain. It was incredibly interesting, but the sad reality is our government will continue to mass produce these unhealthy agents. Not to mention, studies have shown that girls who develop at such a young age have a much more difficult time in high school and become sexually active younger.
    Meryt Best,
    I completely agree, but I would rather live in a tent by the ocean…

  6. pageantL says:

    Dear MamaV, in europe girls grow taller due to radioactive fallout from nuclear powerplants that are under code. Also, about early puberty in America, it has been proven that girls who go through early puberty are way shorter than girls who develop properly. So early puberty couldn’t possibly explain girls who are very tall.

  7. x says:

    I wear all natural chemical-free makeup, thank you very much. and I don’t “slather” it on. Geez you can be really condescending can’t you?

  8. "Julia" says:

    The problem with this is that the people who are suffering most from these things are the people who cannot afford to buy organic–the people with large families and low incomes.
    It’s upsetting to be because 1) it’s unnatural, 2) cancer was already painful enough before we started helping it alone, 3) this is going to lower the age at which girls are sexualised and expected to be “the ideal” size and shape.

  9. Tom says:

    yeah, but the causal link on phthalates isn’t too solid yet. Yes, there are elevated levels of estrogen in plastic bottles (enough to cause some organisms to ‘twin’ even, per some studies, and yeah, agreeing they probably should be avoided), but the problem is a lot of the research hasn’t been designed to determine if early onset puberty is caused by phthalates or childhood obesity. Or, going a bit further, if the phthalates are from bottles of soda instead of bottles of water, there’s a bit of occam’s razor as to the culprit of that which is causing early puberty.

  10. Kendal says:

    You know, you’d have an even healthier diet if you stopped eating meat, and even dairy&eggs if you can.

  11. celebrity says:

    What an interesting finding ! Yes, we unwitting compromise our health and longivity to the many innovations in the name of convience and modernity

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