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Nike Ads: Big Butt & Thunder Thighs

Beautiful. You gotta read the copy. All of it. Go here to view full screen. Thanks LM for sending

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What's wrong with this picture?

Could it be that the patient didn't have time to change out of freaky tights and pumps before her medical procedure? How about the cell-at-the-side? Is it on speaker for a conference call? Is she worried she will miss some … Continue reading

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How much do you spend on beautification?

Take a wild guess how much money we, that's women, spend per year on beauty products? 160 BILLION dollars annually That would be billion with a capital 'B.'  Think about that for a sec…$160,000,000,000 to cover, correct, paste, stretch, and … Continue reading

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Weigh in….at the bus stop?

Now you don't have to stop your obsessive scale checking when you leave the house…just hop on the giant, public scale at the bus stop! Brought to you by the geniuses at  Fitness First, dedicated to fitness by humiliation. -mV

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Skinny Boy: Male Eating Disorders

I am finally ready to post about male eating disorders; thanks to my husband finding the book Skinny Boy by Gary Grahl at the library a few weeks back. Gary Grahl is from Wisconsin…kind of freaky since the last book … Continue reading

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Why we are so demented?

Maybe it's because we can't even walk through Target without being bombarded with ridiculous fat fear and skinny love as seen on this hilarious garden plaque…. What kind of person places this in her garden for all to see?What kind … Continue reading

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Be paranoid. Be very, very paranoid.

NY Times reported today the findings of a 15-year study of young girls in Denmark, which immediately sent me into a tizzy. The average age of breast development has fallen by a full year compared to girls studied in the … Continue reading

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Big Bad World

I have struggled, struggled, struggled with the "trigger" topic. Over and over I have been asked and at times point blank told: -Stop posting triggering photos! -Post a warning on triggering topics! -You must be more sensitive to those with … Continue reading

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